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Gina - 2010-04-15
I was taking my 10 year old daughter to the bus stop when we happened to see a man walking down the street with a very small squirrel following him. So we got out of the Jeep to check it out. Well this little guy decided to climb part way up my leg. I told my daughter to run to the house to get her dad. As soon as she started moving he followed her. I had to stop her from going into the house because the dog and the cat are in there. So I went and got my husband and the camera. We came out and the squirrel( his name is now peanut) was sitting in the rim of my tire and wouldn't come out. We happened to be eating toast on the run so I had my daughter offer him some crust. Well he took it and jumped into her hands and ate. When he was done he went back in the tire( preventing me from driving off)

More about Peanut. I asked my daughter to walk away from him to see if he followed and sure enough he not only followed, but climbed all over her, in her sweatshirt, in the hood, in the pocket and on her head, in her hair. I don't want to see him hurt so we bought a big bi-level cage and have put him in there. We have only had him since 4/14/10 and we are letting him stay as long as he wants to. We take him out 2 times a day so he can decide when he is ready to leave his new surrogate mommy. So far he follows her and stays with her, he even just walks back into the house on his own. I hope he will remember to come and visit us after he decides to stay outside.

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  • Isaac Clayton - 2010-05-04
    that is a great story! and its quite similar to Ivan's story (Our baby eastern grey) his family has a nest in the ceiling of our basement, and one day he was screaming because he had fallen out of the nest onto the basement floor. He was very small, and was barely walking on wobbly legs. My wife and I think his eyes had just opened about 3-5 days before his fall. Anyway when she heard his cries (which sounds a lot like a bird chirping) she knew what it was from. Having baby squirrels once before, that's the cry for MOMMY! She offered her hand to the baby. Rather then aggressively capturing him, she let him make the choice much like you and your little girl did. And just like peanut, Ivan was more then willing to climb into her sleeve. We found him around 4/7/2010. We started feeding him watered down milk from a syringe and eventually peanut butter from a spoon. Now he eats all kinds of solid foods, he LOVES cereal as a treat, raisin bran is his favorite. We play with him a lot, and we are also giving him the choice to live with us, or go free. Even though he's basically free in our house already, we don't cage him at all, we just built a little box and stuffed a fuzzy blanket inside for him to cuddle up with. If you or anyone else would like to see pictures of my little dude, you can look at my facebook album of him:!/album.php?aid=15671&id=100000239920585
    Good luck with peanut! I think squirrels make great pets as long as you have the time for them, and I'm sure it makes a difference how young they are when you take them into your care. In my opinion it sounds like your peanut was once taken care of by people, maybe found as a baby like my ivan and freed, that would explain his trust for people and why he was following that man. I think once they are cared for as babies by humans, they don't do so well on their own in the wild. But I don't know too much about that. Anyway good luck!
  • alyssa - 2010-05-08
    Hi gina, I was curious as to what you feed peanut? We happen to have just rescued a squirrel just like peanut but he is not eating the seeds we put in with him. His name is squeaky and he never leaves my side when I take him out but ya it's been a day and I'm sure he's hungry. If you could email me at that would be great if you could make the subject squirrel thanks.
  • Jan - 2010-05-28
    Nice perspective; it's obviously having a nice time now, and you are wise to have the plan to let it go to a natural life soon so it can truly acclimate. I love watching them at my condo back porch that has tall trees behind. I actually bought acorns from an online site to feed them as a treat since you don't find them particularly in Palo Alto, CA unless near oak trees. They also like to eat safflower seed that is sold at most pet stores and relatively cheap.
  • Gina - 2010-06-07
    Alyssa,we feed peanut fresh fruit(he loves grapes and blueberries)I got a bag of squirrel feed and dried corn cobs from walmart, also when he's outside he digs up the grass roots, eats ants and loves to chew of rocks(which help him keep his teeth from growing too much.The only thing squirrels shouldn't have is dairy,otherwise they can eat pretty much everything we can. He is very sweet and we love him very much,it will be sad when he leaves.he eats his food on my daughters face,he licks our hands and he thinks we are all his own personal moving trees, lol. He has had free reign of the house and my dog and cat are very good as is he with them, Weird.
  • Dominick - 2010-07-17
    If you are the Gina with the dog and cat beware of the cats saliva should it get into the squirrels blood stream it WILL kill it inside 24 hours unless gotten to a vet cats saliva is a poison to squirrels.
kirsten - 2010-07-16
Hi, I have FOUR baby squirrels. I found them in a tree my brother cut down I've gave them liquids and have formula and warm bed and everything but I really would like to keep them as pets. But I need advice to how to keep them unwild see I have two young children so I can't have mean squirrels. If you know how to tame them please contact me at

