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   The Gray Squirrel is perhaps the most familiar of all squirrels!
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James Peter - 2011-11-29
My squirrel Zosi 'Zosimos for survivor' is my best friend and beloved companion. He was rescued on freezing Octorber night when I heard a presistent crying outside my window. He was no bigger than my thumb with eyes still closed. He couldnt move on his own and was 20 feet from the tree canopy and 2 feet from his mothers remains '1 paw and a tail' It's clear that she had been fleeing with Zosi in her mouth when she was caught. 'I think a red-tailed hawk was responsible' because she fled the tree. Zosi is 3 years old now and our bond is stronger than titanium. He sleeps with me every night and we spend nearly 24/7 together. We go on walks and bike rides 'where he rides on top of my head' already he's warmed the hearts of hundreds of people and children that he meets while were out and about. Even for a raised squirrel, he's unusually affectionate and loyal. I have had dozens of previous squirrel owners that have expressed amazement in Zosi and often ask me what my secret is. 'You'd have to ask Zosi that one.' :) If you want to see Zosi, you can see some videos I posted on youtube 'search Zosi squirrel.' I wanted to share this for any squirrel lovers out there and anyone that has rescued one and is wondering what it's like. I'll be more than happy to answer any questions or give advice on these matters. :)

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  • Charlie Roche - 2011-11-30
    That is awesome. I didn't know they could be that tame. My grandma had one and you could pet and hold it. Hung out in the house and then would go out the window but not ride on my head on a bicycle. Wish I had known. Thank you.
  • sarah - 2011-12-11
    Did Zosi ever play too roughly? My squirrel has my arms all scratched up fromo rough play. He's only four months old. I'm hoping maybe he'll outgrow it? Thank you!
  • James Peter - 2011-12-16
    As for the scratching, you'll probably just have to get used to that one :) if i wear a thin shirt, it hurts like a sob when he climbs up my back and such, don't ever get caught without a shirt on, lol that SUCKS. the scratch marks I get from zosi are always minor and usually on the back of my neck.
  • James Peter - 2011-12-16
    Nope, He plays very energetically but NEVER over does it, he's very conscious about how hard he bites HOWEVER he jumped on my face once while I was laying down watching a movie and scratched my eye and put a long scratch on my forehead because of my reaction. He can annoying though when he wants attention because he'll relentlessly bite and tug gently but it can hurt when he grabs the underside of my forarm or something. He'll also bite at my feet while I'm walking thru the house if he's in a real playful mood, this can be a little annoying too and also makes me a bit worried about stepping on him.

    I've heard of MANY of people with squirrels that had serious problems with aggression toward other people, even others that shared the same household. I've come to believe that this behavior is more common among females, especially when they consider their caretaker to be their nest. One women I met, her squirrel had nested in her cleavage and would attack anyone who got near her.
  • Kathy Lee - 2012-02-22
    Rescued a baby eastern gray squirrel when he was about a month old. Bottle fed him until he could eat on his own. He's about 7 months old and seems very healthy and happy. He is very tame and rides around on our shoulders. Curious about one behavior of his, moving his bed around his cage. He has a HUGE cage and has a bed in his hammock, his house and in each corner. We tore up t-shirts and he moves the strips around to a different location weekly. We have noticed that he stashes his pecans in his beds. Any reason he moves around?
  • Charlie Roche - 2012-03-02
    In the wild, squirrels move around. They move because of weather changes, to keep their young safe, to keep themselves safe. They can change nests quite frequently. I think, even though, your little guy is safe in your home and probably not major storms and rain inside the house, they sense a storm coming or seasons changing. Just their nature to move and remain safe from predators and sheltered. Because they are indoors, some of this innate behavior would go away but not all of it.
