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PJ Gryp - 2016-06-10
I would like to buy a long haired chihuahua. My son has one and I would like to raise one too. I live in York Pa. Please respond

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  • Dale - 2016-06-28
    I have a 12 month old long hair he was bought by a family that ended in divorce , I took him in , he is sweet puppy I've gotten attached to him but I'm retired and can't really take of him .
    I'm willing to give him to a good home , that can send me pictures of how he's doing
    He's white w one bkl ear he's really gorgeous
    Thank you
  • doggie43082 - 2016-07-11
    Do you still have the pup you took in?
  • Desiree - 2017-01-20
    I have a female long hair for sale

  • Bet Willey - 2017-02-26
    Hello Dawn,
    Do you still have your long hair to give away? Why are you giving the dog away? Tell me about the dog, age sex etc. Where do you live?

    Thank you,

  • ellen daniels - 2017-03-28
    Desiree: We are looking for a long-haired chihuahua, adult is okay if reasonably young. Where are you located?
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Becky Gibson - 2017-03-26
I am searching for a male waters lager for my 98 year old dad. He needs to have a beautiful singing voice! Not too soft because my father is losing his hearing.

Becky Gibson

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Michele - 2015-11-13
Hello, I am looking for a pair of Abyssinian Lovebirds. I have been searching for some time now to no avail. I live on Florida and would love to have them as a new addition to our household. Please contact me if anyone knows of a reputable breeder or seller of these amazing birds. Thank you!

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  • jack ponnie walker - 2016-09-30
    i got some for sale
  • Michele - 2016-12-18
    Where are you located?
  • Alcina silva - 2017-03-26
    Still have abyssinian lovebirds
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Charlotte Boeker-Burris - 2013-12-16
I live outside of Fort Worth. I have  chorkies, one a year old and three 2 years old. The older ones both parents were registered but I did not register them because I couldn't find papers on the dad. Mom was a blue deer leg chihuahua-very rare in color, dad was silver and black yorkie. I need to find homes for them because I now have too many. The younger one was sired by one of my males and is very unusual looking...he somehow came out with blue eyes.

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  • Anonymous - 2017-03-23
    I wish I lived closer. I miss my Harley so much. I wish again I could feel his touch.
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XRumerTest - 2017-03-23
Hello. And Bye.

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Hayatullah Hayat - 2017-03-23
where i can a buy canary birds


Hayatullah Hayat - 2017-03-23
where i can a buy canary birds


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Glenn - 2016-10-12
Want to buy any Queen of Bavaria conure aka Golden Conure.

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  • Cherane Sharon Anne Pefley - 2016-11-18
    I have  three golden conures that are now close to two months in the nest being raised for future breeding.  IA M CBW PERMITTED, when wean and fledge at six months of age they will be ready go to a flight.  sesing will be done to accomdate at buyers cost.  three thousand dollars each.

    I have made my pair unavailable fo rmany babies so they can enjoy rasiing the three in teh nest box and I must charge to accomodate expences occrued.  thank you  payments can be made as they are being raised.  I do have on you tube video's of th e three babie since hathcng..
  • Cherane Sharon Anne Pefley - 2016-12-22
    Baby in the nest box... being raised by forster parnts and female dna sexed.  HEAVEN ON EARTH AVIAN ACRE 561/594/7007. I am CBW permitted for out of state purchase. buyer must have ICS if out of state and not CBW PERMITTED

  • wendy - 2016-12-27
    do you still have the baby Queen? how much? Wendy
  • Krista - 2017-02-02
    Cherane, girl! You are everywhere! Haha! I love it!
  • Cherane Sharon Anne Pefley - 2017-03-21
    I kept  for  HUGH till Janaury a female being raised in the nest box whil all others sold.  so, that one remaining female is now avialable .


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Kimberly Bailey - 2017-02-24
I have 5 flyers a male and female and their 3 babies. The babies are full grown now. I need to rehome as i do not have the time to devote to them anymore. I want them to stay together as they have always been a family unit please message me with any questions

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  • Brandon - 2017-02-28
    Hey Kimberly,
    I might have some interest in your family of flyers. Where are you located? Also, have the parents been breeding on a regular basis? Ultimately, I would like to have some new babies that I could bond with down the road.
  • Jeremy - 2017-03-05
    I'd love to take them all but unfortunately, I cannot. I'd be more than happy to take one or
    More of the baby flyers though if you are interested. I'm a current owner of a flyer.
  • Bill Draney - 2017-03-06
    I'm interested. How much?
  • Janet Daugherty - 2017-03-20
    Do you still have this little family? I have one 15 week old female that would love some friends. We are in Florida.
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Charlie Knox - 2016-07-10
Looking for baby bronze wing piounus! 

Please email me at

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  • Jennifer - 2017-03-20
    I found your post from July of 2016. Do you have babies now or upcoming? I'm looking for a female bronze wing pionus baby.

    Please let me know if you have chicks.
    Thank you,

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