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   The Gray Squirrel is perhaps the most familiar of all squirrels!
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Kmi - 2007-08-19
We rescued a baby squirrel from the cat up the street about 3 months ago. I bottle fed her until she could eat on her own. I have contacted a small mammal rehabilitator about releasing her into the wild. The rehabilitator informed me that if she has been with us for several months then she has conformed to us and not wild life. She also told me that they live in groups and if she has not been raised by other squirrels then she will not properly communicate with them and they will kill her. This was a shock, and I decided to keep her safe in our home. She has become quite a comedian and enjoys everyone. I do feel bad that she can't go out and climb trees but it's better safe inside than dead. We have lined her nest with branches and she loves to climb and chew on them and we put her cage out on the porch on good days. Just a 'for your information' for anyone looking to release a squirrel into the wild, try and find a rehabilitator

wiccanimalover - 2007-07-21
I don't understand Wildlife officers, they will let hunters and people in city neighborhoods kill these squirrels, but to keep one as a pet, safe and loved, is against the law. I follow one law and that is the law of nature. If I see a sick and injured animal I take care of it. If it is injured to the point it can not be released then why kill it instead of offering it a home. I saved three northern flying squirrels and called a well known animal refuge and they refused to take them, they said they did not specialize in them. Excuse me, they have bear, otters, and others but the flying squirrels weren't good enough for them. Wild life rehabers say let them go, to what be a meal to a cat or dog, or better yet starve and freeze because they did not know how to make a shelter or gather food right. I think that If a human is willing to take it in and care for it well and it lives a life longer than 4 years in the wild due to being a meal for a predator or dying of metabolic bone disease because its diet is poor in calcium (very painful slow paralizing death), more power to the human. The creator put humans here to watch over our animal friends and see to it they survive. I see so many deer and elk killed by careless tourists who are too busy looking ga ga at the scenery than watching out for them. I am on the side of the animal 100%. wiccan animal lover.

Lance Eagle - 2007-05-03
A while back my fiance was in the back yard where we share a parking space with a neighbor and noticed the neighbor backing out of the drive, under her car was a small eastern grey approx. 6-8 weeks old. There was no "parent" grey in the area and after the fiance stopped the neighbor the lil thing actually hopped over to him and climbed his leg to his shoulder. He was very thin and "starving" We've had him now for 6 months and named him Patrick since he was probably born around St. Patricks Day. He is very affectionate and loves car rides. He hangs out in my hoodie while I'm running errands, and everyone loves him. He is very curious about everything and likes to test new things with a few nibbles. They can be a real handful at times but if you have a loving heart, time and patience they can be the best little pets IMO. I wouldn't give him up for the world. But if while we're playing outside he wants to run into the forest I would never stop him. We are planning on releasing him once he's older, but a big part of me hopes he'll want to stay with us forever. Time will tell but it will be up to Patrick when the day comes.

Amanda - 2007-04-16
long story short, my mom found 2 baby squirrels, so put them in a box to keep them warm and left it outside so their mom could find them. so anyways here we are, they were both in a box but now one is gone! the mom has takin it!! so we bring the other inside, he looks dead and he isnt moving. we warm him up but he still isn't moving! so we warm him more and we see his paw move a bit. we're freakin out so we put two warm bottles of water near him and so after 5 minutes HES MOVING! HES SQWIRMING AND EVERYTHING! hes chirping for his mom so we put him outside. now at this moment we are waiting for the squirrels to come.

