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Robin Chenault - 2005-05-01
My mother had a flying squirrel in college. His name was "Modie" because her brother found him in a commode in a bathroom at the lake. She loved him and he was a great little pet. She slept with him (oops) and rolled over on him in the night. In the morning when she went to look for him under the sheets, there he was flat as a pancake. She would talk about this experience with sadness all of my life growing up. Because of her stories about "Modie", I would love to have one for myself.
Hope you enjoyed this story.
Robin Chenault in Virginia

LUIS - 2005-04-29
I have a male and female bought both from a pet store as adults, and they werent tame. After 3 yrs the male is a great little pet and so active at night. They are kept in a large bird cage, a parakeet breeder cage with branches and a parakeet nest. But since we keep them in a small extra room, we let them free at night. They both get run of the room at night. It has non-wood steel shelves and a steel table, a squirrel proof room.
The female is a bit skittish. Comes close but wont jump on me like the male and just relax and explore my pockets.
I imagine captive bred babies must get as tame as a dog. If you have the room for a large cage they are great. A tank is a horrible way to keep them, as some sites say, as they need to climb and both will glide from shelf to shelf.
They are great pets and I think in their case two might be better than one. A M/F get a long great (I have a feeling two of the same sex wouldnt) but mine have never had any young. Perhaps too old when we bought them but great pets.

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Paris M - 2005-04-27
We just got our pet squirrel today. It is an american red baby squirrl. We dont know if it is a boy or a girl so we call it sqeeky. It is so cute when it is asleep. During the day sqeeky is always playful and joyful. I had no idea that squirrels can swim. The little kids and I love to pet sqeeky. Well I have to go, I have to feed sqeeky.

Deana - 2004-12-25
I also released my gray squirrel on my property.
She is now almost 2 years old! Still comes when i call her, and doesnt get too far away. she sees my car pull in the drive and here she comes!! (I just better have a treat for her!)

C. Johnson - 2004-11-21
There are "RED" squirrels in my back yard. Their bellies are red. There are also Grey squirrels in my back yard--their bellies are white!! This is in east central Illinois.

C. Johnson - 2004-11-21
I should have mentioned that I do not feed these squirrels, because there is an Oak tree and a Black Walnut tree that offers plenty for them to eat. Right now I see at least two that are three times the size they were two months ago--probably pregnant.

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Francisco - 2004-10-13
I think squirrels are very cute. Squirrels are very energetic and are very fun. I dont have a squirrel but l will! Im a real squirrel lover saying, GET A SQUIRREL!


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