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stella74 - 2012-06-19
I have raised Rudy for about 4 months now. She has been outside in her cage and squirrel box / nest. For quite a while now. We have been getting very brave & she had her 3 big all day left loose time today. But she didn't return tonight. I sure am hoping she is ok. I hope she figured out how to make a nest somewhere in a tree. I know there is no telling what is going on, without a crystal ball. :( This is always the hardest part of release for me. Maybe she will be back tomorrow. ????

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  • Charlie Roche - 2012-06-20
    Just fine I am sure.  He/she is reaching sexual maturity and found a friend.  I'd keep putting food in the cage (as needed) just in case.  Don't be surprised if they return with babies to meet you.  I think she/he will come back once inawhile to check on you.
  • stella74 - 2012-06-21
    Thank you for the feed back. She still hasn't returned so I'm sure she found friends & exciting squirrel adventures. I guess I just worry too much. I did my job & saved a little life. :)
  • Charlie Roche - 2012-06-21
    My grandma had a pet squirrel she raised and let it go in and outside the kitchen window.  It dissapeared for awhile and then brough her babies back with her and right into the kitchen.  Never know.
  • Anonymous - 2012-07-21
    Hi, my update on my squirrels. Miss Rudy hasn't returned I'm believing she is ok, making babies. I decided to not release Miss Twitch, she seems very content in my home & good and chubby. Many toys & a wide range of food for her menu. She is a grape freek & even frozen grapes when it is 90 + degrees. Love to watch her play! Thanks for all the help.
  • Mandee - 2012-08-08
    I have a female grey squirrel. I have hand raised her from a small baby she didn't even have furr yet and eyes were closed. She lived inside our 2nd bathroom for about 5 months before being placed in a huge 8ft cage in our kitchen. I would let her out everyday to play yet she started chewing on everything and when in her cage she often made a huge mess all over the kitchen floor, so I placed her outside in our wash room. She is so loveable to me yet she will not let anyone else near her. Just about every day I would take her out the cage & bring her in the house where she could only roam in the kitchen & bathroom. One day when I went to get her out the cage I seen she was watching two other squirrel playing on the big oak tree next to my house, so feeling bad for her I wanted to see if she would climb the tree at 1st she wouldn't even jump off me so I placed her on the tree tried walking away but she only jumped back on me. So I placed her back in her cage then the next day done the same thing it took many times before she actually started playing with me while climbing the tree. Many days she would just play where I could see her or she could see me. Yet when it was time to go in she wouldn't mine being placed back into her cage. Well about a month ago I found the cage open & Skip gone. I'm thinking on of the kids in the neighborhood may have been trying to play with her & didn't close the cage. Which they shouldn't have been!! Unsure how long she was out, I started looking every where for her afraid may my cat may have caught her or something. After a few minutes of searching I spotted a squirrel next door in the neighbors pine tree, I walked over there and she ran down to met only to be scared back up the tree by the neighbors dog. She would come down after that and stayed out all night. The next morning she was in the oak tree nexts to my house & gladly ran down to jump on my shoulder. After a few days of being locked up in the cage cause we went on vacation I took her out and she jumped in the oak tree going the highest I had even seen. As night time came she never came down for 5 days she was gone, then one after noon when I was leaving the house about to get in my car, she ran up my pants leg and up upon my shoulder, which scared the mess out of me at was all loveable and wanting attention bad & food. After being gone for 5 days I couldnt being myself to place her back into the cage, cause it just seem mean so I just let her run lose in the wash room with the door open so she could go as she pleased. She stayed in the wash room for about 4 days sleeping on some hangers that was hanging on a pole with a few old clothes. The other morning when I went to wash a load of clothes she jumped on me and wouldnt get off so I walked inside the house doing chores as she just chilled on my shoulder, often jump on top of my head playing with my ponytail. I went outside to switch the clothes over and she still didn't want to get off so she stayed on me chilling for about an hour, I walked out the front door and the neighbor dog stared barking which spooked her, she then ran on the brick of the house and back up the tree. This time she only stayed gone for 2 days, this morning I found her trying to get into the house by the back door. Do ya'll think it's safe to keep letting her go & come as she pleases??? She knows how to crack nuts but is use to eating already cracked nuts, fruit & vegetables!
  • stella74 - 2012-08-16
    Hi, With the squirrels I have released each one has taken different lengths of time to take off on their own. With my latest I set up a cage outside that she stayed in over night . I would slowly leave her loose longer & longer during the day. She would eventuality discover new trees to explore. It is always very nerve racking for me but when they do leave to start their little journey I feel like I have done some good in the world. I with that my 'Twitch' had taken off for her sake, but she seems to enjoy herself in my home. She is very fat & eats better than I do. :) Once that they have left they may still show up from time to time so you can leave food & water out for her just in case. As I release my guys I give them nuts outside as we play & they instinctively figure out to bury them. It is fun to watch them progress. How old is your squirrel by the way? Well I hope this helps, good wishes!
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Kyle - 2012-06-17
We have raised about 4 or 5 infant squirrels with much luck. We have two that decided they wanted to stick around, 1 female now about 2 years old, and 1 male about 1-1/2 years old now. They stay in separate cages, female doesn't appear to want the male too close. Chatters and runs away and hides until I intervene and pick her up. The male is very healthy and active, in and out of cage. He actually likes to go out for a day or two, comes to the front door and jumps up to the window when he wants back in. Unfortunately, the female has become very inactive:( She won't come out of the cage even when male is gone outside. She has lost weight but still eats. Feed her unshelled pecans, apples, shelled sunflower seeds, grapes, etc... Her appearance is good; her coat is soft and silky, she looks up when we approach the cage. Her eyes, mouth and all look good. She won't crawl around much, unless we physically bring her out of the cage. She hops more like a small bunny than moving like a normal squirrel. Doesn't care for the outdoors. We try and get her sunlight but she finds shade instead. I'm worried about her. Any clues to what I can do to get her back to being active again? Thanks in advance.

