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   Active and smart little animals, rats can make great pets especially for children!
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Rebecca - 2008-12-28
I just got a Rat. She is so cute. She is albino w. red eyes. Her name is Lilly, and I got her at a Mall in Upstate Ny. My mom said not to get a snake or spider, lol. So she didn't say no Rat, so I got a rat. She is cute. My mom was thinking of the other kinds of rats, like when you go into alleys or something. She feel in love with her.

I love the Confedrate Flag

Kenzie - 2008-12-18
My pet rats are the smartest and most loveable rats I've ever had. I'm a teenage girl who loves the unusual, so naturally I decided I wanted to breed the animals my parents dread.... the RAT. it started as a back sass at my parents, and turned into a wonderful pet-owner relationship. only a couple of my rats are still with me now, including my favorite Rollie Pollie Ollie's. When all of my friends saw how cool and friendly Roll's is, they wanted his babies. (some people wanted the rats for snake feeding purposes) and i sleep with my Rollies in my shirt sometimes. he's so cute.... want a rat?? lol.
love Kenzie Email me if you'd like to see photos of the babaies!

Kristyne - 2008-12-15
Rats make fabulous pets. I firsted encounter a rat at my local pet store and fell in love. I ended up with 3 of them. Two are calm and love to sit on my shoulder or in the hood of my sweatshirt and sleep. Along with my 3 female rats are 2 "cow babies" as I call them, aka black and white mice, and another grey silky mouse that I added today because he was not accepted into my mouse tank; I suppose because the female had babies 2 weeks ago and she did not accept the new male. I would recommend a pet mouse or rat to everyone. And I would also recommend them to be in pairs, never alone, especially rats. They are very social and need a lot of attention. If someone wants only one rat, I would suggest that he/she would get several hours of attention a day to keep them happy and healthy. I truly enjoy my pet rats and mice, and I hope that everyone else does too!

The Rodent Guy - 2008-12-12
Rats and mice are the most lovable little critters to keep as pets. They can be taught things like tricks, their own name, other names, to come when their called and even to use one corner of their cage to go to the toilet. I have two hooded female rats (Katie Yvon and Stella Anne) with a hooded male mouse (Chow Ling) in the same cage. Be very careful when introducing rats and mice together because in the wild rats with kill and sometimes eat mice. I don't recommend keeping male rats with mice. Females may be okay because they sometimes see them as a defenseless baby rats and adopt them like mine have done. Katie will actually carry him by the scruff and take him back to the rat igloo. Rats are just as tame or even more tame than cats and dogs. I am so attached to my rats that I could never give them up. My rats are honestly the most important things in my life. When I got Katie she was just a pet, then she turned into my daughter....

Jane - 2008-12-11
I'm a proud owner of four little rattie girls and I have to say, I've never met any pet more amusing. They mainly eat rodent block with some cereal mixes but scraps are a frequent and they're just absolutely adorable when it comes to lettuce. Little Dini (Houdini) is infamous with our friends and family for her escape attempts and we swear one day she'll give us a heart attack from her antics. Lily and Sage absolutely love to just be with people and greatly enjoy being petted. Then there's Coda (our little fattie) who loves running around in her ball and exploring. We've never had any biting problems except with Coda who does have a bit of vision trouble. Possibly the cutest thing though is that they'll groom your fingers through the cage bars. I was honestly shocked when my dad agreed to getting pet rats (this is the man who said no to pretty much every other pet imaginable) but I couldn't imagine life without them now.

suckonmelefone - 2008-12-02
Hello people, just thought to pop a few words in. I have 2 rats-misty a brown hooded and snowflakes a pink eyed white. I've had misty for a few months and she;s the cutest little thing I've ever seen. Runs up and down my legs, all over my back and arms, and we also play tackle, lol. I use my fingers and hand to rub and flip her around, she has a fight with my fingers, runs off then comes back for more,lol. Snowflakes I got a few weeks ago from a private seller and got told she might be pregnant, and behold as of nov 23rd she has a litter of 10 pups. I'm keeping a few and the rest I'll find homes for. Well what can I say, they make good pets if you treat them right, loving affectionate and loyal. As for conditions, mine are in a middle size wire cage for now, have to get another soon. I use shredded cardboard as bedding mixed with some soft-sorbent from kaytee. I use a rat seed mixture, blocks and vegetables and fruit as dietary needs. Some lava bites from pet-stock are good for teeth, keeps them sharp. I let them out to explore the room for about 2 hrs a day to run and play, which gives me time to spot clean the cage. Once a week I do a wash and full change. Since I've had them both I've never been pooed on, they house breaked themselves. All in all they make great pets. Hope you people have fun with them, I do.

Shez - 2008-11-15
I have 2 female rats along with a male mouse and the rats treat the mouse like a baby rat! (LOL) They get along fine together and both rats and mice make excellent pets!


faith - 2008-10-10
I love rats and I have one. His name is blue and he is a russian blue.

Lily Rosen - 2008-09-22
Hi my name is Lily Rosen and I love rats!

candice - 2008-09-18
My rat lived for 4 1/2 years with no health problems (unless you include death). I will forever miss Ralph. He ran loose in our apartment and usually ate what we ate. He did also eat rodent mix. However, we would make him a little plate and he would sit on the couch next to us and all 3 of us ate dinner together. There was nothing cuter than watching him eat fettucine alfredo! He also slept with us. Lol. The only thing I do not miss is the holes in everything--sheets, clothes, etc. However, every time I put on a pair of jeans with a hole in it, I do have to remember him. Ralph--best pet I ever had.