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Jim - 2014-01-20
I have had a red factor canary for the last 6 years and he is healthy and apparently happy as he sings daily and in the evening if the light is on. People that visit and hear him sing cannot believe his song and the loudness and duration. I am asked to go into another room if on the phone, or have difficulty watching TV and hearing while he is singing. I have owned many canaries in the past but the performance of this guy is without parallel. He would be considered a Master by a breeder if in a room full of young learning how to sing. Thanks for the information I received by reading your site and good luck in the future.

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  • mohammed - 2014-04-26
    Hello There, I read about your description on the canary that you have got. Anyway, My name is Mohammed and I am from Dubai.. I love Birds and I have collection of many parrots in my home, I would like to know if you are interested to sell your canary or if you can give me some more ideas where did you get your canary from will be really grateful and appreciated.. I am Awaiting your best reply. Call me anytime: 00971557816171 or email me anytime. Kind Regards Mohammed
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erica johnson - 2014-04-26
Yess I have a question. My friend got bit by a centepede that he had and he is scared that he will die and he doesn't know all the facts.

B A COBILLAS - 2003-07-22
Cosomo Quaker is a 3yr old female and very talkative. She is lively and will follow me all over the house. She loves a good game of pick-a-boo. She will call MOOOOM until I find her. Her favorite hiding place is on my shoulders directly behind my head where I cannot see her. She has a wonderful sense of humor. She is not as adventurous with new foods. She has a Meyers parrot sibling and they are very much like human children fighting over a favorite toy not to be shared. They are very gentle with each other. Cosmo loves her younger brother and even tells him "loooove you." My quaker is not a quiet bird, she is very vocal with her family. She has been an inspiration for my Meyers parrot...taught him to talk. :)

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  • Haley - 2010-03-14
    Hi! I just got some green spotted puffers and I have heard that you should keep them in freshwater when they are young...I have got them in saltwater now. Is that ok?
  • keith ferreira - 2011-03-31
    Hi, i just got into parrot fish and like them very much but, could you tell me what is the natural color of the fish? We have about 4 colors here in trinidad and tobago.
  • rob - 2011-05-05
    I went in to check on the birds tonight to cover the cage up with the blanket. What I saw was the 2 finches setting in that other nest sleeping while the other nest with the eggs in it left alone. ???
  • Akshay Amle - 2011-08-24
    Actually the thing happened is I wanted to buy red belly piranha, and I wasnt knowing how to identify one, and the local pet store told me that this are RBP, and even they have/had red belly i mean reddish color at their bottom and now it's confirmed that its pacu, but I dont know whether it's a red belly pacu or black pacu. I think i should sell all those and just buy a RBP.
  • Elaine du Plessis - 2011-10-07
    My moms Quaker named Tiger was put down on Tues. He had a large tumor under his wing. He was like a human, he spoke all day, he was 14 hrs old. My mom is devastated and so are the rest of the family, we are desperately looking for a young hand reared Quaker, please let me know if you know of anyone that can assist. It would make my mom the happiest person alive. Thanks so much. I live in East London and my mom is in Grahamstown. My cell number is 0827238881 x x
  • Tiffanie - 2012-04-30
    I have 3 red tailed tinfoil barbs, they seem to be getting along with all my other fish.. I have a 180 gallon tank, 55 gallon tank and a 110 tank that houses my turtles.. In my 180 gallon tank with the barbs I have ballas, oscars, redtailed shark, black shark, lobster, kissing graumi and a Pike Cichlid.. I feed them all a lot, but I don't want my fish to starve.. How often is it recommended to feed these big barbs? I am sorry to hear about your fish, I cry when one of mine die.. =o)
  • Alfred Minio - 2012-06-19
    well as with my sick fish i think he may have had a stroke if thats possible, he is in a permanent 'c' shape and the second set of fins on the bottom seem to be paralyzed but its been a few weeks and he gets around and he's eating again. as for keeping the black morrs with my common ive had them together for about 3 or 4 months now and my morrs are just plain fat, i also added 2 sarsasa commet goldfish and even tho they are faster they all get along just fine. instead of feeding them 2 or 3 times a day i just feed them a little bit every hour or so and they'll just search the bottom in-between feedings.
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maine coon - 2011-07-25
I like your post. And I would like to recommend one of maine coon cattery. Those kittens are very pretty and have a champion genes. One of the prettiest kitten for me are "Dacota Blue" but now it reserved.

