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   Not only is the exotic Short Tailed Opossum very small, but it has a curious and easy-going nature... they are becoming quite a popular "pocket pet"!
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Errik - 2012-01-29
My short tailed opossum got loose and we think we know where he is but can't get to him. We are wondering what a good way to catch him is and what a good bait is? He is only 15 weeks old and we are worried about him.

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  • Charlie Roche - 2012-01-30
    You can use an actually opossum trap or you can use a 'sorta built yourself cage' and place whatever you were normally feeding him on the inside. When he goes into the cage, close the door. Even the food he is normally used to having in a location he is aware of - the old bread crumb trick. I have used cheerios and cover them in peanut butter.
Tracy - 2011-08-20
My STO is losing his hair on his rear leg. It's completely bald. Has anyone else had this happen? Does anyone know what causes it? Our pet store said it's usually a fungus and recommended an anti-fungal spray. But I'm skeptical.

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  • Deanie - 2011-10-05
    Tracy, mine is doing the same thing except on the base of her tail and rump. it is a protien deficiency. try mealworms, hard boiled eggs or tuna. good luck!!!! D
Not telling - 2006-02-26
This website is fantastic! I was able to do an entire essay on short-tailed opossums only on this page!:) Thank you to everyone that chipped in to making this website.

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  • annamae gerdeen - 2011-02-22
    This is fun I have 2 research this 4 a project I learned sooo much about them it's kewl/
Josie - 2007-06-20
I never knew anything about these adorable little creatures until I read about them. Now I'm absalutly sure I'm going to be able to take care of my cute STO properly. Thank you so much for this page.

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  • jackie - 2010-09-04
    Our short tailed african pygmy oppossum is ill, he is not eating and has lost weight, after buying him a different food. Please help me figure out what to do!
Morgan - 2008-10-06
I got my STO 3 1/2 years ago and she has been an absolute dollbaby. She is one of the best pets we have ever had! I am actually going to start breeding her. Anyone interested can go to for more information! =]

Jennifer - 2007-09-24
I just bought a short-tailed opossum 2 days ago and he has just attached to me. His name is Squiggles the Awesome Opossum. He will sleep with me and won't wake up until I get up. He's not too fond of the pugs yet, but hopefully they will get along soon!

joe - 2007-08-16
I love Short-tailed opossums, even though you said young children should not have one. I think I can I spent months looking them up and learning about them. i have a history of caring for mice, rats, etc., so i think they would make great pets for me.

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  • Kate - 2010-04-24
    How old should you be to have a STO?
STO Lover! - 2007-02-24
Short Tailed Opossums are so darn cute! I can't wait to get one this spring!

Robin White - 2005-05-17
suki-da's got babies..birthed on mothers day...they are 9 to 10 days old now..kisak is their daddy .

gotta love the special mothers day presents she gave me..all 12 of them :D..

p.s will send photos in as soon as they are old enough .