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   The Gray Squirrel is perhaps the most familiar of all squirrels!
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Maggie - 2005-09-16
I had the great pleasure of having a grey squirrel as a pet and I tell you that I've never loved any animal as much as I did my Buddy Jo. She originally came to us as a baby being chased by a cat and we released her back in to the wild a year later. I tell you doing that broke my heart and I wish I would have kept her. I would love to have another squirrel and will again someday. Squirrels are the most loving pets and mine was with me constantly when I was home. She had free run of the house while we were there but she always made sure she knew where I was. I know people think I'm strange but my heart aches for my Buddy Jo and I will always carry her with me in my memories. I know she loved being back in the wild and we have so many squirrels around us she was not out there alone. I have this empty spot in my heart and always will..... Maggie 9-16-05

Lauren - 2005-09-11
HI, My name is lauren and thanks to your website i can now keep my baby squirrel. I have had my baby for a few weeks now and he had fallen out of a palm tree in my neighbors yard. My friend and I were walking just for no apparent reason. She talks way too much, so when she said she saw something fall out of that tree i told her to just keep walking! She said, "No Lauren, really it looks like a baby raccoon". Little does she know it wasnt a raccoon, it was my baby. I felt that day there was no apparent reason that we walked around, but it was for my baby and me to come together. When we found my baby, whos name ended up being rocky, he didnt have alot of fur on him and was shaking and he didnt have his eyes open! And that joyous day that he opened his eyes he finally stopped walking into stuff! Now everyday when i go to school i dont have to think about my parents bringing him somewhere else. Now i know that when i go home he'll be there waiting for me and i'll be waiting for him! I'm so happy i looked at this website, and i'm so happy you made this website! For me and my baby! Thank You so much! You have made my day! Sincerely, Rocky and Lauren

Courtney - 2005-09-11
I just found a baby gray squirrel in my back yard after katrina. I brought him to my vet because of cut on his foot and to make sure he would be ok. The vet said he would be fine if i take good care of the cut and keep it clean. I've named him squirrely squirrel and love him a lot. he is a member of the family now and has free rome of my home when I am here but when I am not he sleeps in a five floor cage I made. I COULDN'T HAVE A NICER FRIEND!

Ellymay* - 2005-09-03
i have a grey squirrel name JAZZY JENKINS. One of the science teachers at my school found her when she was about 5 weeks old and still had her eyes closed. My chemistry teacher told him about me and all my other animals, so she is now mine. she is only about a month and a half old and is so sweet. she is in a big ferret cage right next to my bed and wakes me up every morning at about 5:30 (even on weekends). she doesnt have the run of the house b/c we have dogs. But when shes not in her cage on her "trees" shes on me, and loves my pajama pockets. she will most likely be released in the spring if she isnt too dependant. she is the love of my life. she has stolen the heart of my whole family, including one of my dogs who has adopted her like a puppy. squirrels are great!

Mal - 2005-08-14
I have A squirrel named Muffin. My Dad found him lying on the ground in the woods behind our house and he was barely alive. Right now i am taking care of him trying to do the best job I can even though I never had a squirrel before. He has to be released, but I don't think it will be too soon because he is not the healthiest he could be. But I will make him the healthiest squirrel alive and he will stay alive!

Tonya - 2005-06-24
I have a squirrel named Secret and he was rescued by a tree service where they cut down the tree and he was the only one left. So I got him on my birthday, and I have wanted a baby squirrel for a year before I got Secret. I love this squirrel so much, he is the best pet that I could ask for. He's still a baby, but he eats all sorts of nuts and leaves his crumbs all over, but I don't mind- I love him! He also eats mushrooms, olives, tomatoes, carrots, grean beans, water chestnuts, cantalope, grapes, sunflower seeds in the shell along with many other things. He is very protective- if he doesn't know you he doesn't want you to touch him. He climbs all over the couch, loves to make jumps onto things, and he makes claw marks all over me and his dad. We keep him in a bird cage when he's not out, which he has already gotten out of and I found him curled up on a fleece blanket on the couch. He sleeps funny, on his back with all fours in the air with his and his mouth open!! He's the Specialist Squirrel Ever!!!!!

Beth - 2005-05-21
I have a wonderful 4 month old female squirrel named Ms. Suzy. She was rescued out of the cold rain in the woods (on the ground). She is my pet now but is soon to be released. They are wonderful animals but I have a feeling they will live happier lives in the wild.

Francisco - 2004-10-13
I think squirrels are very cute. Squirrels are very energetic and are very fun. I dont have a squirrel but l will! Im a real squirrel lover saying, GET A SQUIRREL!