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   Sugar Gliders get their name from their "sweet tooth" and because they have a fold of furred skin stretching from their forefeet to their hind feet which they spread out like a kite to help them glide through the trees searching for insects and nectar!
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sugar glider lover - 2008-02-20
I have a lovely male sugar glider. His name is Nike and I'm hoping to get a female very soon to start breeding them, so I can spread their joy to everyone I know =].

Desiree Parker - 2007-12-15
Well I now have 2 beautiful sugar gliders, and I love them. I had a friend who wasn't able to keep her sugar gliders anymore and I offered to take care of them. I was nervous at first, but once I was able to handle them I grew more and more attached. I have a male and a female, and she is getting ready to have babies. I have only had them for a week and I am so excited. They do take a lot of time and care. Be gentle and give lots of love, and you will be set.

ME - 2007-12-15
I've had a Sugar Glider before, but Sadly he died. I never Found out why, but we think it was because of the kind of shavings he had.
But now im trying it again and just today got another boy, and my sister got a girl. We want them to breed but don't know if they will, they have been together for 2 months already. But who knows. :D

nodnarbrandon - 2007-12-01
What a great source of information. I was only considering purchasing a sugar glider, but now im sure. p.s. shout out to my homies.

gabrielle - 2007-11-22
I have enjoyed this website. I hope to get a sugar glider soon!

Katiebug - 2007-11-14
I too just got a glider after meeting one and seeing how awesome they are, and yes at first they are scared and dont know you. So just take them in a tent and let them climb on you, and after a while you can take them out and they LOVE to play! It just takes some time, you have to be patient!

Wendy - 2007-11-12
I have a 10 X 10 outdoor aviary that I house my gliders in. In the winter I wrap the outside in heavy duty clear plastic and run a thermostat controlled heater inside that hangs from the center of the roof. I set it to run warm air instead of hot so they have never been burned. It works great and they have plenty of room to run around. Remember that they would live outside in the wild so I tried to replicate those conditions. I have a feeding platform, plenty of large tree branches and a nesting box for them to sleep in. I don't recomend this in places that it is very cold or damp, as that makes it very difficult to keep a consistent climate for them. I have had gliders for 15 years and take in rescues in my area. My oldest glider lived to be over 11 years old. I did bring her inside her last year since she was very unstable and prone to falling.

Whit - 2007-09-30
Many gliders do not like to be held. I think that this is a huge misconception with people. I got two of them and sold them shortly after that because I wanted a pet that I would interact with and that wouldn't just want to be on its own. Everyone has their own opinions when it comes to them, but I too purchased them after reading such great things. Just be aware that this isnt always the case, think twice please, or you will be out lots of $

kyle - 2007-09-18
I barely knew anything about my favorite animal, you told me so much
more about sugar gliders. Thanks!

Amanda - 2007-09-01
Suggies are animals that need a lot of dedication. Before getting one make sure you have everything set up. Glider proof any rooms that the glider will be in, make sure you have a bonding pouch, and prepare the money to buy two.

After getting your sugar gliders, you should use the pouch for them to sleep in for a while. This way, during the day, their easy to remove to carry around. Another idea is get a shirt and attach a pocket to it. Wear it a few days prior to buying the suggies and after that, let them sleep in the pocket for the first week. This way, they get very accustom to your scent and think will help bonding greatly. Still, you must take the shirt out every day and keep it with you. Either wear it or carry it with you. Wearing a shirt many days in a row many not sound like the most fun thing in the world, but it works well.

Another piece of advice is for when you have to go away for vacation or something similer. A week before you have to go, put a pillow case on one of your pillows. A cheap one since your going to lose it. After the week, when your sending them to your petsitter, tie the case into knots and give it to them. Because its smothered with your scent, this will make the separation a little easier because then they feel as if their human isn't that far away. A recording of your voice may be a good idea as well.

Diet wise, I feed my babies Leadbeater mix (Look it up if you don't know what it is, it has supplaments and stuff in it.) and either fresh food or baby food. I find gerbers DHA food a very good choice. Its sweet, has fruit, and is well enriched with many good things for them, calcium especially. One thing that can't be stressed enough is making sure they get plenty of calcium, it is deadly for them if they don't.