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   The Gray Squirrel is perhaps the most familiar of all squirrels!
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kgirl - 2010-07-05
I have a one year old male squirrel name Hammy. I want to know can I train him on a harness and leash? I read somewhere to get one that is made for a ferret is that true? How do I train him.
I guess I should tell my story of how he became part of our family. He was saved from our cat at 3 weeks old. He is now a year old as of today. My best companion and friend. I never thought I could be in love with a squirrel and I never realized how smart they are. He has a whole room to himself with his own furniture and t.v. He has favorite shows and music that he loves. I can go on and on but I would be here all night. I love reading everybody else's stories and don't feel too bad about keeping him as a pet.

Please help me with the harness and leash. Also those who travel with their squirrel how do you do it. Oh last question how does your squirrel react to other people who aren't in the household?

Meaghan3130 - 2010-06-17
A few days ago I came across a baby squirrel that had fallen out of him nest. No apparent injuries so I left him be in hopes the mother squirrel would come get him. No such luck as an hour after that I came to find neighborhood children trying to poke him with a stick. I immediately took him in, put him in a hamster cage (he is in a large bird cage now), and rushed to petsmart to buy "Esbilac" and pedalyte, etc. After reading I've come to estimate him to be male, and roughly 5-6weeks as his front teeth are just growing in now. We've named him Chestnut and he is amazing. Loves to sit on my head and sleep. Right now I am only allowing myself to handle him until we have fully weaned him and made a decision to keep him as a pet or release him. The area we live in has a high squirrel mortality rate due to the smog, factories, and lakof trees. Anyways, he is eating the supplement like a champ but refuses to even notice the "Kaytee cubes" as food. I'd love to hear some suggestions on weaning baby squirrels. I've pretty much educated myself on every area, including release (if we choose to at the time) but would love some pointers from others who have experienced this amazing situation like me.

JAMIE - 2010-05-24
I have a squirrel do they make good pets?

sandra pineda - 2010-01-11
Whoever it was that said that squirrels don't come out in bad weather needs to come over and meet my squirrels! It doesn't matter if there are 30mph winds, a major snowstorm, or bone-chilling cold, nothing stops the whole gang (there are usually 5 to 6 squirrels in the group) from coming over for their daily treats!

jeannie - 2010-01-10
Hi Amanda, your squirrel should be eating fruits,vegetables and different kinds of nuts. Not too many pecans. Bubbles likes to chew on my fire logs that I bring in the house to burn in the fireplace. I let him chew the bark before I burn it. Also like bread too. When I get up he is loose all day in the house with me to get his exercise. They need plenty climbing and jumping around. So far Bubbles has been real good about not breaking or chewing on furniture. He's got a lot of stuff animals and toys to play with. Good luck!!


jeannie - 2009-12-18
I have a male baby squirrel that was born August 14, 2009. We had a tree cut down and we found the nest with 2 baby's near the nest. The mother was killed. His name is bubbles and he is the best pet that i ever had in the house. No wild smell, and he gets a bath twice a month. Every since i got Bubbles he has slept in bed with me.
When he gets dark he heads to my bed and gets under the covers. Most of the day he is loose in the house with me. Only goes in cage when i leave. He would never make it out in the wild. So he will live inside with me. they are very smart and playful. So who has a baby squirrel, good luck!!

Janet - 2009-12-08
I rescued a four week old baby grey squirrel. I gave this squirrel love and care for 3 months. Sadly, she was in my yard having some play time and ran off. I have not seen her since and I am heartbroken beyond belief. It is December 8 and freezing outside. I've been calling for her in neighborhood and keeping all other squirrels well fed. These little creatures are so much more than I ever thought possible. Loving, sweet, playful, fun and delicate. Please educate yourselves and help those in the outdoors to survive and thrive.

sandra pineda - 2009-12-04
Hi!. I have a squirrel named Rockette. I started feeding her in the spring of this year. I was able to gain her trust & now she sits on my lap or my arm. Her favorite things are pecans, peanuts, & belly rubs! She is always at my door every morning for her daily feedings. And she is so spoiled too! She insists on having two peanuts, & will not leave until she gets them! I really enjoy feeding her & her furry friends. It is a great way to relax, & it takes my mind off of things. Sandra 12/4/2009

Bill McLean - 2009-10-26
I have a pet squirrel named Rocky for 14 months. Rocky was abandoned one day at my Doctor's house. He hopped on my shoe and would not leave. My Dr. told he that Rocky had been there since the day before. He was fully furred and the cutest. That night he almost passed. We fed him Gatorade, bought a cage, heating pad and followed some sound advice. He was too weak to stand by the next day. We fed him a scalded milk formula with an eye dropper and slowly he gained strength. He is now a great friend. He is to friendly to survive outside in the wild. He has no skills to exist. And he would miss me, as I am his best friend. We play for an hour to an hour and a half every night. I have him squirrel-sat by my mother-in-law when I am forced away from him. Rocky plays for about a half hour and the other hour or so we cuddle. My wife joins us during play time now and again. Rocky rests in my hands and I pat him and cuddle him. He loves it. Rocky gets a bath once a week (just warm water). His large pen is cleaned every day. I feed him healthy fruits, a few nuts, and a nut ball every day. I have a small parrot and two dogs that keep him company when I am gone. They inspect his pen to see what all the racket is, often. The chihuahua seams to really get him going. But they do not play together due to his razor sharp nails. WE ALL LOVE ROCKY

Lara - 2009-10-07
I also have a pet Grey Squirrel. I took him away from my cat when he was very little and fed him goat milk and now he's the most spoiled pet I have. He rides almost everywhere with me on my shoulder when I'm at home and loved jumping on my dog and going for a ride when we go on walks. His name is Bitter and he is def. the best indoor pet I've had.