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   These intriguing little squirrels have a large fold of furred skin stretching from their forefeet to their hind feet which they spread out like a parachute and glide from tree branch to tree branch, thus their name "flying squirrel"!
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Dixie - 2009-12-03
I live in West Volusia County, Florida and recently acquired 5 baby flying squirrels. Their mother had been electrocuted and I am hand raising them. They appear to be around 4 weeks old. Their eyes are open and they are crawling around. I hope to be able to release them back into the wild when they are ready. I did not realize that they make great pets. If anyone is in my area and would like to have one of these little guys. Contact me via this site. I have called a wildlife rehabber but they have not returned my calls yet. They are still bottle feeding but I am going to start offering them nuts. They are living in a cat carrier in my bathroom shower because I have a cat that was here first!

Don Raptor - 2009-09-25
I see Annonymous has Climbed up on a soap box about Flying Squirrels not to be kept as pets, that they belong in the wild. Well my most intelligent friend so should be cats, dogs, horses... Have u ever heard of DOMESTICATED? Do u have any idea the average lifespan of a flying Squirrel in the wild? They are eaten like Popcorn out of my oak grove by the hawks and bats! I have a male that I took from a bird that had nearly killed him. I have had him for 3 years and we tolerate each other quite well. He certainly eats better than in the wild. He is never hungry, cold, or lacks companionship. Without intervention he would be dead long ago. So I ask what is the harm of prolonging the life of the little rodent? Every day I go down to the oak grove and see tons of dead flying squirrels. I guess I am being EVIL for caring for this one and not feeding him to the Hawks!! Gee Get a life and worry about something real...

victoria - 2009-08-20

Kyra Boggles - 2009-02-02
I have a pet Southern Flying Squirrel,his name is Rocky. I found him after a bad storm. His eyes still closed, I fed him via syringe with Kitten Milk Formula until his teeth came in. He is now almost a year old.
In his large, tall cage, is a Calcium Salt Lick, but I add Repti Cal to his meals every night. He gets a variety of things to eat... cooked ground chicken/turkey, Mealworms, and raw Veggies/Fruits like: Carrots, Sweet Potatoes, Kale, Green Beans, Apples, Grapes, Blueberries, Strawberries, and Blackberries. Nuts with shell on for his teeth: Peanuts, Pecans, Walnut, Pistachios, and lots of acorns off the trees found where I found him.
He is my buddy and hangs out with me most of the day and evenings. At night he goes wild! I got him a Rodent Wheel from Sun Coast Sugargliders with the sand paper in it to keep his nails trimmed.
Recently he has started to bite! I think it is because it is the beginning of mating season and he is frustated. :o(

ROCKY - 2008-12-01
I am desperately looking for a good cage to house my flying squirrel that will give him a lot of room to play. I am also trying to find a real good source of food and information, can anyone help me out. I have named my squirrel Airistotle and right now he is getting acclimated. We have two dogs and two cats, so I need to keep him safe.

ROCKY - 2008-11-26
I just acquired a flying squirrel, which is not native to my state. It is definitely an adult, if I am to go by the size and description. Does anyone have any good advice re: raising them or what the best food/books would be for information?

Gail Dolly - 2008-10-25
I got my squirrels about a month ago. A man who had gotten them when their nest was blown out of a tree had raised them. He had gotten into trouble and had gone to jail. I was going up and feeding them every other day (round trip of 30 miles) and then found out he was going to be gone for a year and a day. Also, he was keeping them in a curio cabinet. Well, we built a nice big cage and brought them home. We feed them well and they seem to be doing very well. They are very sweet but we don't try to handle them, I'm not sure that they are hand-tame or not. However, I have raised three gray squirrels and released them to the wild, but these two were too habituated to the house and wouldn't last a day outside. Squirrels, as a rule, aren't very good pets because they simply aren't adapted for life inside a house. However, these wouldn't be safe outside, so I think it's best that they live indoors.

steve - 2008-10-25
On Southern Flying Squirrels, no, I don't really care that some government hack feels that I need a permit to save a blinded animal from a house cat. As for those of you that feel that I should care, please note that I regularly shoot deer and grey squirrels with a crossbow.
If I want to save a tiny little critter from a cat, then I will. If I'm paid to shoot a bigger critter to keep it from eating fascia, I'll do that too. If you have a problem with that, apply for the position of God - since she's dead, I'm sure you'll get right in. When you get that spot, I'll be happy to listen to you. Until then...

Anonymous - 2008-10-09
Anybody care that it is ILLEGAL to possess or care for a S. Flying Squirrel without a state issued permit from a game warden? I don't see any of anyone having a permit from any of the entries. S. Flying Squirrels are wild animals and belong in the wild, not kept as pets.
Editor's Note: Like many of the exotic animals, in some states they are legal and in others they are not. Some states and/or communities may require permits or licensing to own a Southern Flying Squirrel. Be sure to check with the authorities for your city, county, and state. Checking with your city hall, town or county office, and the US Department of Agriculture and other government offices, such as the Fish and Game Department, can lead you in the right direction. Also check with the health department for any regulations they may have.

destiny - 2008-10-09
My cat Uno was chasing a 5 week old baby flying squirrel. I was mad at him and saved the squirrel. It's a boy, and his name is Alvin. He is so cute, I've only had him for a few days but my mom and I are taking good care of him. I'm hoping to save more.