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   Sugar Gliders get their name from their "sweet tooth" and because they have a fold of furred skin stretching from their forefeet to their hind feet which they spread out like a kite to help them glide through the trees searching for insects and nectar!
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Heather - 2006-10-09
Sugar gliders are the best pets. You must be patient with them, take your time, they WILL bond to you, it just takes time (as with any animal), don't be so quick to give up. I highly recommend that you buy two. The way 2 of them interact is very entertaining. Also when you go out of town and have someone watch them, you don't have to worry about them getting there 1-2 hours of play time each day from a human.

Asia - 2006-09-09
I think Suger Gliders are one of the most wonderful animals you could ever have as a pet. They are, yes, not dogs (But I still love them) and not like a normal pet. They are cool and colective and that's very neat!

madison - 2006-07-26
my sugar gliders just had babies and they are so cute, they just opened they're eyes! i can't wait to see them grow up more!

Anonymous - 2006-07-19
i have not gotten a sugar glider yet but i know they will be a great pet. i have done a ton of research on them. i cant wait to get one.

Mary OC - 2006-06-26
i think sugar gliders are wonnderful!!! in fact im going to get another one for Mort and Dag... i would highly recommend sugar gliders as pets... they are so entertaining... infact they r kinda addicting. thats why ill soon have three bundles of lovable joy.

Heather - 2006-06-17
Hey, you guys are awesome! if it weren't for you I wouldn't know nearly as much about sugar gliders as I do now. so thanks! for teaching me a ton of stuff. oh ...did I tell you that if it weren't for you I wouldn't have gotten 100% on my essay on gliders?.......well now you know!

Mary OC - 2006-06-08
I just got two baby female gliders. They are about 8weeks old. Ive had them one week. They are tricky to tame but I know they are worth it. Their names are Dag & Mort. Gotta love Gliders!

Brooke Peeler - 2006-06-06
Sugar Glides are adorable

Derrick - 2006-05-03
Suger glider, what fun. I have had one for about two months and i am going to get another one. A female, because i want them to have babies. To help, don't mess with them in their little bed in the cage, they go into attack mode. Zues (our suger glider) bit the nose of my cat because it was messing with him. The cat is scared now

Katrina - 2006-04-13
Sugar Gliders ROCK! I have 2, they might be expensive but they sure are worth it! One is Mr.Quiggley and Roxxy they're the cutest little critters! They're so freindly and fun, they like playing hide and go seek and they always win! I remember when I first got them, I wanted a skunk but my mom said they were wild and smelly. I never knew about sugar gliders until we learned about them at school. one day I even brought mine over for show and tell and everyone loved them, they wanted one too! I love sugar gliders and even made up a sugar gliders lovers club with my friends!