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   The Gray Squirrel is perhaps the most familiar of all squirrels!
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Leah - 2009-10-06
I found my squirrel in May. He was in my driveway and couldn't move either hind leg or his tail. He was not a baby, but not full grown either. He was scared and needless to say not very friendly toward people. I caught him and after a month or two he became more and more trusting. He has since regained use of one leg and his tail but still drags one leg around. He runs all over the house while I'm home, watches TV with me, listens to music, and naps with me. He really has become the most awesome companion! He is not particularly friendly to anyone else (though he is not aggressive) but he has become a great pet and friend to me. I can't believe that such an affectionate, intelligent and clean animal has been around all my life and I never took particular notice...never heard of anyone who had a pet squirrel until now. I am always worrying that I am not educated enough about him and his needs so I am always surfing trying to learn more...thanks for your website!

lilshann - 2009-03-22
That page is so great because it has info about what you need to know, like interesting info about squirrels.

Wayne Ford - 2009-03-09
Please be aware that although grey squirrels are quite a common sight to see, and in many cases becomming the perfect family pet there is alot to learn about them, and in many cases we find that what we thought would be easy becomes very difficult and frustrating and can be very costly as once you have your grey squirrel you can not return it to the wild as i found out you can be liable to a

Elsa - 2008-12-14
On March 2008 we found a grey squirrel baby fallen out of a tree nearby. I gave him a mix of ideal milk, water and yellow of an egg. Later she start eating seads, nuts, fruit and vegies. She was like a real pet, playing and running around in the house. After winter about October we decided it's time for her to go home in the wild. We took her to a place with lots of oak trees. Putting her cage in one of the trees and feeding her every second day. She adores all the trees and was very happy. After 2 months she came done from the trees and still plays around with me. Jumping, climbing and curling around me. Also sitting still allowing me to scratched her body.
Now I think she is going to have babies. Can't wait to see them. I am from South Africa.

Anna - 2008-12-13
Hi. I have a pet squirrel and her name is pickles. she is 2 and a half. recently pickles has been scratching her face and acting like it hurts. We looked in her mouth and realized that she has another front tooth growing in!! Has any one with a pet squirrel had this sort of thing happen. If you could please give me some advice on what to do i would greatly appreciate it!!

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  • Jane Hall - 2010-03-19
    Hello Anna, I had two pet squirrels one for 7 years and one for 71/2 years they were my babies. My little boy Stuwart was the best little smart thing, he knew his name, and when I would call him he would come. When I had him out of the cage playing with him, he would go back in his cage to pee on his paper. They loved eating a lot different things, all kinds of nuts, sunflour seeds, watermelon, lettuce, and brown edges of bread. We would pick up chestnuts in the Fall and freeze them for them. The chestnuts would last all winter and Stuwart and Katie really loved them. Now about the teeth, we had to take Stuwart to the Vet. His bottom teeth got too long and he couldn't crack his nuts. The Vet sanded his teeth down. I really do miss my babies so much. If anyone knows of anyone that has a baby squirrel that needs a home please E-Mail at and let me know, I would love to have another one. Or if you just want to talk about your squirrels. Another Squirrel Lover. Jane
lily - 2008-11-21
Hi, I have a pet grey squirrel which is illegal where I live. I will be taking an exam next year to become a rehabber to help out and also to protect my squirrel "ownership" status. I have a huge cage for him and he is indoor/out and very tame. I've looked around to find out if there was another "legal" pet that is compatible with squirrels, but haven't found anything written on the subject. If anyone in this forum has experience and knows, I'd love to hear. Although I spend about an hour a day just playing with him, he is very social and I always think a companion would be more entertaining :)

Jenny - 2008-09-27
We found our baby by accident thinking at first it was a baby rat. Then my grandfather saw what it really was and took it to my mother, who already had the experience of saving a flying squirrel. She used kitten milk. Fuzzy Butt, as we call her, survived and we kept her in our house that is made up of nothing but wood; chairs, cabinets, flooring and even our walls. We learned fast that we couldn't keep her inside so my mother built an outside cage that can fit four people inside. Fuzzy Butt is the highlight of the family's day. Only she has a thing against human males and our female dog that she chases all over our house.

Deena - 2008-09-11
Squirrels are wild creatures, and should not be kept as a pet. If raising an orphaned squirrel, they need to be fed esbilac, (Puppy formula) and not regular milk. They do better raised with other squirrels than being alone. If you find a baby squirrel take it to a rehabiliter, so it can be raised properly and released to be able to live like a real squirrel. In most places it is illegal to have any kind of wildlife unless you are licensed. You may think they are cute, because they are, but its not fair that captive squirrels cannot live the life that they are supposed to, free to be a squirrel.

leighann - 2008-08-24
My name is leighann and I'm 15. About 3 days ago I found 2 baby squirrels. They are both girls, they're less than a week old, and they're so cute. Well, they fell out of my oak trees in my front yard, so I'm stil caring for them and I hope they make it. I'm feeding them whole milk warmed up for about 10 sec. with a syringe. One of them has a big appetite, the other not so much. They're bruised up and cut up badly, but once I saw them, I fell in love with them and I hope they make it.
I named them- Scar-cuz it will have scars from falling on a bed of sticks ;( and Seeker-cuz she's all seeking for stuff.

jeannie - 2008-08-23
8 months ago we found the sweetest pet ever! Yes, his name is Rocky. He is the most lovable, and smartest pet we have ever known. Yes, comes when we call him, and knows the word, "no" and gets mad, just as a child when he can't eat want he wants. He loves chocolate and prescription medicine! Our dogs, ferrets and cat had to get use to a new family member who gets his own way, and eats and sleeps when he wants.. He is only caged at night. He did get loose and go outside, but we got him back just fine. We have a rope hanging in our livingroom draped across the ceiling for our baby to run on. He plays, gets a bath, and sleeps in your hand. He just wants to be loved at all times, and we love him! I have pictures if you would like to see them.