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  • Charlie Roche - 2011-07-26
    Beautiful cats. I want one.
  • Johanson - 2014-04-27
    Also check for pretty kittens
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Fishnerd2000 - 2014-04-27
I need help! Today when I was getting prepared to feed my snowflake eel I caught him attempting to eat my clownfish. I stopped him. WHAT Should I Do?!?! I don't want to get rid of him but I don't want him to kill my pregnant clown.

Fishnerd2000 - 2014-04-28
Hey guys I just need some help. My snowflake eel has been acting strange recently. After my coral beauty died the snowflake may have eaten him cause I haven't found the body yet and recently he tried to eat my pregnant tomato clown. I don't want him to kill her but I don't want to get rid of him I'm going to purchase a 30 gal tank this week. Please help, thanks.

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Jo Bueckers - 2010-07-12
What great Maine Coon stories!~ We, too, love our silver tabby, Fantasia /Fancy. She is 11 1/2 and still going strong. She weighs around 15# and has brought untold joy to us. Every-one loves her, and she chooses those who will be graced with her attention. The chirping is so cute! She bonded with our Husky as they were raised indoors together and still remembers her even though Xena is now outdoors in her one acre corral. Three other cats share her domain, and she rules with an iron paw. They are, indeed the perfect pet for a family. Her main interest is her food bowl! She has an uncanny sense of time (when it's time for us to rise and shine) and won't quit until we do...yes, the tail is exquisite as is the gorgeous coat and eyes. We also love the tufted ears and paws---huge. All your stories mirror our experiences with our special girl. They have quite the purrsonality.

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  • Best Cattery - 2014-04-29
    I would like to recommend Maine Coon cattery – Smart Lynx*LT

    kittens with strong genetic bloodlines -

    We are more thankful to Smart Lynx*LT cattery for our kitten than we can express in words. Please accept our gratitude, now and always!
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subramanian - 2014-03-09
Sir I have a three month old alexandrian, now it's sufferring with fits I think. Any treatment for this? Please inform me, it's  urgent. Thank you.

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  • anandamathan - 2014-04-25
    Please price in alexandrine parakeet.
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louise wilson - 2014-02-02
Iv got an eastern rosella parrot and shes lovely ( at times when I treat her to new equipment ). I got her given to me about 6 - 7 weeks ago and from day 1 she sat on my shoulder but did tend to bit but she wasnt being aggresive untill it came to me or anyone else putting hands in cage!!! I thought she would always be alittle aggresive but each day she is gaining more trust in me :) today she let me stroke her belly and head and she loved it!!!! Does anyone know how long their life spam is as my bird ( Rainbow ) is 7 years old??

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  • Clarice Brough - 2014-02-02
    Sounds like a wonderful bird, and they are so pretty. The average lifespan of the Eastern Rosella's is said to be around 15 years, so you should have a wonderful pet for a long time.
  • kljsdjf - 2014-04-25
    They live from 20-30 years.
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Fishnerd2000 - 2014-04-25
Ok so I recently got a decent sized coral beauty for my 55 gal and he did great for the first day but on the third day he started break out from marine velvet I know how to treat velvet I think but tell me anyways cause I'm not sure. Also he broke out with ick which is easy to take care of but I'm borrowing a 10 gal quarantine tank and how long should I keep him in there and is there other ways to treat marine velvet besides formoulin chemical please help?


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