  • James Peter - 2012-03-02
    I don't know why he moves around, but I can tell you that my squirrel does the same thing. I've tried to 'designate' his nesting location, but that never worked. He chooses where it will be. So far he's changed nests 3 times averaging every year
  • Nickie - 2012-04-30
    I rescued a gray squirrel, we named her Figit. There is not many people around where I live that know alot about keeping her as a pet. How much exercise does she need a day? She is about 12 weeks old now, we have had her since she was 5 weeks old. She loves to climb me and my husband, but if you don't have long sleeves on it tends to hurt!! She eats apples, lettuce, broccoli,carrots,mice food mix and nuts. I give her branchs to chew on and dirt to play in. I let her out of her cage twice a day for about an hour each time, she has branches to climb on and she loves to look out the windows. Is all this okay?
  • jason - 2012-05-06
    yes are u allowed to keep a squirrel in pa, if so how do I go about it. I DONT WANT TO GET IN TROUBLE OR ANY THING. I was thinking on getting one for a pet if it wasn't to much trouble
  • JENNIFER - 2012-12-06
    I want to say that I love reading all the stories of pets rescued. In august I rescued a little eastern gray Peanut NUTNUT for short haha..... and although I have 2 dogs and a cat this little guy has lightened up my life and letting him go into the wild would be insane considering he has a brother boxer named Whiskey and a a sister named Pixe bluetick/choc lab and a tabby cat named Matilda. He would not manage. I don't think but his diet consist of 4 hickory nuts 2 walnuts and 2 big acorns cracked and ready to eat every morning noon and night.  He also likes mushrooms (alot) and pumpkin seeds alot and not a big fan of cooked meals at all.  I however am just curious about his own personal set of nuts they seemed to have dropped all of the sudden want to make sure nothing is wrong:)
  • Charlie Roche - 2012-12-06
    Yep, it is normal.  He is a boy and his testicles dropped.
  • Diana - 2012-12-10
    My pet grey squirrel is iching himself raw. He has iched himself so bad he makes himself bleed. He's losing hair where he is inching himslf! He's not losing anywight yet. That's a good thing! Please help me find a way to help him!!! I am so worried about him!:(
  • Becky - 2013-04-02
    @James Peter--Zosi sounds Awesome!! That is so neat that y'all have such a good bond! I have a squirrel Rocky (I thought it was a boy but is really a girl, but I still call her Rocky)& I've raised her from a plastic syringe & I'd hold her & she'd snuggle in the crook of my arm. Now I'm weaning her, she loves fruit & our thing is, after she eats, I'll have a hoodie on & I'll put her in my pocket & she'll stay there sleeping for hours! :) I'll even vacuum, walk around, & she's cool. I've thought about going out in public with her in my pocket, but not sure what people would think:/ She likes to climb in my shirt too and I try to discourage that but it's cute too (except for the scratching). Oh, & she'll bite on the tips of my finger a little (I think she thinks I'm the plastic syringe that has the formula) & I'll try to discourage that habit by giving her this fruit/nut flavored stick made for them to chew on. I'm trying to get her litter trained because I read it's possible. I put a small box that jewelry came in in her pen to test out until I get a proper box, & she did poop & pee in it a few times, but also poops in her food bowl after she finishes eating. Poop's tiny so I just clean it up, but want to try to get her trained. I love my Rocky! She has really lit up my world:D
Tracey - 2012-09-04
This is a great website. I have enjoyed reading everyone's comments about their pet squirrel or nursing a baby squirrel to life. We found our squirrel, Lucky, last Thursday. We were in a parking lot and as I was stepping down from the curb I noticed this tiny little guy. It's super hot out and I was surprised he was alive and hadn't been cooked on the asphalt. We waited around for the mother, but she did not come. And I felt too bad leaving him there when someone could run him over or step on him. We have since taken him home and fed him 3.25% milk mixed with water. So far he's going to the bathroom and eating out of the eye dropper. We keep him in a box with pillow cases and toilet paper is bedding. I read that his nails would get stuck in a towel if we used that. He is so young his eyes are shut and there is no fur on him. I estimate he's maybe 10 days. He is getting more active and now hangs on to your finger when you are feeding him. I am glad we found him, or he would be dead, fingers crossed that he makes it.

