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   Sugar Gliders get their name from their "sweet tooth" and because they have a fold of furred skin stretching from their forefeet to their hind feet which they spread out like a kite to help them glide through the trees searching for insects and nectar!
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Jessica chambers - 2005-09-09
im getting a girl sugar glider because i have a lot of spare time and they are so cute. i cant wait for one! love your site!

Samuell Yew - 2005-08-17
Sugar gliders sure have personalities as distinct as found in human beings. I have two sugar gliders. The male is Scamper because he likes to romp about the cage at night. It is sure like a circus watching him leaping from branches to branches at night. The female is Peekaboo because she likes to peer out of her nesting place, with the ears like a radar antenna scanning for Scamper.
Scamper likes to make a chattering sound especially before joining Peekaboo in the nest. Peekaboo frequently barks in the wee hours of dawn. Scamper will head for the mealworms first when awake, whereas Peekaboo will start with a lick at the papaya-tofu blend. Peekaboo will hold on to you for dear life but Scamper will only tolerate being held for a short time before he starts wanting to explore the room.

raxxel - 2005-08-13
Gliders rock! I have three, Darwin and Pashmina, a bredding pair and Jackie, their daughter. Jackie is special because we actually saw her being born. She'd missed her mum's pouch completely, and was on Pashmina's neck by the time we realized what that pink tiny thing was. We took her very gently and put her in her mum's pouch. She survived, and thrived! Another reason why she is so special is because so far, the pair have produced twins, and males. No girls besides Jackie have ever been born yet. She's my baby girl, always curious and naughty.

Jenn - 2005-07-29
My Sugar Glider Daisy's baby is so cute. Her name is Echo, they are such fun pets.

Monkey Butt_13 - 2005-07-06
Spice the sugar glider is so adorable!

Amanda H - 2005-07-05
Sugar Gliders are certainly sweet and friendly little babies. They need a specific diet, and you must spend quite a bit of time with them. I love my angels - two 6 month old boys, and a year old girl. The little girl was very nippy at first (previous owner was terrible) and one of the boys had his tail ripped off by a dog. They were both terrified and slept 24/7. With time, a bonding pouch and a tent to play in, they have become the sweetest little things! I would recommend gliders only to night people who've done extensive research on the care and keeping of these creatures.

Holly - 2005-06-13
I have put a sugar glider together with a wonderful pet rat of mine, and so far the sugar glider is grateful for the company, as she was very lonely alone. It has been about 2.5 weeks now, and they even sleep together in the hammock! Who would have thought that they would be fast friends!

Emmie Mazzotti dill - 2005-05-06
They play like cats... kiss & bark like dogs... eat like squirrels... hang upside down like bats...have monkey tails...They show lots of love and affection...they have a stripe (usually) down their backs that make them kind of look like racoons ...easy to care for ... They make big messes in their cage once you clean it and the next morning you are surprised at the weird mess they make ...They are adorable. the first time I saw one I wanted it so bad I had to buy one. it was worth it!

-Emmie age 9-

Sandy - 2005-05-06
Sugar Gliders are the cutest and most playful animals you will ever see!!

Caitlin - 2005-05-06
I have wanted an animal that was different than a dog or a cat. I wanted something kind of exotic and not too many people heard about. I went to a pet store and saw the sugar gliders that they had and fell in love with them. I came home and started to learn more about them. I kept begging my mom to get one. I bribed her once when my sister moves out with her dog I can get one. I am so glad she said yes I love her. I have only had her for a little over a year. They are so fun and adorable to have. She loves crawling up behind my neck and just sitting there under my hair or crawls under my shirts and sleeps. I think I would recommend someone to get one of these adorable pets. They are not that hard to take care of you do not need to take them to the vets and get shots or anything, like you would a dog.