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  • Charlie Roche - 2012-06-17
    There is a broad range for life expectancy on the red squirrel. Some say 2 - 3 years but they can live as long as 8 years but unusual.  Your little gal might just be older - I'd make sure she is warm enough - you know age and the bones/joints.  Place a heating pad wrapped in a towel oj low under 1/2 her enclosure so she can get warmer as needed.  They get aches and pains too but if eating, appearance good - let's go on - gee just don't want to rock and roll right now.  Maybe later.
Monika - 2006-02-12
You guys are the best! Like you tell me about everything I need to know about having a squirrel. Because I just got one and no other website could tell me what you did I didnt know that squirrels can swim or more interesting...

And you guys tell use about even more then just how to take care of youre pet... you tell us all about them! And not just house animals... 1000 different animals. really you guys are a miracle.

Everybody VISIT THIS WEBSITE. IT IS THE BEST AND IT TELLS YOU EVERY THING YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT ANIMALS! If you dont like animals well then they will show you how to like them. And you will like them... actually you will like them so much you will buy one and guess what, they tell you how to take care of the animal. as I said before... they are a MIRACLE. The best ever!

Thank-you, you were a really great help!

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  • mary - 2010-12-20
    Having a squirrel is sooooooo much fun I wish could have a million more :)!
Valentina - 2009-03-14
Hi, we found a three baby squirrels on the ground, all were dead but one. We took her home and feed it baby milk (dog). She's real small her ears are not even opened yet, but her eyes are. I don't know how to care for her but with all the advice here I'll manage. But she didn't go to the restroom so I took a warm cloth and wiped her so she could pee and poop, but don't know if that's right. I just don't want her to die and I feel sad cuz that happened to her and her brothers so I want her to make it. So if there is any more info please keep me posted. Thanks for what info I read, glad you are here to help me!

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Victoria Webb - 2012-06-09
I have a baby squirrl and for 2 months. he has his special place in a hanging pot on the back porch that is screened in. He is adorable and I take him out side and put him in the grass and he hops back to the porch. I been trying to get him to climb a tree and he keeps crawling to the bottom. I want him to learn to be free. When I first got him he climbed all over the screens, now he just seems afraid. My husband said it may be because he fell 2 times. What can I do to help him?

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  • Charlie Roche - 2012-06-09
    He will learn but right now, he doesn't know.  Let him be in the pot if that is where he chooses to stay.  He might have fallen from the screen and is now afraid.  You can leave the screen door open a few inches (if that is safe) and move the pot to the door.  Eventually your little guy will become curious and venture out on his own.  Then he might go in and out for awhile and then adjust to being outside - especially if he finds himself another squirrell.  You can keep taking him out but put a few sunflower seeds on the ground and let him just sorta sit there for a bit eating the seeds.
Anonymous - 2012-06-07
Is it illegal to own a pet squirrel in Connecticut?

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  • Charlie Roche - 2012-06-07
    It is not legal to have a pet squirrel in Connecticut, howver, I would call Fish and game in Connecticut and find out what it is you have to do to get a license to own a pet squirel.  I am pretty sure they will be able to steer you in the right direction.
yanie - 2012-01-02
my squirrel was ok and now she is dead suddenly what could of happened so suddenly

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  • Charlie Roche - 2012-01-02
    A little squirrel can pass for many of the same reasons a human can at an early age. Could have had a heart defect or a stroke. Could have eaten or gotten into something toxic. Could just be genetic. I am sorry as no matter how, I know it is sad. There is no answer.
  • James Peter - 2012-03-02
    Poisoning is the probably the most common cause, followed by electrocution from chewing hot wires and then disease. If he died suddenly 'seeming perfectly fine then dead over night' I would suspect poison. Maybe you have kids or anyone else living with you for that matter, who might of injured him accidentally but didn't say anything. How old was your squirrel? And are tou positive that his diet was healthy? People often lose their squirrels from malnutrition without ever knowing, malnutrition can very well cause sudden heart failure/death in squirrels 'or any animal for that matter'. For example, potassium deficiency. Did you ever let him go outside or walk him? All it takes is a single rosary pea and your squirrel is doomed. So yeah, I'd focus on these things before ruling out a natural death unless of course you had an old squirrel.