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  • Charlie Roche - 2012-09-04
    Good for you - enjoy
  • Becky - 2013-04-02
    I just read your post and even though it's been over 7 months ago, I wonder if you still have 'Lucky'? I've been raising a squirrel for the last month and it's been a joy and wondered how it's going:)
Anonymous - 2013-03-26
I have 2 baby grey squirrels 9 weeks old i have had for the past 7 weeks i noticed when their thicker fur started growing in the male 'which is a sloppy eater' had matting under his chin neck and front legs i bathed them it helped at first now the poor guy looks like he has dread locks and is losing patches of fur. Anyone have any suggestions on what to do or if their formula is causing it or if it is mange the female isn't as sloppy but is matting some

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  • danmoore - 2013-03-27
    You need to put him on Fox Valley formula immediately! Please go to, there are many highly experienced rehabbers there who can help you.
curt mahood - 2013-03-26
I have 2 baby grey squirrels 9 weeks old i have had for the past 7 weeks i noticed when their thicker fur started growing in the male 'which is a sloppy eater' had matting under his chin neck and front legs i bathed them it helped at first now the poor guy looks like he has dread locks and is losing patches of fur. Anyone have any suggestions on what to do or if their formula is causing it or if it is mange the female isn't as sloppy but is matting some

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  • Clarice Brough - 2013-03-26
    It could be the 'sloppy' eating which is causing the matting, but yeah, it could also be other things like the environment or the food. You could try visiting the Squirrel Board as it is a good forum where you may be able to help with your specific questions. Good luck!
Kathy Anderson - 2013-01-30
I have a pet squirrelSammy, that I have had since he was 5 weeks old. My cat brought him and laid him down at my husbands feet. His eyes were not open yet and we weren't really sure if he was even a squirrel. But anyway he has been happy and healthy for 9 years now until this morning he woke up acting strange. Not wanting to play or eat. I noticed that he had not peed in his usual pee spot in his cage. As of now he still hasn't peed. So I belive he is stopped up and I don't know what to do for him. Could someone please let me know, I am really worried about my little guy. Thanks

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  • Clarice Brough - 2013-01-31
    So sorry to hear about Sammy. At first I thought, maybe its age, but as they can live over 20 years in captivity, that's not it. You may want to take it to a vet that specializes in rodents. But I also found this site WildAgain Wildlife Rehabilitation, Inc., that has some information about the digestive aspects of  squirrels. They also have several resources and some contact information. Starting there, you may be able to get some good suggestions.
Roxie - 2012-11-04
please say a prayer our 3 month old Roxie that the neighabors pit bull brought to us at 4 weeks old. I took her out side today an she played on the porch then we stepped in the yard. Roxie jumped on the ground then back on me several times. then in a blink of the eye she bolted off of me an ran up a big oak tree an is still up their. please pray she will come down, its going to be 37 tonight an she is not use to being out side in the cold. my heart is broken. pray GOD will protect her an keep her safe till she comes home. thank you al for your prayers for Roxie an us. GOD bless those that serve my LORD. peace/ Sandi/ Roxie

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  • Cheryl - 2012-11-30
    I really hope Roxie came home safe... We've been there;). My husband had to climb the tree and get her at around that age When he was trying to hand her to me  I couldn't help him. I was froze. Fro. Watching the blood run down his face:)... She accidentally scratched him as she jumped onto his shoulder.We recently did a slow release..she was 13 months old...she has built her. Nest across from our fence... She came back and forth for 2 1/2 months now she's out on her own ... We worry everynite.  I feel your pain anyway Hope she's ok:) I pray :)
Anonymous - 2013-01-25
I love squirrels.

