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   Sugar Gliders get their name from their "sweet tooth" and because they have a fold of furred skin stretching from their forefeet to their hind feet which they spread out like a kite to help them glide through the trees searching for insects and nectar!
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Bridgette Robinson - 2007-08-05
Sugar Gliders are GREAT pets! They are very loving and fun! I got mine at Christmas and made a bag for her that looks like a small purse made out of fleece. At first she was a little crabby when I moved around or bumped her, but now she goes with me wherever I go and doesn't make a peep! My glider loves to play hide and seek and loves to play with cat toys, especially the ones with feathers on them. I also have a breeding pair, and my boyfriend has a male. I have found that the males are harder to train than the females as far as bonding goes. The main thing is to spend enough time with your glider. If mine hasn't been played with yet and wants out she "barks" for me. It sounds like a toy dog. I love my gliders and hope to have babies soon!

Rob - 2007-04-18
Sugar gliders are great family additions!(Not pets) My nephew bought two, 1 for himself, and 1 for my 12yr old son. Our entire family loves this little furry clown. She was very easy to tame and seems to love the whole family (2 sons, 1 daughter, wife and me). Her name is Crickey (named in honor of Steve Erwin, by my son Cody). This site has a lot of info on them, but so far the only problem we've had is finding a pet shop that carries any type of glider supplies.

Mc - 2007-04-14
They are so sweet to be with, love them very much

Brenda - 2007-03-30
Sugar Gliders are wonderful animals, as long as you have the time to spend with them. I had my little guy from the time he was about 12 weeks old until he was 3 years old. I had to pass him on to my sister because my career did not allow me much time at home. They love to play...Dill used to play "hide and seek" where he'd hide under my blankets and then he'd jump on me when I found him. He also liked to go for rides whether it was in his pouch to the store or in my pocket to a friends house. Make sure you have a sufficient amount of time to dedicate to your glider before you get one, just like any other animal, they need attention too!

Katlynn - 2007-03-16
sugar gliders are so cute i had 1 before

K. Michele - 2007-03-06
I am thirteen years old and I am the proud owner of a fanominal sugar glider! I have done extensive research on these animals and have even read stories about them!
I disagree about them eating pinkies (baby mice). One of the stories that i have read said how they had fed their sugar gliders pinkies, and everytime the female had a baby she would always eat the baby thinking it was a pinkie. Other tan that, I agree with them eating mealworms, crickets, etc!

Heidi - 2007-02-24
i think sugar gliders are the coolest thing ive ever seen. i know a lot about them. i have a sugar glider name pippin and hes the coolest and weirdest thing ive seen, until i got used to it, and he seems frendly as ever. my other sugar glider, guiniver, was mean and i dont know why. i still liked her even though she was mean. i had 4 sugar gliders before. we had to get rid of 3 and kept the oldest. there names where lancalot, guiniver, pippin, and vanish. pippin is about 3 to 4 mounths old and they live up to be 15 years old in a house (owned) and 9 mounths in wild. guiniver, lancalot, and pippin are brother and sisters. i think i will be a vet when i grow up because i want to help animals so much!

jess - 2007-02-24
suger gliders are real active at night and in the morning they have a strange smell they are cute

Madissen - 2007-02-20
I have always wanted a sugar glider and they are adorable little creatures! They are like little mini ferrets. (but maybe a little more lazy!)

jess - 2007-02-20
my suger glider pressus is 8 weeks old. she crabs when i get her out. the male one trys to bite some times when i get him out. they play a lot. they are noisey and they love to stay in your shirt pocket. yesterday i had them in the bonding pouch, and as soon as i walked in my room they smelled my rat. they looked out of the pouch and started crabbing at her, she was in a cage. they are both 8 weeks old they can tell when the weather is changing, they are jumpy when the weather is changing. i love them both. your site helped me alot, thanks