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   The Gray Squirrel is perhaps the most familiar of all squirrels!
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jeannie - 2008-08-23
8 months ago we found the sweetest pet ever! Yes, his name is Rocky. He is the most lovable, and smartest pet we have ever known. Yes, comes when we call him, and knows the word, "no" and gets mad, just as a child when he can't eat want he wants. He loves chocolate and prescription medicine! Our dogs, ferrets and cat had to get use to a new family member who gets his own way, and eats and sleeps when he wants.. He is only caged at night. He did get loose and go outside, but we got him back just fine. We have a rope hanging in our livingroom draped across the ceiling for our baby to run on. He plays, gets a bath, and sleeps in your hand. He just wants to be loved at all times, and we love him! I have pictures if you would like to see them.

japan - 2008-08-14
Help for your squirrels,
never feed a cold squirrel it will kill it.

chrissy - 2008-08-10
Today my friend Hannah and I were leaving my grandmas house and I saw some little animals along side the road. I thought they were rats but my friend said no they looked like baby squirrels. We stopped and looked and sure enough they were. Well we picked them up and the young man that was at the house there said a crow had nocked the nest out of the tree and the mother never came for them. There were 4 but a crow had carried off one that had died instantly. So we took the three that remained home with me. We are now feeding them goats milk. We've had them for about 8 hours now, and I hope they live a long happy life.

Anonymous - 2008-08-10
Can anyone give me direction as to where to find the laws pertaining to wildlife in Western Washington? Looking for specific RCW or Federal codes that name the animals and penalties. Some people tell me it's illegal to keep an injured crow too injured to release, some say it's legal. Same with squirrels. What about an Eastern Gray squirrel in the Pacific Northwest. If someone rehabs it can it be released even though it's considered non native to this area? And if it's taken to a wildlife center would it be fed to the raptors as a recently turned in injured rock pigeon was? Thanks.

squirrely nina - 2008-05-28
My friends found a squirrel when their tree got cut down so they desided to foster her. They named her Peachery. She is so cute she will just climb up your leg and jump from person to person, she will lick you to death. They let her go and she wouldn't leave so now she has a part-time home in their bathroom and a part-time home in the tree in their backyard. She is so cute.

Patricia Diane Nixon - 2008-05-01
My boyfriend and I found a baby squirrel last September in our back yard. It was so scared and tiny, my heart went out to the poor thing, and to tell you the truth he still has it! I bottle fed him and raised him to about 15 months old. He lived in the house with us, he was messy and very curious. He never bit me and I held him everyday. I was supprised to see how smart he was, he looked out the window a lot because he wanted to go outside. I was scared he would freeze to death so I tried to keep him inside, but one day I got up late and he was no where to be found, he had gotten out! I cried my eyes out. I called my boyfriend at work and he tried to reassure me that he would come back, and for me to go outside and call him, but Sweet Weet was nowhere. That was the saddest day I can ever remember having. Tony, my boyfriend, said when I called him to tell him that our baby was gone I sounded more pitifull than any thing he ever heard. That night it was about 21 degrees outside, but I sat awake with all three doors to the house open in case he got too cold maybe he would come in. It started to rain I went outside in the rain, freezing, with a flashlight looking for my baby... i have tears in my eyes now just thinking about that precious little baby. A few days go by and I couldnt deal with it anymore. I called my daughter that lives about 46 miles from me, she had a friend that had also found a baby squirrel, I ask her to see if I could buy the little girl. For fifty dollars I was MOMMY again. I went to pick her up, it's crazy, but I was so excited when I got home. Tony was at the front door smiling, waiting to see her. She was about 11 weeks old and so tiny. Well one morning about 3 months later I woke up and she was gone, someone left the door open and she got out. I cried again, so so sad. I went outside everyday hoping to see her. We live on a dirt road in the country so to speak. I cant see my neighbors and there is mostly wooded areas around our home. After about 3 weeks of no sign of a squirrel I said a prayer. Well that evening I walked out behind the house and there were 4 squirrels, 2 of them ran, but 2 stayed. One was Sweet Weet, I could tell by a distinct marking on his fur, and my little girl Sweetie Pie. She tried to climb over a metal pole to get to me but couldn't. Finally she went around it and she hopped to me like a bunny rabbit. I didn't reach out to touch her because I was worried I would frighten her away. She went to a tree and climed up it about 2 feet and let me talk to her a little while, then she went back to the woods. Its been 2 or 3 weeks and I havent seen them again. I want a squirrel so bad I can hardly stand it. I LOVE THEM LITTLE BABIES