Mindy Leane Godwin - 2013-01-06
Hi everyone..I need help trying to figure out what may be ailing my pet squirrel ( squiggles). I will start with a little about his back ground..My husband rescued him from a hawks mouth when he was about 5 days old, the hawk damaged his back right leg so he will not be a candidate for release. When he was around 3 weeks old he got MBS , once we figured out what it was & changed his diet he got better , then started loosing his hair around his backside & had a sore ..we treated him for mange with neem oil which has seemed to cure it. He is now 6 months old & all of a sudden he has started acting strange..He is laying on his babydoll in the bottom of his cage & wont eat. He is drinking excessively but will not eat. Do any of you have any idea what could be causing this? Also he had something that resembled oatmeal on the side of his mouth...Is this vomit? Please help.

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  • Jasmine Brough Hinesley - 2013-01-07
    That doesn't sound too good. My first thought would be to check the area to see if there are any exotic pet or wildlife veterinarians. You could also try and contact a local zoo and see what they recommend.
  • Chris - 2013-01-07
    Mindy hi my name is chris and I hate to hear that your squirrel is sick. I would first treat for worms that could be the problem. I'm just wondering what you are feeding him. One thing you can't give them is the food that you eat. No snap peas. Cauliflower, broccoli, and hazel nuts are good for them and fruit. But if you would ask me I would get him to a vet as soon as possible. So please keep me informed because I love my squirrel sammy he is the best pet I ever had. So good luck. And I hope that this was helpful.
Janine - 2012-11-23
Hi there! I have a pet squirrel named Chewey. I rescued him from the street when he was about 5 weeks old. He is now about three months happy and very active! the problem that I have know is that my daughter noticed he was eating his thumbs... At the beginning I thought it was only the nails but tonight we saw that he was bleding and has no thumbs. Does anyone knows something about this behavior? what could be causing it? please help, I was considering moving his nest to the tree at the back but I'm not so sure now.

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  • Charlie Roche - 2012-11-24
    I would take the little guy to the vet. 
Amanda Howard - 2010-01-09
My boyfriend and I have a pet squirrel named Autumn. She had two brothers, Timber & Twig, who unfortunately did not survive. My dad owns a tree service and found them in a tree he had cut down. I immediately took them in and started to syringe feed them gatorade as they were severely dehydrated. They lived in a large plastic bottomed rabbit cage with their heating pad for the longest time. The two males passed away rather quickly, but Autumn has grown to be a healthy and happy 2 1/2 month old. She's a great pet!! When the trio originally came to our home, I was the one up with them every hour for feedings and I literally became their mother. However, Autumn has decided she likes my boyfriend better than myself. She loves her playtime with him. She loves it best when he feeds her and she LOVES to sit around giving him kisses all day. We haven't yet been brave enough to let Autumn loose in our house, as we are afraid she will run rampid and get too frightened when we try to catch her - possibly hurting herself. I love to hear other stories from people who have pet squirrels, so I was very excited to have come across this page. I would like advice though, on Autumn's diet. Since she came off formula, shes had a diet only of walnuts (her favorite) and pecans. She has a damaged bottom incisor so she is unable to crack nuts herself, we do that for her. I know she should be eating other foods to improve her diet, but am unsure as to what foods are safe for her. Any advice you have would be appreciated!!

