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   Sugar Gliders get their name from their "sweet tooth" and because they have a fold of furred skin stretching from their forefeet to their hind feet which they spread out like a kite to help them glide through the trees searching for insects and nectar!
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Jennifer - 2010-11-30
Watch out for stress! My sugar glider chewed her tail. It was amputated 3 weeks ago and cost me an arm and a leg to pay for. She comes out of her cage and is very social and sweet. Not sure what stressed her out but it doesn't take much! Trust me. Now her tail is infected and i have to take her back. She has some bruising around the tip and it is quite swolled. I am really scared for her. Trust me people i will never own another sugar glider after her. It is a lot of work. I love her and she is bonded so this is my worst nightmare. Plus i own 2 other suggies. My male (7yrs old) and her daughter (1 yr. Old). So between them all i put in nearly 12 hours a day of attention in. The baby and the mother fight, they fight for attention. I'm thinking this is the reason for the mutilation. But i will never know. I'm thinking of having my older female put down. So she isn't in pain anymore.

Shannon - 2010-11-17
We had sugar gliders given to us and they were doing great. The female became pregnant which we did not know. We knew they were mating but weren't fully aware that she was pregnant. I don't know if our female miscarried or died in birth. The placenta sack was thick and unopened and her eye was out of socket from straining. Has anyone heard of this before?

deloyce sidatt - 2010-11-17
Yesterday I rescued 2 joeys from a family in gilmer texas. They are so tiny and look to be less than 5 weeks. Their eyes are open and they are tame. idk how long they went without food and I was wondering if it is possible to tell the sex of the two yet?

mark - 2010-11-08
Can the gliders live in a 65 degree climate?

Ivy Love! - 2009-03-30
Hi my names Ivy! I'm 19 and choosing a sugar glider rather than a baby. I sorta agree with the crazy lady. The pet isn't for a lazy child who will neglect them but I wouldnt go so far as to say that not a single child can have one because they'll get lazy. Just make sure you've done the reseach and are ready to put time and love into it! Your website has been a very good source! Thanks so much for the free info!

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  • Kayla - 2010-10-16
    Do they really smell? Like you know how ferrets smell do they smell bad?
Mike - 2009-11-25
Do you think suger glider can eat like baby food. I just really care about their good health, to live on good meals for them, and I follow some of glider's food and a little bit offered lots works everyday that I take care of them. It is my first time to take care of them for 6 months. I real enjoy my little friends. Love it so much, so cute glider. Let me know for glider's safety food for good eat :)
god bless mike

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  • Kadi - 2010-06-14
    Hi Mike :) I recently bought a sugar glider and I found out from the woman who sold me mine that they LOVE baby food and that it is the healthier way to go with plenty of organic fruits and vegetables (they cannot be sprayed with pesticides because this could kill the little creatures) I hope this helps.
  • casey - 2010-09-09 :) they have an awesome go/no go food list
Danielle - 2010-09-02
So I just got a sugar glider, I've had it for about 2 months... I've looked on the internet and can't find the answer to my question. I change its water every morning but every time I change it the water smells like throwup.. what does that mean? And does this happen to anyone?

carol - 2009-10-03
My son got me a sugar glider for my 59th birthday. I'm a diabetic (no sugar) so named her Splenda Glider. I ADORE her! She is the most interesting, cute, smart, cuddly pet ever. I'm an early riser and that makes for fun bonding. Now my son has purchased two more females and eventually we hope to acquire a male. She is so sweet.

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  • Bertha - 2010-02-21
    Splenda? really?
  • leslie - 2010-05-04
    Hello my name is Leslie and my 14 yr old has a male sugar glider named jackson. She is starting to spend the night with her friends and I'm getting a new job. He was 1 yr. old on christmas and is really cute.We are interested in selling him if you are interested. Please call 540-246-2200 if you don't get an answer just leave me a # and I will be in touch. Thank you
  • pinkyp23762 - 2010-07-16
  • Tyler - 2010-08-29
    Leslie, have you sold the sugar glider yet?
Micheal - 2010-08-26
My Sugar ate some cheese and then I read that should not eat cheese since they cannot process lactose. She is not eating any more of it, but what can I expect? Will she get sick with diarrea? If so what should I do?

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  • Editor's Note - 2010-08-27
    I am not exactly sure what happens when they eat cheese. I would assume it is similar to people with lactose intolerance drinking milk or something with lactose. I would keep an eye on him for a day or so just to make sure she is okay and expect maybe some diaharrea as you suggested. Give her plenty of fluids and watch for dehydration. If the symptoms look serious you should take her to a vet.
nick brehio - 2010-07-12
What do I do if my sugar gliders won't clean themselves and are all dirty and scraggly looking?

P.S should I be concerned? PLEASE COMMENT BACK!