  • Deb - 2012-03-30
    Can someone please help? We have a pet squirrel named Stewart. She is approx 7-8 months old now. She has her own room and has never been caged. She, so far is not nasty to other people, and loves her mommy. If she doesn't like someone she just ignores them. I love our girl with all my heart. Unfortunately we have to move and cannot take her. I must find her a good home. We live in West Virginia and rehab for any kind of animal is very low, much less our Stewart. Can someone please, please help me. Is it too late to let her go outdoors?
    Thank you,
  • Charlie Roche - 2012-03-31
    I would think a re hab facility as they gradually introduce the little fella back to the outdoors but usually will feed it also. So the little guy would be gradully introduced to outside via a window/cage left open with food in the window cage. Best of both worlds. My grandma had one and she would return every day and then she actually brough her babies. Grandma would let her in the kitchen and we could play with her and babies.
  • tori - 2012-05-27
    Hello I'm interested in helping you house your pet squirrel with me here in NY. Please reply if you still need help. Also can you give me advice on where to get one as I want another
Heather Arnold Scott - 2012-05-13
My husband request 2 baby gray squirrels about 2 months ago. Both are healthly & doing GREAT! Today I was getting ready to take them out of their cage & the smallest one started growling and throwing up her two front legs as in she was going to attack me. This is very unusual for either of them. I know they become territorial at one time over there food & so on but now she won't let me hold her. Any ideal as of why? Please get back to me when you can. Thanks

stella74 - 2012-05-10
Hi, Im so glad I found this sight. I rescued my female gray squirrel late last fall, she is about 9 months old now. I have raised several before but this one "Twitch" I'm not sure that I can release her. She was probably only 5-7 days old when she was brought to me. There were 2 but I lost her sister "Flick" at about 2 months old :(.
Twitch is still handlable but very protective of her cage. All in all a very healthy squirrel. A friend made me feel guilty for not releasing her yet, but I live in Wisconsin & it just started to warm up.
I also have a little 2 month old female that fell from her tree a a kind lady brought her to me to raise she is doing well & starting to wean from the formula. She already seems more wild than Twitch. I plan on releasing her later in the summer. Thanks

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  • Charlie Roche - 2012-05-11
    Release her gradually - ie make sure she has food outside. You can taker her outside in her cage and leave the cage on the porch and let her go in and out. Put food in the cage or right in front of it. Make sure she can find food etc on her own and just keep on feeding her. She might one day bring the babies back and introduce you.
phillipa stockwell - 2011-04-22
Hey. I just recently aquired a baby squirrel aged about 5 weeks. One of two found in my street. One of which was taken to an squirrel sanctuary . Very friendly yet a bag of bones. No sign of the mother and I am just wondering if you have any tips that will help me at all? please thanks

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  • Charlie Roche - 2011-04-22
    First basic step is keep it warm. Do not put it on a towel or anything else that can ravel. Use a soft blanket, cloth diapers, flannel etc. Have a soft bottom with the ability for the squirrel to curl up. You can put the squirrel in some sort of a box with the cloth inside and a heating pad under 1/2 the box. That way if the squireel needs more heat he can go toward the heated end. Make sure the squirrel is hydrated before you attempt to feed him You can give him pedialyte (found in grocery stores) heated using a small syringe that can be purchased at a pet store. You do not SQUIRT. You just lay the pedialyte on his tongue and let him drink it. Do not SQIRT. Once that is done and he is hydrated you can mix the pedialyte with Ebsilac (doggy formula) adding a little yogurt. Add the yogurt to avoid diarreah. Again warm the formula and feed using the syringe (usually 6 cc) every 4 - 6 hours. More if he will take it. Do not SQUIRT. Lay the formula on his tongue and let him swallow. Now you can make up some food. Use a baby rice cereal and then you can blend (using a blender) some nuts or baby apple sauce or vegatables which will have the consistency of a yogurt. Put some on your finger and let him lick it off your finger till he gets the idea of eating from a dish. Stop the Ebsilac formula when he doesn't want it and let him eat as much of the blended food mix as he wants. Gradually introduce things like bananas, apples, vegatables etc. Good luck. It is work but it is a nice work.
  • Anonymous - 2012-04-12
    Keep hydrated with pedialite and once that is maintaioned you can start giving it Science Diet dog food!!!!! Very important to not just feed nuts!!! Or pecans, this will cancel out any Calicum taken in and do the baby great harm!!!! Remove all nuts and don't use anything that reads for squirrels that they sell in wal-mart!!! Untill you get the Science Diet, I suggest you remove any nuts from the cage and replace with cut up pieces of fruit!!! A nut diet will cause this baby much pain!!!!

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