Katilyn, age 14 - 2010-03-13
My grandfather was in the tool shed and found a squirrel about a year old. I have many concerns. I'm not exactly sure how to take care of it. So far, it loves almonds, but hasn't gotten anything to drink. I would also like to know how to tell if it is a boy or girl.

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  • Pat Lowden - 2010-05-31
    It will be quite obvious which gender the squirrel is...male rodents have enormous testicles. Leave a water bowl out where the squirrel has easy access to it. Feed an assortment of fruits, nuts (unsalted and in the shell if possible), twigs, select flowers and buds, raw veggies and get a mineral block for small animals at the pet store. Good luck! I love my squirrel. She keeps me entertained for hours. P
  • kgirl - 2010-07-07
    Katilyn if it's a boy even at a very young age it will have the male part one can't miss it.
kgirl - 2010-07-05
I have a one year old male squirrel name Hammy. I want to know can I train him on a harness and leash? I read somewhere to get one that is made for a ferret is that true? How do I train him.
I guess I should tell my story of how he became part of our family. He was saved from our cat at 3 weeks old. He is now a year old as of today. My best companion and friend. I never thought I could be in love with a squirrel and I never realized how smart they are. He has a whole room to himself with his own furniture and t.v. He has favorite shows and music that he loves. I can go on and on but I would be here all night. I love reading everybody else's stories and don't feel too bad about keeping him as a pet.

Please help me with the harness and leash. Also those who travel with their squirrel how do you do it. Oh last question how does your squirrel react to other people who aren't in the household?

Meaghan3130 - 2010-06-17
A few days ago I came across a baby squirrel that had fallen out of him nest. No apparent injuries so I left him be in hopes the mother squirrel would come get him. No such luck as an hour after that I came to find neighborhood children trying to poke him with a stick. I immediately took him in, put him in a hamster cage (he is in a large bird cage now), and rushed to petsmart to buy "Esbilac" and pedalyte, etc. After reading I've come to estimate him to be male, and roughly 5-6weeks as his front teeth are just growing in now. We've named him Chestnut and he is amazing. Loves to sit on my head and sleep. Right now I am only allowing myself to handle him until we have fully weaned him and made a decision to keep him as a pet or release him. The area we live in has a high squirrel mortality rate due to the smog, factories, and lakof trees. Anyways, he is eating the supplement like a champ but refuses to even notice the "Kaytee cubes" as food. I'd love to hear some suggestions on weaning baby squirrels. I've pretty much educated myself on every area, including release (if we choose to at the time) but would love some pointers from others who have experienced this amazing situation like me.

JAMIE - 2010-05-24
I have a squirrel do they make good pets?

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hunter - 2010-05-19
Thanks I used it for school.

Ryan - 2010-04-27
Ok here is a question, if a baby southern flying squirrel got loose in the house, where would it hide? Since he is 'just a baby and all? Can anyone help us find our missing squirrel or say a place where he could hide we checked all the baseboards, under furniture everything if you would know where it could possibly be I would gladly take your advice thank you and have a nice day. :)

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  • Arlen - 2010-05-04
    Ours got loose last Friday, after tearing the house apart, we gave up and went to bed, it was in the bed, UNDER THE COVERS! Maybe he went there as a source of comfort because that is where we hang out with him! Hope you find yours.
Julian - 2010-02-28
I have a group of southern flying squirrels living in my attic. I don't want to harm them, and would love to relocate them. how do I go about capturing them to relocate them? They range from brown to grey, and all have white bellies. I think there is atleast 4 in there now. Any help would be appreciated.

Carolyn - 2010-01-17
I lost my buddy pocket. I need to get another flyer. Please, if you know where I can get a female... thank you


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