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  • Beth McComic - 2010-02-18
    I, too, have a male pet squirrel that a neighborhood cat delivered to me when he was only a week old. Fed him from a pet bottle and medicine dropper using a formula the vet suggested. Used formula until he weaned himself, approximately at 10-12 wks. The mother squirrel usually feds her babies this long. Now my squirrel whose name is ROCKY is four months old. He stays in a cage that is 5 feet x 5 feet and 9 1/2 feet tall in the yard during the daytime but does not like the we bring him inside each night and he sleeps in a large pet carrier. Goes to sleep around 8pm and doesn't wake up until after 8am each morning. Loves to get rubbed and scratched. I do not let him loose in my house but several times he has gotten loose, made a few laps in the house, and comes back to me. He has gotten away from me several times in the yard but would only run to a tree, climb it, back down the tree going to the end of each branch of the tree, and then back to me. Mine also has something wrong with his mouth and is unable to crack bigger acorns and nuts, so I crack them for him. Foods liked are: pecans, walnuts, peanuts, corn nuggets, sweet potatoes, fresh corn on the cob (cut off in slices and then halved again), you can also get a cube, corn nuggets, corn on the cob or loose corn, and a nut/fruit mixture at PetSmart. They need foods that make them gnaw because their teeth grows and they have to do this to keep them from getting too long. This is not on his diet but he loves the crust of biscuits, rolls, and pizza dough. Have tried broccoli which gives him gas, and other vegetables .. loves french fries every now and then as a treat. Just experiment with her and read all you can from web sites. Have a huge dominant male in the area who has attack us while I was carrying him to his cage outside. I was bitten
    several times on the arm and hand by this male and Rocky was bitten on the hind thighs and front legs. Have been told the large male squirrel will kill Rocky so I can't let him go. I've raised two females that live in a tree behind our house and come daily when I call them by tapping on wood or whatever. They come directly to me, take the food from my hand, and sit beside me eating it. One is a mother and is bringing her two babies with her for treats. Have any question, just email...not an expert but have some experience. Good luck...wish you lived close.
  • ashley - 2010-03-12
    hi amanda my boyfriend and i found a squirrel that my dog was tyring to eat but we saved his life about two days ago but im worried because we cant get him to use the bathroom we called the vet they said to take a warm wet cloth and wipe aroud his butt so we did but it isnt working what should we do oh he is about a month and a half old
  • Rebecca Menapace - 2010-03-14
    Hi amanda, I'm Becky and i have a little girl named Ella. She is my second squirrel. My first was a little boy who I found in my yard when he fell from a nest in the gutter on the side of my house. Unfortunatly he only lived about a year. But he was so affectionate and lovable, that I told all my friends that if they ever found another baby in need of saving to let me know. Then about 6 months ago my friend was on her mail delivery route and found atiny baby girl crawling across the road. She called me immediatley. And I've had Ella ever since. She has a tall ferret cage (they like a cage they can climb in). My husband found her a small section of a hollowed out log. She chews on the wood alot. She also has a ferret hammock. For her bed we got her a wicker rat/rabbit bungalow, wich she really seems to like. As far as diet, she eats all kinds of stuff. I give her assorted nuts most days but only 2 or 3 a day. Always a handful of pumpkin seeds (she loves those) A few leaves of sometype of greens(usually romaine or green leaf lettuce). A hunk of peanut butter every other day. And different fruits and veggies. Her favorites are grapes, cherries, apple, pear, carrot, red cabbage, oranges, brussles sprouts and broccili.And I also occationally give her a frosted mini-wheat for a treat. And as far as getting her out for exercise, we got a small rat harness and leash that she wears and she runs all over the place. It took a little time getting her used to it, but she quickly learned that it meant she got to come out to play. You can find one at any pet store. If you have any questions or would like to share anymore info or photos with me, my e-mail is Good luck. Becky
  • morgan - 2010-04-01
    Hey amanda
    my name is morgan I have two pet squirrel's one is 7 years old and the other not even a year they eat pecans, walnuts, non salted peanuts, almonds, carrots, lettuce, any veggie really uncooked and any fruit w/o sugars or syrup.
  • diana - 2010-05-19
    6 years ago my dad and I found a baby squirrel in our backyard we bottle fed him kitten formula eventually he started eating nuts(almonds cashews pecans) arugala carrots apple... we had intended to let him out when he was big enough but when I brought him out he flattened himself like a pancake and wouldn't stop shaking. He is six years old now he lives in a giant ferret cage. We love him so much he is a great pet. We do let him out of the cage to run around but just in the one room. It helps to have a stuffed toy to grab his attention and then gently scoop him up to put him back in his cage. I've read they can live to be 20 like a cat in captivity. In the wild their average life span is one year because of accidents and diseases.
