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mary - 2014-06-20
I am very interested in getting a Shetland pony, I have 5 acres frame with 2 horses, 1 donkey, and a duck, and I have handicap kids come by to spend time on the farm and I think that the pony would fix in just right if someone can help me, that would be great thanks very much.

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  • janet - 2014-08-24
    i will take her if you can meet me at huchuson dillens on 5 st
  • Richard AD Hendrix - 2017-10-20
    Kiss the cat and purr in it's ear!
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Yaz - 2017-10-18
Hello in aug I rescued 3 baby grey eastern squirrels from the streets 2 pass away from MBD and the other recently pass away from running around the house and crashing into a cabinet causing massive nose bleed and hard from breathing. I have experience taking care of baby squirrels at age 3weeks old. Me and the squirrels bonded and not having one here with me sucks especially saving their lives before the tropical storm that hit us. Please if you have any baby squirrels available let me know. I’m located in nyc.

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Kimberly Mitchell - 2017-10-16
I am looking for southernn flying squirrels, both male and female. If you have any, please contact me asap. I very interested. I can be reached at or text me at 615-519-3383.

Thank you!

rita paton - 2015-06-14
I'm looking for a female southern flying squirrel. I have 3 adult, 2 male, 1 female. Would love to take on more. :) I live in Inverness, fl. My email address is my name is Rita Paton

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  • David Duvall - 2016-02-01
    I have several Female flyers in TN If still interested please contact me Thank you
  • Kimberly Mitchell - 2017-10-16
    David, if you stilll have flyers I would love to buy from you!
Jack Carter - 2015-12-28
I am looking for a southern flying squirrel. Willing to travel from north Florida up to New York. Also willing to pay for shipping. I really have been looking hard for one with no success but I am a dedicated and responsible person and really want one! Email:

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  • Melissa green - 2015-12-30
    Are you looking for flying squirrels? My daughter brought home a male & female and she can't keep them. You can text me 912-552-1239
  • Shannon - 2016-02-15
    I have a beautiful intact 4 month old, tame male southern flying squirrel. I will give him away to a good home as we are moving out of state. My only condition is that the new owner buy his beautiful large handmade enclosure. I'm not a breeder. I am also afraid of getting trouble for having a wild animal here in Alabama. I currently live in Montgomery. Could you come pick him up? Shannon F. Gandy
  • Kimberly Mitchell - 2017-10-16
    I would love your flyer if you still have him?
rita paton - 2015-06-14
I'm looking for a female southern flying squirrel. I have 3 adults, 2 male, 1 female. I have 10+ year experience with them. I live in Inverness florida and will be willing to travel.

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  • janet wright - 2015-07-24
    Contact me st 813 3914092 I have a female that I am looking for her a good home
  • Valerie - 2015-08-17
    I have a female, is this for breeding purposes.
  • LouAnne - 2015-12-03
    I have 3 young flyers, 2 female and a male. I am looking to trade the male for another male. I love my babies but don't want to chance inbreeding.
  • Anonymous - 2016-10-31
    Question? You have 10 years experience Ann's I'm a beginner.i have a rescued grey squirrel.. my fiance and I found on a walk one night when he was only about 2 weeks ok eyes and ears still closed. He is now roughly 4 months old. He had airways been my baby and one day attacked me after I got home and let him out he actually few blood. I'm used to the razor sharp claws and play fighting but he's never done this. He has Becker ever done this. I've fine all my research and gotte his diet right and yes i know your not suppose to keep them as pets but he isn't supposed to be released until 18 weeks And that's the dead of winter where I live in December... But he's not ready yet. Do you have any answer to why this could have happened.
  • Kimberly Mitchell - 2017-10-16
    If you have any flyers, I'm looking for both males and females. 615-519-3383
Claralene Duvall - 2016-02-01
Have several flying squirrels in Tennessee! Contact me if interested.

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  • Claralene Duvall - 2016-02-01
    Have several flying squirrels for sell in East Tennessee.Contact me if interested at Thanks
  • Madison fontaine - 2016-02-26
    Will you ship them?
  • mak - 2016-02-18
    I looking for a flying squirrel for my girl bday. so you have any ? if so how much and i dont mind paying for shipping . Thanks
  • mark - 2016-02-18
    so u still have any flying squirrels ? If so how do i go about contacting you personally . I trying to get one for my girl bday. thanks
  • john enders - 2016-03-06
    Please contact me about the flying squirrels 8607295522
  • Tom Jones - 2016-04-10
    Please contact me if you still have critters left. Thx THJones. Tom Jones 8707186596
  • Kimberly Mitchell - 2017-10-16
    Do you have anymore flyers? I am very interested.

    Please email at
Kimberly Bailey - 2017-02-24
I have 5 flyers a male and female and their 3 babies. The babies are full grown now. I need to rehome as i do not have the time to devote to them anymore. I want them to stay together as they have always been a family unit please message me with any questions

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  • Brandon - 2017-02-28
    Hey Kimberly,
    I might have some interest in your family of flyers. Where are you located? Also, have the parents been breeding on a regular basis? Ultimately, I would like to have some new babies that I could bond with down the road.
  • Jeremy - 2017-03-05
    I'd love to take them all but unfortunately, I cannot. I'd be more than happy to take one or
    More of the baby flyers though if you are interested. I'm a current owner of a flyer.
  • Bill Draney - 2017-03-06
    I'm interested. How much?
  • Janet Daugherty - 2017-03-20
    Do you still have this little family? I have one 15 week old female that would love some friends. We are in Florida.
  • Kimberly Mitchell - 2017-10-16
    Hi Kim, I'm intrested in your flyer family if they are still available!
Jeremy - 2017-03-05
I'm a current flyer owner and very serious about buying. Please contract me by email or text 573-225-0447 if anyone has any available. Preferably babies but adults too.

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  • Debbie - 2017-04-18
    Have 2 four month old females needing to rehome, asking $150 for the pair
  • Kim - 2017-04-19
    Please email me if you still have your 2 females. Thank you.
  • steve smith - 2017-04-30
    do you still have squirrels 33
  • Kimberly Mitchell - 2017-10-16
    Do you still have your flyers? I'm very interested
Kimberly Bailey - 2017-02-24
I have 5 flyers a male and female and their 3 babies. The babies are full grown now. I need to rehome as i do not have the time to devote to them anymore. I want them to stay together as they have always been a family unit please message me with any questions

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  • Kim - 2017-04-23
    Please contact me if you have any squirrels available.
  • Felix - 2017-05-25
    Contact to me (678) 316-0082 if any flying squirrel still availible
  • Min - 2017-06-02
    If you have any baby squirrels available, please contact me by email.
  • trisha shaffer - 2017-06-10
    please contact me about your family to adopt (804)543-1578
  • Jay Reynolds - 2017-10-13
    Hi Kimberly
    I would like to know if you still have the flying squirrels,
    My sons pet passed away and I'm looking to get him a another one, I would love to have all of them if still available,
    Please call me at 813-376-5842 Thanks J
  • Kimberly Mitchell - 2017-10-16
    Hi Kimberly,
    I would like to purchase all if your flyers. Please give me a call 615-519-3383

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