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   The Ringtail Possum, often called just the 'Ringtail', got its name from its curled tail.
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Jan Beswick - 2011-12-20
We have moved recently to Katanning WA and have acquired a possum in one of our very old conifers. Lately we have put a bowl out with fruit in it and it's gone in the morning.... we try not to disturb it. Thanks everyone for your input and what to feed our new furry friend.

Micky - 2011-10-04
I have raised 2 baby possums that I have found. I have one ringtail and one brushtail. I still have my ringtail and she is going into the wild soon. I will miss her so much :(

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  • Charlie Roche - 2011-10-05
    You did awesome
michele McKenzie - 2011-05-23
Please ring Wires before you release Monkey Boy back into the wild. When a possum is relocated it can be dead in a week from predation or territorial behaviour from other possums.

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  • Charlie Roche - 2011-05-24
    How do you release a bottle fed possum back into the wild? What is wires?
Jo Birtus - 2011-05-20
You cannot feed a baby possum cows milk. You can get possum milk substitute from your vet or a good pet suppliers.....young possums need possum suppliment milk!

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  • Charlie Roche - 2011-05-20
    You can also start for two or so feedings with pedilyte to make sure they are hydrated and then switch to Esbilac which is a puppy milk substitute. You have to sorta squeeze the milk onto their tongue with a bottle or a syringe. They swallow but do not suck. Don't squeeze formula down their throat, just lay the formula on their tongue. You also have to use a wet/warm cotton ball and wipe against their genital area for them to go to the bathroom for the first few days.
Coral Mcadam - 2011-02-26
After hearing a lot of smashing noise, Went out into our outside bar to discover a ring tail possum perched on the glass shelf,after leaving it for some time thinking he would make his own way out. We realized he wasn't going anywhere. He has now made a home in the roof of the bar where he sleeps all day and leaves at night. Funny reminds me of my teenagers. Come home to sleep and eat after partying all night. We feed it fruit but need to know what else to feed it?

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  • Editor's Note - 2011-02-27
    As mentioned on the page, you can feed them greens, fruits, nuts, oats, flowers (native), flower petals, and native vegetation. If you choose to give native vegetation, you may want to check and make sure it is not toxic - however, your possum most likely will not eat anything they wouldn't normally eat in the wild.
Graham - 2010-06-03
Hi we have a ringie raised him from a lost youngn after a stormy night we love him I built him a cage 3m longx1.8m wide x2.6m high my wife fed him as a youngn mostly I did sometimes.
Anyway I wound love to know something if any one can help for no reason he has become very aggressive to my wife if my wife puts his food in his cage its, lookout he shoots out of his box and attacks mostly for her hands.
To me he is most loving I can do any thing with him, we can not figure out why he has changed this way (he being named Flick he flick's all around his cage at night).
Everyone have any veterinary experience say have him de sexed but I don't want to.
If need be I will look after him but I would love it if he would be nice again to my wife.

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  • lorraine - 2011-02-06
    A few replies to some of the above comments. Do not give possoms cows milk or goat milk. They need proper possom milk called woombaroo, This is specifically for them. Ring tails bond with only one person. Also if you have raised one you can not return it to the wild as you are the one who has supplied their food all this time. Possoms can be desexed it's just a matter of finding a vet who will do it.
AJ - 2009-10-13
Hi, I'm in NZ and have a small possum. (my kids found it and are attached... we are going through the permit process at the moment). I think it is a brushtail. Over here, we have a problem with TB in possums. My lil guy has recently lost a bit of fur where he can scratch and also has a very small dark patch on the top of his head where it appears through scratching he has now caused an irritation and has a small dotty red ring around the spot. I am concerned that this may be the first warning signs of TB. However, we also have been giving him milk and now I read that is a bad idea... so it could be that too. I don't want to be endangering my family with having a sick possum and not know it! Any suggestions... (p.s. the vets here will not treat them as they are pests).

jessica - 2006-04-10
Hey Guys, Im jess and im in year 6. i had to do a recount on a ringtail possum. No questions asked .. BEST WEBSITE EVER, hehe. THANX GUYS. GREAT INfo

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  • tracey - 2010-12-25
    Hi, I have possums that live in the trees. They're active during the day at the moment. Should I be concerned over this? Is there anything I can do for them?
Monique - 2007-03-24
Being a wildlife carer for years I have found that baby possums do much better when raised with either one other or several others as they are a social critter.

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  • Penny Kennedy - 2010-06-11
    i saw that your a wildlife carer, and earlier this week, we had a young possum in my 9yr olds vent, tryin 2 make it's way in the house. i for one am not big on them in my house. now that was bout 1:30 in the afternoon, and at about 3 in the morning, it was in my house but I dont know for sure how it got in. talking about freakin out that was me. anyway, my question is how do i get rid of them?! i do hav a empty city lot beside me, and no one will take care of it, and its not my place anyway. last year i did, should i tend to it, so i can keep them out of my house?
    some people think they are cute, but now my daughter is freaked out and will not sleep in her room, and i dont blame her, i dont like going to bed knowing another can get in. if you have any ideas please let me know. we live in a 1 story house with a crawl space, and i do know i gotta get someone under there to fix the heat duct, but once i seal up the crawl space, could there still be some in the walls, and floor joices? thanks for your help, hope to hear from you soon.
Jacqui - 2009-01-23
As an Australian native animal carer, here are some corrections. Ringtails should ONLY BE kept in family groups or pairs as they are extremely social. They like more than one nest for the family and the male will sometimes sleep separately but he lives with the group still.
They require protein and love insects in the form of small moths and green grasshoppers being their favorites. They only eat the first run of fecal pellets which they pass in their nest usually during the day and eat again straight away. The fecal pellets passed the second time on the ground ARE WASTE. Do not feed them ANYTHING other than native vegetation, leaf tips from some introduced plants and native flowers and some introduced flowers, e.g. plumbago, crepe myrtle and roses are OK. They cannot tolerate lactose, nuts or most fruit for long. An occasional grape or piece of apple or carrot is OK as a treat only but they should't have much of this at all. YOGHURT IS A BIG NO NO - they are lactose intolerant. The diet described on this page is suitable for brushtail possums and some gliders rather than Ringtail Possums, their stomachs are completely different and they require different care. You must forage daily for leaves, flowers and native fruit. Also, in Australia it is illegal to keep these animals without a rehabilitation permit and even then, you can only raise orphans or rehabilitate injured possums and then they must be released back to the wild.

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  • graham - 2010-06-03
    Hi I have been told you can not release a ringie back into the wild if it has been hand reared from young they will die.