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   These intriguing little squirrels have a large fold of furred skin stretching from their forefeet to their hind feet which they spread out like a parachute and glide from tree branch to tree branch, thus their name "flying squirrel"!
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Jake - 2007-01-02
I just got a flying squirrel today and it is very very cute, although it is shy at first it should soon be a close and good pet. They are very sociable animals and very good pets. i love it, and it is very shy though

Will - 2006-12-13
I have one that I have saved from a tree fall, his name is Flip and I love him . He gets up about 1100rpms and will not take a breather till around morning. I feed him yogart covered raisons. corn, almonds(his favorite) and mixed nuts. sometimes veggies. Wil

Peter - 2006-11-26
I belive I saw one on the Boston Common this evening. Quite a sight, this little white critter flying tree to tree in the ambient street lights. Never thought I would see one in Boston Common, of all places.

jess - 2006-11-20
Flying squirrels are adorable! I never knew they existed until one friend told me to learn about them in a science lesson lol.

mark - 2006-11-17
flying squirrels are so friendly and cuddly. they are so fun to have and they are playful. mine always hides in the hamper or in my closet. he is so cute, i would NEVER sell him for a life time.

Jeanne Parker - 2006-10-15

Late one night as I lay sleeping, I felt something near my head. At first, I though it was our cat, who when he can get into my room, will rub his head next to mine. But, all of a sudden, it jumped over my head and sat on the pillow next to me. From the soft light of the clock radio, I could see the faint outline of a small creature and not knowing what it was, I screamed!
Whatever it was jumped off the bed. It got up and turned on the light to find this small rodent running around the room. It did look like a squirrel but was the size of a chipmunk. It ran up the curtains and down, then up the small tree in the corner of the room, then it came to rest on a basket near my CD player which was playing nature sounds...babbling brook, etc. It sat there and looked as if it wanted to sleep...and was all tired out.
I was baffled. I didn't want it to slip under the door. At first, I put socks on my hands thinking I might grab it, but then thought it could still bite through the cloth. It then moved to my desk and ran up it and sat there. I moved over to the window, opened it, took off the screen and then moved a small chair up to where it was sitting. It got onto the chair and I put the chair up to the open window. It looked out into the dark night as if to adjust it's eyesight, then slowly departed.
This sweet creature that had come down the chimney, touched my heart. I was sad to see him or her go.

michelle - 2006-09-08
We found a flying squirrel in a fallen tree. We didn't even know what it was until we went on the internet and looked it up. I was surprised to know they existed. I never seen one until now. It is sooooooooo cute and loves attention. We all love the little guy already. It has only been in our home since last weekend and already spoiled rotten.

Niki - 2006-08-29
i have a flying squirrel named snuggles because he stays in my clothes and snuggles. his favorite thing to do is eat pecans and sleep. i love him so much. they are the best pets you can have. i rescued mine from he wild when he was just about 4 weeks old. he is so cute!

chris - 2006-06-14
Flying squirrels are amazing pets! I have only had mine about a month now and I am so blessed to have him. With all exotics, however, they do require more work than a cat or dog so be sure that you are ready to commit before you get one. Make sure also that you have spent many hours researching the care of the pet and are as knowledgeable as possible before acquiring one. The best resouce of the internet regarding flying squirrels is That is the National Flying Squirrel Association. It is intended for current or potential pet owners to learn about and share experiences regarding pet flying squirrels. There is a ton of information on the messageboard and you can post any questions that you have for speedy responses. I would reccomend to anyone planning on getting a flying squirrel, anyone just interested in learning about them, or anyone who already has one to join the messageboards.

Crissy tuttle - 2006-05-29
They are horrible when you want them they gliding around.