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   Active and smart little animals, rats can make great pets especially for children!
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happy - 2008-09-02
I got my first rat about 3 years ago. I had to put her to sleep because she got breast cancer. My other rat seems very sad and lonely now as she is getting older. Rats make amazing pets and I love mine. They are very smart and very sociable. Mine love to run around with both of my doggies.

Theresa Jones - 2008-08-19
I got 2 cute rats for pets and my female is a lover, and I got them from a pet store.
I really haven't messed with the male one yet, not sure about him. Theresa Jones, Eureka Nv

Jenn - 2008-07-24
My boyfriend and I just a few months ago bought two little lady rats from our local pet store. They are hooded rats. Cherry is black and white and Honey is fawn and white. We are thinking of getting another one since our two are so much fun. At first my boyfriend was hesitant on getting them, but they just looked so sweet to me! Their his best companions around the house. They love riding on his shoulders and sleeping on his lap when he's at the computer. Our two cats don't bother them, they know they'd be in big trouble if they hurt our ratties. My family thought I was silly buying rats, but they love them now too, and they watch my girls when we go on trips. My mother puts them in her apron pockets. ^^

cath - 2008-07-22
Hi I have a rat called Ruby who is very old and has a huge tumour, I also had one called Anna who was Ruby's sister but she died :( If you're getting a rat don't choose a fawn hooded one (that's when they have a fawn head and fawn stripe down they're back) because all of mine have died very prematurely and caused a lot of heartbreak. Don't worry if you're rat has a tumour because all mine who've had tumours have lasted a long time, Ruby is 3 years and she should only live 2 years really. Never pick a rat which is smaller than all the others because they don't live long either and that has caused me a lot have heartbreak too, pick one which is of average size to all the ones in a same litter. Hope this helps Cath x P.S I love you Ruby, Anna and my rabbit Bugsie. xxx

mindy - 2008-07-12
I am the proud owner of a male rat who is almost 2 years old. Shooter is the best pet I could have asked for. My son and I adopted him from our local pet shop when he was 3 months old as a Christmas present to ourselves. We only have him because he gets soooo much attention every single day, hours of attention! His cage is in the living room because we spend most of our time there. He is incredible with my 6 year old, my son was 4 when we adopted him. Shooter is so patient with him and has even learned a few tricks from my son's training. I am an experienced rat owner, I had 13 at one time when I was a teenager. I hate when people look at having a rat as "wierd". They are just as smart and loveable as any dog or cat, maybe even more.
I will be a rat owner forever, I cannot get enough of their cuteness! My advice for anybody debating adopting a rat - be prepared to be involved with your rat every single day, keep their cage clean and their food coming, and they will adore you like nobody else!

Stephanie - 2008-06-23
I got a male rat and I wonder how long it will be before it is comfortable with me lifting it. At the minute it's still a little timorous!! Thanks, Steph

Jackie - 2008-06-19
I have 3 pet rats which I rescued from my local rspca branch- I also happen to work there. All 3 were abandoned- Ronaldinio (Ronnie) was actually thrown over a garden wall when his owners moved house. My 2, 5 month old girlies, Honey and Poppy, were also abandoned, in their cage, in they're home when their owners were evicted.
They really are like little dogs! Ronnie loves to have his head scratched and is always bruxting...and boggling. They are very loving and affectionate. I'd recommend ratties to anyone and everyone. I'm totally hooked!

pimp aka jacob - 2008-05-15
rats! They rock. You can teach them, breed them, or even love them. They are clean. They are nice and sociable. I have 12 rats and a room just for them. My cats are scared of them and my dog loves them. peace out.

Anonymous - 2008-05-01
I had two a long time ago, Margereet and White Rose. They are great sweet loveable cuddly pets. If you have them with children (especially younger ones) make sure they are supervised because they can scare the rats and rat bites hurt a LOT. So with a younger child that can be a bit of trouble. But I still recommend them as great pets. Mine were. I had them for 5 years. They died when we kept them at a friends, who rescued cats (no they had NOT been eaten by the cats). We had been moving so she was the only one who would take care of them for a while. They had a long happy life.

Jade Baker-Young - 2008-04-29
Rats are really good pets. I have three. Ringo is a male and two female youngsters called Alex and Daisy, they are twins!