  • diana - 2010-05-19
    I just remembered one more thing you can feed her most anything from the rodent section of any pet store (yogurt chips, trail mix with berries, alfalfa hay, I don't give mine any ferret food because ferrets are carnivorous and squirrels generally are not so the ferret food might not be good. Best of luck!
  • Pat Lowden - 2010-05-31
    I have a black eastern "gray" squirrel named Priscilla. I found her when she was less than 2 weeks old because her eyes were still shut tight. I bottle fed her and weaned her to baby rice cereal mixed with kitten formula from the pet store when she was 6 weeks old. She is now 9 months old and I feed her assorted nuts from the grocery...unsalted and in the shell....I crack them for her, fruit and veggies...raw, clover blossoms, pansy blossoms, oak, maple, and birch twigs, esp. in the spring when they are in bud. Almost anything you would think they would eat in the wild but be sure you know just what the plants are. She has a cage with an old towel in it she has made into a nest. But she has also made a tissue and newspaper nest behind my bookshelf. She loves to be petted and will sit still for hours if I have the patience to sit still that long and do the petting. I am her favorite tree too and look like a pincushion. I don't dare clip her nails. All in all I have had more fun with her than I did with any of the cats I have had over the years. Good luck with Autumn. P
  • RK - 2010-06-03
    Everything! Lots of vegetables, fresh every day. Roses, Avocado, every kind of lettuce you can find. Coconut (not too much), anything that is leafy, give it to her to try. She will let you know what she likes and doesn’t like pretty fast. Corn, again, not too much. Nuts only as a treats. Walnuts are candy to her, so be one a day.
  • Cali Van Dorn - 2010-06-28
    Hi Amanda - Grays like a varied diet. Try baby carrots, cherries, cut up apples,clover, plantain and such greens often found in lawns. (Make sure the lawn hasn't be sprayed with insecticide.

    Some Grays like things like toast, bagels and crackers - just for treats!

    Best of luck Cali

  • Dominick - 2010-07-17
    Watermelon, oranges, tangerines, fresh leaf spinach, yellow squash, broccoli, fresh string beans, apples, pears, peaches, endive, NO LETTUCE OF ANY TYPE they can't digest it very well that can cause problems, no milk products(cow, goat or otherwise)potatoes or sweet potatoes are a treat and extremely fattening but squirrels love um so only as a treat 1 or 2 times a week, keep fresh water always(filtered or bottle)city water has chemicals that can harm them and NO CANDY AT ALL SUGAR WILL HARM THEM. We have 2 eastern greys,Tiffy(is 8) & Savannah(is 7), they fell from a tree and momma never came for them a year apart. They also like Brussels sprouts and cabbage but not everyday, sunflower seeds, peanuts, brazil nuts, walnuts(sorta),and pecans. Hope this helps.
  • Mike - 2010-07-24
    I have had two, the first live almost 8 yrs and the current "Chopper" is now 4. They need a salt wheel in their cage as they require salt periodically just like all other animals.
    In addition to walnuts and pecans, Chopper likes orange peel,wild bird seed mix (for large birds) as it contains almonds, corn, peanuts, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds and other seeds that squirrels like. Feed them apple peel or apple core or a small piece of apple, they love cherries, grapes and an occasional piece of bread crust or oyster cracker, pieces of plums, peach peel and even a little tomato peel now and then. Acorns especially and the seeds of oak trees some really like peanut butter although Chopper doesn't care for it much. They love to chew so put a small piece of hickory, oak walnut etc tree in their cage so they can sharpen their claws and teeth.
    Good luck, they are great pets and enjoy long lives if taken care of.
    A gray squirrel normally only lives 2 or 3 yrs in the wild due to natural predators, disease and territorial disputes, you can almost triple that with a little TLC. Chopper had deformed upper incisors and finally lost them as they snagged and broke on her cage so like you I crack all of her nuts and acorns but I leave the meat connected to the shell and she enjoys scooping it out with her bottom ones...she feels like she's opening them herself.