Susan E. - 2008-04-29
In Sept. 2007 I was having quiet time on the porch when I heard a plop and a screech. My cat investigated and was as bewildered as I was over the screeching naked "thing" that dropped out of a tree. The night before I told my girlfriend that there is nothing so satisfying as connecting with nature. I was thinking of a baby fawn. After my husband identified this naked "thing" as a squirrel, I rushed to the drug store and purchased an eye-dropper and fed the baby soy milk mixed with rice crispies. After six weeks, we left the cage open by the tree it fell out of and it returned to it's home nest. Husband said it was male. I disagreed but didn't argue. Every morning and around dusk he comes to the porch for his nuts or popcorn. We keep a water bottle secured to his oak tree. Since we live in a very rural area, we hope to have him around for a good while. Today, to my husband's embarrassment, he discovered our "Rocky-boy" is Mrs. Rockette and is feeding her young. We are hoping she will introduce us to her babies soon.

This has been so much fun having Rockette come when we call, scampering up and down our trouser legs to perch on our shoulders. The cat knows she is part of the family and we don't have too many confrontations. Our visitors and grandchildren just love to brag about this crazy old couple that can call the squirrels down from the tree!

Susan and David
Greensboro, Georgia

The Zoo Family - 2008-04-17
I came home one afternoon and my husband said when I walked through the door, "Honey, we have a problem!" I was thinking oh great, what is it now? I was 5 months pregnant, have a 14 year old dog and 2 cats what was this problem? I walked to the bathroom and inside a cardboard box was a baby squirrel. I asked how this happened he said that the crying that we had been hearing for 3-4 days was the baby. The neighbors cat had been trying to get at something and he noticed it was a baby squirrel. The poor thing had been starving and thirsty for love and warmth. We named her peanut and let me tell you she loves oranges and lifts her arm for tummy rubs. I feel as though I now live in a zoo! Men always bring home animals don't they!

Vicki - 2007-10-03
Our baby squirrel died having seizures last nite. He was much loved and such a good boy. We know we gave him more time than he would have had to live, but that time was so precious. i'm so grateful that my sons have such gifts with animals in need. Chippy will be much missed but we are better for having loved him during this short time.


cara - 2007-09-14
We found Samantha and her sister and brother in a fallen tree at about 3 weeks old. No mother in sight. They were squacking and calling for her. Their eyes weren't open yet so we rescued them. My husband and I had to drive an hour away to Walmart for formula (puppy formula according to sources on the internet) and Pedialyte to rehydrate them. We kept them warm in a fish tank with a heating pad and fed them with a syringe every 3 hours. The other boy and girl didn't make it but Sammy is now about 7 weeks old and full of mischief. We feed her every 4 hours now and she loves to teethe on brocolli and carrots, cheerios and dog food (again, according to what we found on the internet). Her weight is up to over 5 ounces now from 2 when we found her.
She is so cute! She loves to cuddle and have her tummy rubbed. She also loves to play with her whiffle ball and little chew ball with the bell in it. Our plan is to release her at about 14 weeks. But, part of me doesn't want her to go! No one else either, my girls love her and even grandma is getting attached. I don't think its legal here in Florida. We keep telling everyone we are just rehabbing so no one will turn us in.