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   These intriguing little squirrels have a large fold of furred skin stretching from their forefeet to their hind feet which they spread out like a parachute and glide from tree branch to tree branch, thus their name "flying squirrel"!
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cara - 2008-05-12
Me and my husband found and raise a southern flying squirrel. We been taking care of this amazing creature for 5 months now. We grown very found and are now thinking of breeding and raise more.

gwen mason - 2008-02-14
I got my flying squirrels from a job my husband did on a roof. The mother went of and left them so he brought them home. I didn't know what I was going to do. But now I would not take anything for them, they are my babies (lol). My 9 year old gets jealouse of them (lol). They want to be on me all the time. I had a cut from the dog and the squirels licked it like you see dogs do. They checked on it every day (I quess they call it grooming me, from my hands and to my arms. Now it has healed and never made a scab or left a mark. I was really surprised by that. I would recommend the Flying Squirrels to any one that is home a lot. When you are having a bad day they will make it bettter. I was going through depression, they helped my out without any meds.

jessica - 2008-01-08
Today I found some very tiny flying squirrels outside. Their mommy got crushed on the road so I brought them home. I fed them cat replacement milk and they are doing fine=). I think one is a boy and the other is a girl.

mary jane - 2007-12-25

Our cats brought our little baby boy squirrels to us in Sept when they were pink and tiny. I fed them the recommended formula and now they are cute and tame, flying from one of us to the other off a cleaned branch in the living room, occasionally stopping to drink some coffee and eat a cookie. We put little doll santa hats on them and took a picture for the Christmas card this year! They are called Alpha and Omega and we hope to have them forever. I would love to have a female, but have never seen them in the wilds around here.

Stacy - 2007-11-03
I am very close to Orlando and was gone this past week. When I got home last night my husband showed me what he found walking around in my sewing room--a baby flying squirrel. He is soooo cute! We think he came in the house the other night when my husband opened to back door to let the dog out (about 11pm) I have never seen them in the wild! I am giving him the formula that I used on other orphaned squirrels and have had success with. (The recipe came from a vet). I have been researching them online for about 3 hours and have read so many positive things about them. I am going to keep him as a pet! I cant find a nest in the trees, so I dont know how far from home he is. I love him already! Better go, its time for his next feeding....

Kati Dunnigan - 2007-10-01
On Thursday September 28,2007 I got a call from my cousin Dillon. He said that his sister Harley(my other cousin) and he had found a baby squirrel on my Nana's front porch. At first they wanted to keep it but they decided that since they didn't have the stuff to take care of it that they would let me have it. So my mom went and picked it up. Since it was late the feed store was closed, so she picked up some evaporated milk just for the night. That night I went online and found out that it was a Southern Flying Squirrel. The next day we got up and went to the feed store to buy a syringe and some Esbilac milk replacer. That night she opened her eyes, so I went online and tried to find out how old she is, it turned out that she is four weeks old. I have had her for four days now and she eats like a pig and she can now run around on the floor and climb around on my hands and arms. She is the sweetest thing, but mom and dad tell me and my sister Hanah not to get attached to it just in case something happens to it, so we haven't named her yet.

jen - 2007-09-18
My friend is very close to her flying squirrel, as well as a certain owl :)

Annie - 2007-05-30
Hi Im Annie and i have 1 of these cute critters! His name is Twiggy and i jut love him to pieces. i take him out every night and let him run around my room (make sure when you go to let them run around that you cover all the holes!). they are very fun to keep, everyone should have one! He even hugs my finger!

JC - 2007-05-02
I just moved into this house in Owensboro, KY (in the city) this year and there was a bird house on a tree out front. I was walking my dogs one night and saw a little pair of eyes and whiskers sticking its head out of the hole. I thought....well crap, I have a mouse in my bird house. I tapped on the box and this little flying squirrel came out and clung onto the side of the tree. I was amazed! I had never seen one in the "wild". Then another little head popped out and then I realized that I had a pair of flying squirrels taking up harbor in my bird house. I am hoping to have a nest full of little baby flying squirrels sometime soon! These creatures are cool!

squirrelsplice - 2007-02-02
I am a Verizon (formerly Bell Telephone) cable splicing technician. Flying squirrels are keeping me in business. They absolutely love the splice closures on our main telephone lines. They chew holes in them and then move in, and while there they chew the small wires inside, which puts people out of phone service, which brings me to them when I troubleshoot. We now have 2 of them (sisters) as pets, which I plucked from a splice when they were just pinkies. Their mom was not happy and kept coming at me. She would climb high in neighboring trees and soar down and THWACK onto the utility pole right next to me. It's very cool to watch. I have disturbed many of them, and some are so used to seeing my fellow splicers and myself in their nests that they just stay in there and look at you while you piece-out the wires. Our pets are in a large bird cage, and we let them out to "fly" around the living room sometimes. My wife dropper-fed them for weeks when we first brought them home, which was alot of work, around the clock, but worth it in the end. We are in the suburbs of Philadelphia.