  • Jody - 2010-08-22
    Hi I also have a baby eastern gray squirrel, his name is 'Baby' and he is only 4 weeks old. A possum ate all his siblings and his mom too... But as much as I have read these little guys after they are weaned like veggies, fruit, pealed grapes, and monkey food nuts should be given only as a treat. they love peanuts, unsalted... best of luck...
    Jody & 'Baby'
  • sally rogers - 2010-08-27
    hi my name is sally and my daughter and i have 2 boy grey squirrels. our boys eat almonds 4 calcium and walnuts and pecans as snacks. in the daytime we give them fresh fruit and veggies. they like broccoli (good calcium)...they need lots of calcium !!!! small amounts of corn on the cob.....cut into small love sweet with everything cut it small and just try it and see if autumn likes it..grapes 2 cut in half and raisins...give plenty of stripped sunflower has oils in them that the squirrels need. we also use a mulit vitamin 4 ferrets since no squirrel vitamins i can find. my boys are william and lee lee and they just turned 2 years old aug. 3..we got them as pinkies...3 days old...they were cut down in a tree 2 by my dad. we love those lil guys 2 death....
  • deb squirrel - 2010-09-03
    My rosco was "put to sleep",in the spring of 08. Dr.Wright said she had a tumor on her sinuse, forgive the spelling. Rosco was a female squirrel. I cared for her for 61/2, years. She at the pecans out of my icecream and the sauce from my pasta dishes. Onions ?, She took that from me too!
  • verna - 2010-09-12
    I was just finished reading that you can purchase nut balls on line and they last 3 months and they are very nutritious for squirrels, I don't have a pet squirrel but I feed a wild squirrel in the woods for the past 2 months, and I love him and he comes to me every time I call him and one can make their own nut balls. Here is a web site that will help you ensure your little squirrels are getting the best nutrition here is the web site Squirrel don't give her any dairy products, only 1 or 2 peanuts a day, you can give her mango, carrot, snow peas, avocado, dates one third of a date, peaches, cantaloupe, mulberries ,blueberries 3 a day, orange, green bell pepper, corn1 inch slice,strawberries about the size of the top of your thumb,Pumpkin seed feed very sparingly, snow peas, snap peas, sweet potato, broccoli, blackberries, nectarines, 1 or 2 raisins per day. Grapes 1 or 2 per day, plum , pineapple, tomato, do not give her green acorns, and to many peanuts will deplete the calcium in their bones so one or 2 is best, walnuts, pecans, hazelnuts, give sunflower seeds very sparingly as they are not good for them, pistachios but only the white ones, brazil nuts and almonds give very sparingly. I got this from a lady who raised a lot of squirrels anyway good luck with your autumn squirrel, as they are beautiful.
  • Michelle - 2010-09-14
    They need a diet of fruit and vegetables and a full 20 min of sun for vitamin d everyday. They cannot live on nuts alone. They need a balance of calcium and phosphorous. There are good websites on what to feed them. You need to check them out.
  • Carolyn Gosling - 2010-10-20
    Your squirrel cannot survive on nuts. They have to have vegetables and fruit. My squirrel would only eat avocados and he became sick. He was not getting enough calcium. He got Metabolic Bone Disease. This will kill the squirrel and it is painful. It can also cause paralysis in back legs. He didn't want to do anything but lay around. He wouldn't climb or want to go outside. After a week of calcium he was getting back to his old self. It has been two weeks now and he is great. I am going to take him to a rehabilitation center to get him ready for release. He is about nine months old and his hormones have kicked in and he is getting mean. Wants to be free. At times he is still loving and will play but still loves to be petted holds his paw up to pet his stomach. I will miss him but he belongs in the wild. I don't know if female squirrels will act like this when they go into puberty or not. You also need rodent blocks for your squirrel. I couldn't find any at a pet food store. You need to go on line and order them. This is suppose to make up most of their diet. Google information on squirrels. I have gotten a lot of information on how to raise them by Google. They are so lovable when they are little but the wild starts taking hold. It makes it easier to let them go. My squirrel knows my voice and he will come to me when he is ready to come inside. I put my hands out and he will walk on them and up my arm. Yesterday when I got home, I didn't recognize him. He sat up screaming at me like he was going to attack me. Just to let you know what it could be like. Maybe females aren't that bad. I have kept mine away from the dogs because I always had intentions of letting him go. Its just hard. Good luck.
