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   The Gray Squirrel is perhaps the most familiar of all squirrels!
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chela - 2006-02-28
My best friend has always had a soft spot for squirrels, so when we found one about 5 weeks old that probally lost his family in a bad storm we decided to keep him and see how it goes in raising him. We named him Nutso. We live in a dorm so he is constantly interacting with other people and receives a ton of attention. He loves to go outside and sit on our shoulders.

Chris & Alice - 2006-01-21
My wife and I have "Rocky" an eastern gray. He is an adult picked up off the road with two broken legs, a fractured skull, fracture over his eye socket, broken incisors and several cuts and contusions. It had to be a miracle he recovered. It took several months of intense therapy to get him healthy. He is not a pet, he is our companion and wonderful friend. Rocky contradicts all the horror stories we have read about squirrels not assimilating to human interaction. That written, one may say it was the result of his injuries. Then we got Jesse when he escaped from the talons of a hawk and dropped in the road in front of my car. He had no significant injuries. We introduced him to Rocky. They are best of friends. They are both mature males. They both assimilate with my wife & I and our German shepherd, Red. Our experience is, they are, gentle, kind, loyal, very intellegent and not a mean bone between them over the last 4 years.

Elaine - 2006-01-18
I found a nest of 3 babies when the limb their nest was in fell, no hair, eyes closed, on 09/09/05. One female died immediately, most likely from internal injuries, but the other female and male I raised successfully, thanks to the internet and directions I received. Since they are supposed to open their eyes at 5 weeks, I estimated their birth date at 08/25/05... making them 4 months old Christmas Day. I have a nice 4 story cage for them, and turned them loose in my house during the day... and dearly loved them. They were soooo funny... and had their affectionate moments... but they are also VERY curious and into things they shouldn't be. I picked up the phone to make a call and it was dead... they chewed through the wire. Later, they chewed through 2 lamp wires, one while it was on. I heard this ominous snap, crackle, pop, ran in there and the lamp wire was a goner, and the squirrel was furiously rubbing its mouth on the carpet. I finally drug the cage outside, and after letting them get used to outdoors, opened the door. The cage is still by the big oak, and I leave snacks for them. They still come to me, and tolerate my petting them... the female more so than the male, she is much more affectionate and sociable. They sleep in the big oak, and one rainy night she returned to the cage and her warm dry nest, but he roughed it in the tree. I cried and cried when I let them go, and I'm usually out there before daylight waiting on the sun to come up so I can greet them... they brought me a LOT of pleasure and joy... and I fear that something will get them... but they seem a lot happier out there. I did bring the female inside to visit one day, and she enjoyed visiting her old haunts, and crawled in my lap and cuddled for a while, but then she would go back and forth to the door, and as time went on she'd get more frantic... so she was very happy to go back out to her tree. For now, I have to be content with them visiting me often and letting me pet them and feed them snacks. I did fall totally in love with them and would love to do it again. And again.

Rocky and the Youngs - 2005-11-26
I just lost my pet squirrel Rocky :( We only had him for a week but his eyes were open and he had all his hair when my friend brought him to me to care for. I along with the kids and my wife fell in love instantly. He was just cutting his top teeth and nursing perfectly, preferred to sleep in my pocket and loved to sleep curled up in a little ball. He was so gentle, loving and left a big hole in our lives when he passed away suddenly just 3 days ago. After all the tears had been shed we held a small private graveside service followed by a song from my daughter. I explained to my kids that it is better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all, at 6 and 8 years old they completely understood! Don't take your pet for granted, and give him a little extra squeeze for the Young family!

Gay - 2005-11-22
My name is Gay & I have a male grey squirrel named 'Rocky'. He's my heart. He is a survivor of Katrina. His family were all killed in the storm, his mother & siblings. He was found in Theodore, Alabama. He was only an inch or 2 long & looked like an embryo. His ears opened about a month later & his eyes the next week. I'm Mommy to him & he's a happy member of the family. He's very lovable but loves his independence. I don't keep him caged up. His cage is merely a place of security for him when there are children around or whatever.
I could go on & on about my friend Rocky. He's wonderful & I'm so glad he's part of my life......

Rob Brown - 2005-11-13
Today I saved a baby gray squirrel from a cat. When I showed him to my kids we decided to keep him as a pet. I wasn't sure until reading all the wonderful things people have said about them on this website. We have named him Mr. Snuggles and look forward to making many fond memeroies with him.

christine - 2005-10-05
I have just gotten my first official squirrel about 3 weeks ago. His name is Dizzy.He fell out of a tree and ever since he kind of lost some of his coordination. I figured it would be safer for him not to be out in the wild on his own, for fear of what could happen to him at great heights. He is the most lovable pet I have ever had. When
I am home I let him roam and when I call for him, he actually comes running to me, like he knows his name! I am purchasing a squirrel to put with him so he's not lonely. He loves to lay on peoples laps and he rolls over for me to scratch his belly like a dog. Every day seems to be better as far as his balance and coordination. Hopefully my next squirrel will be as loving as Dizzy. Thanks for all the info. Christine and Dizzy

stephen - 2005-10-01
I have a grey squirrel named Sonny. He is hands down the coolest and most interesting pet I have ever had. A woman found him when he was about three weeks old and had no clue what to do with him or how to care for him. She brought him to my work because she had heard that I had cared for one before but the little guy was too injured for me or my vet to help. Long story short , this one is alive and well and is about seven months old. He comes to his name and even has a favorite toy he takes everywhere , a beenie baby kitten. Although he is a wonderfull companion , I would not recommend one as a pet for just anyone

Linda - 2005-09-27
Hi I am still in deep chock. I write this so you may learn from my mistake. I had Lucky, a gray squirrel. He fell out of my 100+ foot tree 3 weeks ago. Had fur. My Doberman rescued him from my Golden and guarded him till I got there.
He immediately took to me when I fed him, Tara my Dobie licked him from top to toe, every feeding. He had finally graduated from crawling to jumping happily around.
When I was gone I kept him in my bathroom because of my 3 dogs and electrical wires.There he had his house that my husband built for him.

Today I forgot to CLOSE THE LID to the toilet. I came home and he was drowned. I can't stop crying as I am at fault for this tragedy. He was soo happy and always played around with me and my dogs.
I am so sorry. I truely miss his little face and happy being.

kelsey - 2005-09-24
I love my Mr. Bubbles. One day i found 4 of them all attached by the tails. So i brought them in and cleaned them up. Their fur was covered in blood and that is what made all their tails stick together, and you could see the bugs crawling in their fur. But anyways, i brought them in and took care of them. After a week of care and feeding them with great food, i released them. But one of them would not leave. He came to visit me everyday and soon began to come into the house. So i made a cage for him and kept him. He goes outside once a day for 45 min. I call his name and he comes running back. I love him. Better than any hamster i ever had.