Elizabeth - 2006-12-15
TODAY i awoke as i always have , to "Baby Girl and Bubba" just starting to stir. They get up and start looking for food in my hands or in places that they have hidden stuff in. Baby Girl is an 8 month old grey/black mix and Bubba is a jet black 6 months old. My big cat, "Little bear" sleeps with me and the two girls will sneek around him knowing that he is still asleep. Sometimes Baby, will crawl into my chest area and curl up in my hands after she awakes, and fall back asleep. She is jealous of Bubba and chases her away for my affections. The love i have for each of them is familiar and unique like all the testemonies i have been reading on this site, and was lucky i found it. I rent a room and live in Ontario, Canada and after living here since Aug. (where i found Bubba) of this yr. 2006, the landlord called the wildlife officer a week ago. He showed up pounding on my door, said it was illegal to have squirrels. If i didnt sirrender my 2 (kids) over to him today he would charge me and take me to court. My heart was torn from my chest, and still is.
It was just 2 days ago, that both of them were getting along and i was moving to a farm so i could keep them better. When i had to put them in their cages and take them away from their nap baskets, they reminded me of a story i once watched on TV of the childrens Aid taking, no ripping 2 young kids away and out of their adopted mother's arms because the natural mother wanted them back. My girls were clinging to the bars upside down, and biting the bars and terrified and sticking their little hands out like a coon would to touch you. I know they were crying, when i stuck my finger in to touch her mouth, she put it in her mouth and held it there but never hurt me. I havent even gotten any photos of them! I had little collars on them that they didnt mind. He called the Bowmenville Zoo, near hear, and they said they would take and put them there as an exibit. I packed their night baskets and my things that were familiar to them and kissed them each on their little whiskers, and said good-buy. What else could i do? My xmas is ruined this yr.

michelle and jason - 2006-10-21
About 3 weeks ago my husband was cutting down a tree and out fell four baby eastern gray squirrels. the mother got killed in the tree fall. he brought them home and i took three to the spca and kept a little girl for myself. she is 8 weeks old and loves me and my husband. is very playful. but is NOT a pet. she will be released spring 2007.

Anonymous - 2006-10-20
I believe that squirrels, when cared for correctly, make very sweet, curious pets. I have rehabilitated five orphaned squirrels. My first set was a litter of four babies, only two weeks old. I still have two of them who are tame and friendly. I released the other two because they did not enjoy the my company very much, and seemed to like it better outside. I am glad I did this and think that if an animal wishes to be free, it should be set free. My other two returned to me when they were given the option to leave (even after a dog chased one up a tree!) The two I still have now are the best little guys. They have only bonded with me, since I raised them. They are not very fond of anyone else and do not appreciate being held by other people. Neither of them have bitten me in the three years that I have had them. I have had both males and females and the females are definitely more loving and friendly. I love the little critters to death! I handle mine every night to keep them friendly. They always love a little scratch under the neck and stretch their arm back really far. Its very cute to watch.

Tigersoul - 2006-09-08
Yes, Squirrels CAN be pets. Please note: I would never suggest that a person TAKE one from the wild, but if fate drops one in your path, and you and the squirrel are willing to walk a ways together, then enjoy it. Not everyone who finds a squirrel will be able to locate a wildlife rescue organization before the little critter dies from cold and lack of nutrition.

Peanut is a 7 week old Western Gray that was brought into our home by one of our cats late at night. We can only guess that he was shoved out of the nest by a sibling, found by the cat, brought into the home, found alive by my middle kid, and then nursed back to health by me.

I guess I am lucky to have a degree in Veterninary Assisting, because we were provided with a rather extensive education on emergent situations. I am NOT a vet, and there is only so much I can do. So, I turned to the internet, and found everything I needed to know within a very short time.

He has become quite an affectionate little critter, and is a delight to come home to. We are all very fond of him, and I will be acquiring a license to keep him.

There is a reason that these creatures come to us, and so long as we are dedicated in their care and happiness, then enjoy your little bit of wildlife, and take many pictures ~*~

Anonymous - 2006-08-06
Squirrels are not pets. They are wild animals, and having raised two orphans I can attest to this. Everywhere in the US that I know of, they are illegal to keep and you need a permit from USF&W to get one. Just a note for people who think getting a squirrel would be "cute."

adeline - 2006-05-27
i have a pet baby grey squirrel, he is about 1 month and a half old, i have bottle-fed him since he was a few weeks old, now he follows me everywhwere and comes when i snap my fingers. whenever he sees me, he comes up to the cage door and begs to play and maybe have a treat, as soon as i open the door, he leaps onto my shoulder and makes a purring noise similar to a cat, he is a super friend!!! :)