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Lisa Pretsch - 2015-10-06
I raise these fun little critters and I'am having a hard time getting the word out there that I have young ones for sale. Any suggestions?  Thanks

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  • Mary - 2015-10-21
    Dear Lisa,
    I am looking to get a STO for my other half for Christmas. I would like to be able to drive to meet and bring home our little one, so could you please let me know where you are located? We are in PA and would not mind traveling out of state, up to a point. :) Thanks!
  • grace - 2015-11-22
    where are you located ? I am in new york.
  • Lisa Pretsch - 2015-11-28
    Hello, I couldn't find the site again so Im so sorry it took me this long to get back to you. I live in Wisconsinl
  • Karma - 2015-12-06
    Hi! What type of baby squirrels do you have for sale. I live in Illinois, and would really be interested. Were they bred in captivity? Age of babies? I've rescued and raised them before. Thanks! How much are you asking for them?

  • Sally - 2017-02-23
    I would be interested in your STOs. Do you still breed them? My husband and I have been wanting to get one but can't find any in our area. What part of WI are you in? We're in MN.
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Dr nedal Abu safieh - 2017-02-12
I'm interested in canaries birds besnuss to import from your company to sultanate of Oman muscat please supply me all details about your birds and shipping coast to muscat international airport

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  • João Moura Guedes - 2017-02-23
    Good morning, my name is Joao and I´m a type canary breeder from Portugal.
    If you are interested, by septembre/october I can supply most breeds of canaries since I work with other registered breeders of my countrie.
    The birds will be sent by "GEOCARGO", a company wich is a reliable company for live stock cargo.
    Best regards,
    Joao Moura Guedes
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HARVEY GILBERT - 2017-02-22
Iam looking to buy a alexandrine parakeet as a pet iam located in ohio would need it shipped would like a male

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jill schneider - 2017-01-16
I love parrots,I lost mine recently and I want to love another one.very experienced, please help me get one. Jill Schneider 707-987-2369 baby one

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  • Mr Arin - 2017-02-21
    I have 3 weeks old lovely Congo red chicks for sale at a modest price,call or whatsapps me for further details +233267809309 or email me at
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Nicole - 2017-02-21
Im looking at purchasing a Southern flying squirrel from a good breeder please feel free to send me any info thank you!

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Stephen - 2015-04-24
9 juvenile gold graumis approx 4 months old best offer

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  • DHAUS - 2017-02-20
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Nelson - 2017-02-18
I would like to acquire pom pom knife (papyrocranus afer) reticulated knife, arowana knife, from 6-18 inches

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Beth H. - 2017-02-17
I'm interested in buying a Sulcata tortoise over 6 months old.

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Frances - 2017-01-10
I have a male and female Buffon's Macaw Parrots for sale. due to work and i dont have time for my lovely parrots so i want to sale them for $1000. contact me for more information. Email us via

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  • Afifa ahmed - 2017-02-17 you still have the buffons macaws and if so where are you located....Canada or USA ? I am definately interested as i have 3 Buffons macaws myself.
    Thanks in anticipation....afifa
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Ana Johnson - 2011-12-27
Man, I want one of these sooo bad! If you have any, e-mail me. My e-mail is:

Please let me know. I want one sooo bad!!!!

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  • Anonymous - 2017-02-17
    yes we do how many would you like?

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