  • Dennis - 2010-10-26
    Try acorns, raisins, apple, tomatoes, bananas, sunflower seeds, hazelnuts, corn, and get some calcium tablets. Oh and pears all fresh cut in small pieces.
  • Shel - 2010-11-09
    As well as fruits, give them vegetables and plenty of rodent block.
  • jey - 2010-12-01
    The best formula to use is goats milk. Puppy formula is not recommended as it contains eggs. Also when starting solid food you must provide plenty of fresh fruits and veggies daily. I also use vitamins to ensure they get the calcium that is required. An all nut diet provides no calcium and will lead to seizures/paralysis and eventually death. Not a good idea to let a squirrel loose inside. Just make sure they have a huge cage. Sunlight is also very important for health. Mine stay outside all day (weather permitting) and come in at night. It's a routine and they actually expect it along with their morning broccoli (fav. veggie). I have 3 and everyone gets loving time (cuddles and scratches). They roll over like puppies for a belly scratch the minute I start scratching the neck and the butt scratch near the tail puts em right out. They were all rescues.
  • pam shaw - 2011-01-02
    Your squirrel can eat almonds, hazelnuts, pears, apple, cantaloupe, nectarine, celery, carrots green beans, romaine lettuce, and calcium from pet store.
  • Ryan - 2011-01-27
    Hey Amanda check out it has nutrition, and other information that might prove useful.
  • Chris Woodcock - 2011-01-25
    Hi Amanda, last March my wife and daughter found a squirrel (Cyril!) which had fallen out of its nest, age about 6 weeks. Cyril was very dehydrated so my wife syringe fed him on goats milk. For two days he ate and slept but quickly recovered. We let him have a run of the house - under supervision as he chews anything. I built a purpose made tall indoor cage with a sleeping room and apart from tree branches and platforms he also has a collection of soft toys which he loves. Unfortunately as he grew up he became aggressive to anyone except my wife and attacks anyone who goes near him or my wife. We have released him 7 times but he comes back!. He is not a suitable pet but my wife loves him and vice versa. We feed him nuts of all kinds, he loves chestnuts, pecans, and walnuts, not brazil. He also has apple, coconut, and carrots.
    We are going to try to release him again in spring, I don't know what will happen. Regards Chris Woodcock
  • eric - 2011-01-31
    I've always wanted a pet squirrel they're so cute!
  • kim - 2011-02-08
    Does anyone that has a squirrel live in nj or by the poconos in PA? I need one for a commercial.
  • jean - 2012-06-22
    Hello I found a baby squirrel at work one night that laid in the driveway for 4 hours it was newborn, and it was a little chilly out. I went out and got him finally didn't think the mother was coming back after 4 long hours. I warmed him, and fed him with an eye dropper puppy formula, now he is almost 3 years old, he could never learn to crack open his own food, nuts, we have to do that for him still,so I don't think he would have survived in the wild. We feed him fruit and nut bird food, he just loves fresh baked potatoes, mushrooms, leafy spinach, apples, melons, sweet potatoes, and corn, canned corn or corn on the cob. Occasionly we let him run in the tree out front when he gets tired he comes and sits in my hand when I put it up to the tree, and we have a pherrots leash to walk him with. We no longer let him run in house because he loves to chew up the furniture, and is hard to catch he gets mad, he lives in a big cage in our house, and he loves his padded doggy bed and his covers in it we have a small step stool over it to give him cover, he loves his little house, and he loves to play and swing on his toys we have in their for him..He is amazing..