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rochelle Renee Phillips - 2017-08-01
I have an 8 week old baby long hair Chihuahua puppy for sale $700

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  • Mona Hassmann - 2017-08-17
    I am looking for a female long hair chihuahua please get in touch
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Kate Richardson - 2017-08-16
Lookin got for a shamrock macaw, willing to pay up to $2500, maybe more depending on personality, age and a few other circumstances. I offer a loving, smoke/perfume free home and I have large bird experience, many books and lots of love to give. Located in Ontario Canada. Willing to drive 3-5 hours for the bird. Text me at (905)441-7098 or at

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Kelsang Lhundup - 2014-11-10
I want a flowerhorn fish

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  • wolfman jenkins - 2017-08-16
    There's plenty of petstores that have them so you can get one and have fun times.☺ And you can buy some online.
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Ken Stephenson - 2017-08-15
I'm looking to buy a male Cagles Map Turtle approximately 1 year old, but will talk to anyone with one for sale. Contact Ken at 817-999-4427

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priyanka - 2016-05-15
I have plum head parrot for sell only 5500 my no 7841983386

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  • KAREN STILLINGS - 2016-05-31
    I am looking for a male plum head parakeet. Could you give me any information on where I could buy one.i live on Malabar FL.
  • farhan - 2016-07-05
    From which place are you . As I wnna buy it
  • Yuvaraj sakthivel - 2016-12-07
    Hello i have a female plum head... im looking for male one... so if any one have nale plum head contact me through my mail id "".. where are u frm... im in tamilnadu...
  • Stacy - 2017-05-30
    Karen, I am in Central Florida and I have a baby Male Plum Head. His hatch date is April 1st, 2017 and he is still on 3 feedings a day - - trying to transition to 2. Let me know if you are interested. :~) Here is my email address:
  • Gidge - 2017-08-15
    I am looking for a male plum head.. Was wondering if you have any
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Marlene rangel - 2017-08-15
Iam looking for shamrock and camelot
Macaw iam located in arizona

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William Boudreau - 2017-08-09
Need someone to take a2 day old.

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  • Lisa Ullenbruch - 2017-08-13
    Did you find someone to take your newborn raccoon?
Animal-World info on White-fronted Amazon
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More info at Animal-World - 2017-08-02
2nd August 2017 posted - I have a young female amazon parrot white fronted/red spectacled any one selling a male white fronted she want a friend in the UK..

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  • KUSHAGRA - 2017-08-11
Animal-World info on American Singer Canary
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Sarah - 2017-08-11
I want to buy an American Singer canary from a breeder near me in 02184 zip code.

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Sandra Pflegl24 - 2017-07-30
I would love to buy s skinny pig


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