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   Sugar Gliders get their name from their "sweet tooth" and because they have a fold of furred skin stretching from their forefeet to their hind feet which they spread out like a kite to help them glide through the trees searching for insects and nectar!
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Amanda Fawson - 2006-04-01
This web site has taught me ALOT about sugar gliders. I am planning on getting one for christmas this year because i asked my parents and they said yes. They are so cute I cannot wait to get. I love them to death. I will write here again after i get one!

Sofia Johnson - 2006-03-20
I think Sugar Gliders are very cute!

Christie - 2006-01-31
I love my sugar gliders! I love playing with them and seeing them do new things. I think they are a great pet to have!

Summer - 2005-12-27
I got my first sugar glider in June 2005, a female, and I just got two news ones, a male and a female, for Christmas! They're so cute!

bob - 2005-11-29

Mine was really nice. he jumped everywhere even in the shower and on the curtains.

allahna Brooks - 2005-11-22
I Love Having A SUGAR GLIDER As A Pet!!!!

jessica - 2005-10-16
I've had my sugar glider for about 7 years now. He's so adorable, and has perfected quite a few tricks. When I open his cage (it's up high) and stand on the other side of the room with my arm out, he will run through the cage, out the door, and glide right onto my arm. He likes to sit on my shoulder and look around while im typing or doing homework, as he is right now. His favorite food is grapes and he'd do just about anything to get ahold of one. When I let him out to run around my house, to find him.. all I have to do is put a few grapes in my hand and he will find me and climb up my leg to get them. Definitely an amazing pet, but he hasn't developed a liking to anybody but me.

L.Viverito - 2005-10-01
Your site has been very helpful to us. Because of Katrina and Rita our phones are not reliable.
We have 3 males and a female, that just had 2 joeys yesterday. They are adorable!
Thank you for the information on your site as we were unable to contact the breeder we normally do business with.

Samuell Yew - 2005-09-29
My wife, Crystalinne, and I have just added another pair of sugar gliders to our collection. We name the male KIMI and the female KYM. The difference is that this time we choose to adopt a pair of mature sugar gliders instead of babies. Crystalinne was smitten by KIMI and KYM almost at first sight. KIMI and KYM are both healthy and a bit on the plump side but the energy they have is tremendous compared to our young adolescence pair Scamper and Peekaboo. We started the bonding process immediately although the pet shop owner is very cautious with them. Crystalinne kept talking to them in a nice assuring tone all the way back home. They seemed to respond to her very well. Perhaps there are some vocabulary which are universally used by sugar gliders owner/breeders and they trigger a sense of comfort and security. It would be interesting if the scientific and pet lover community will study this and help future sugar glider owners to bond easier with their pet.

Josephine Staddon - 2005-09-25
I just sent an message regarding my pet Zippy, but I did not scroll to the bottom to give you my name etc. So here it is now.