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Kathy - 2016-11-20
My 2 oranda goldfish Are growing much too big for my classroom fish tank. They are approximately 4 and 5 inches. I would love them to find a new home. If you can pick them up, I am in Fairview, NJ. please email me.

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  • Anar - 2017-01-20
    Hi Kathy! I am a big Oranda lover and presently have four fish tanks of 125 gallons, 55 gallons and two 36 gallons bow front and one hospital tank in which I have 20 different kind of Orandas, Fantail Orandas, Black Moors, and Ryukins. I live in Germantown, Maryland and would be very happy to give your two Oranda goldfish a great home. I am willing to pay reasonable shipping if you so desire. Do let me know asap. Thanks, Anar
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PJ Gryp - 2016-06-10
I would like to buy a long haired chihuahua. My son has one and I would like to raise one too. I live in York Pa. Please respond

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  • Dale - 2016-06-28
    I have a 12 month old long hair he was bought by a family that ended in divorce , I took him in , he is sweet puppy I've gotten attached to him but I'm retired and can't really take of him .
    I'm willing to give him to a good home , that can send me pictures of how he's doing
    He's white w one bkl ear he's really gorgeous
    Thank you
  • doggie43082 - 2016-07-11
    Do you still have the pup you took in?
  • Desiree - 2017-01-20
    I have a female long hair for sale

mary schaefer - 2016-02-20
I would like to know the price of a long haired chihuahua so I can buy me one sometime before the summertime ends this year okay I really love small puppies and I really want a long haired chihuahua one day soon

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  • Dora - 2016-06-08
    Yes please check the local shelters and there are also many chihuahua rescue groups.
    I got my long haired chihuahua from a rescue group through He is just the sweetest thing ever. He is 4 yrs old, house trained, sits on my lap all the time, very affectionate and enjoys car rides. Chihuahuas are over bred and many good ones ended up in shelters. Please save one, you won't regret.
  • Pat - 2016-05-20
    Please check your local shelter.My long hair chihuahua I found there is
    absolutely all that could be asked for. 2yo 4 lbs of love & loyalty to
    give and get. You can see all that you're getting and know he will be extra
    specially determine to love and make you happy. Mine cost$150(and included shots,
  • Desiree - 2017-01-20
    I have a long hair female for sale she's very small and adorable
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jill schneider - 2017-01-16
I love parrots,I lost mine recently and I want to love another one.very experienced, please help me get one. Jill Schneider 707-987-2369 baby one

jill schneider - 2017-01-16
I love parrots,I lost mine recently and I want to love another one.very experienced, please help me get one. Jill Schneider 707-987-2369 baby one

jill schneider - 2017-01-16
I love parrots,I lost mine recently and I want to love another one.very experienced, please help me get one. Jill Schneider 707-987-2369 baby one

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joyce Fagan - 2016-01-17
Looking to get a Applehead

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  • Martha Dominguez - 2016-08-08
    I have three females for $400.00 each. They are twelve weeks old.
  • Thurman Mayfield - 2016-09-17
    wanted male short hair chiiawia in eastliverpool ohio 43920 area only phone 330-386-3588
  • kevin - 2017-01-15
    I am looking for a apple head dog girl tan caramel color 200$ .
  • kevin - 2017-01-15
    i am asking for a apple head dog i want a girl tan/caramel 100 to 200 dollars
  • kevin - 2017-01-15
    Hi Joyce Fagan i want a apple head dog I Perfer a girl of a boy dog 100$/200 if you can find a girl dog i want tan if you cant i want the boy to be black thanks 336-452-4410 call
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Diane - 2016-09-30
I have a baby gray squirrel not sure if boy or girl it has its hair already . I have a dachshund so I can't keep it :( I'm in Georgia and I can't keep as pet cause it's against the law. So with that said... anybody that is interested in rehabilitating this orphan squirrel and can Pick up must bring $100 inconvenience fee as it is illegal to sell wild animals.7623232593 Diane

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  • Lotus - 2016-10-02
    Hello where about are you located i live in florida where its not illegal to own squirrels. you said rehabilitate could you tell me a little about him/her did she fall out of the nest.
  • Nikki - 2016-10-06
    Is he still available? Nikki 612-759-3282
  • Brandy Dominy - 2017-01-15
    I know it's a long shot but I wanted to check and see if you still have the squirrel
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shelby - 2010-03-09
We had two texas cichlids, two convict cichlids, and a green terror in the tank. the convict cichlids laid eggs but the texas male ate all of them. then once the texas cichlids laid eggs the male killed all of the other fish including his mate and now we only have the texas cichlid male and about 200 babies.
if anyone is interested in buying them i live near janesville, you would have to come and pick them up but if ur interested u can e-mail me


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  • wolfman jenkins - 2017-01-15
    My cichlid is a male red tiger motaguense cichlid it the greatest cichlid of all time he can kill a Texas,red devil,midas,flowerhorn trimac,jack Dempsey,rose queen cichlid, and the oscar cichlid.
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Brown - 2017-01-14
We have a young pair hyacinth macaw babies available for sale, they are 12months old DNA sexed unrelated. Birds are very friendly and already saying few words. Asking $2000 for the pair. PayPal or cash only text 818-821-0542


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