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   Active and smart little animals, rats can make great pets especially for children!
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Sara Garcia - 2009-06-25
I have 21 pets. Needless to say I've got a bit of a full plate and my parents aren't allowing me to get anymore but that's alright. I had two black hooded rats: Sapphire and Meadow. Then Sapphire got an intestinal tumor and we, unfortunately, had to put her to sleep. Meadow started lying at the bottom of her cage and was clearly depressed which made me upset. So recently I decided to get her a friend. So I ordered a baby hooded rat for her and when I got to the petshop to pick her up there was one baby but there was also a baby feeder rat in the same cage. The owner of the pet shop looked at me and said, "She's free if you want her. I'd rather see her go to you then be sold as food. It makes me sick." So I took them both. The albino/feeder rat I named Cupcake and the grey hooded rat, who has remarkably huge ears for such a little rat, I named Willow but Willow's sick. She's sneezing and coughing and a little lethargic. I have antibiotics that I'm supposed to give to her 2x's a day which I started doing when I got her (today) so hopefully she'll get better again.
The odd thing about Willow is that her ears are HUGE! They're like a Dumbo rat's ears! Which is strange because she's a regular fancy rat. Anyway, although rats don't live very long, I think they make the best pets. Because of their personalities and their mischievous and playful nature. I love my lil girls. :)

Sara Garcia - 2009-06-25
There are several pet stores in NY to go to that are least there are if you live on LI. If you live out by the Hamptons then there's Reptile Robs, where I get all of my pets from in East Quogue. They're cheap (money wise) and will order anything for you without asking. Also there's Petco in Riverhead, Hampton Bays and probably more up the Island.

cc - 2009-05-19
My rat, Grapes, has major fleas. I didn't notice til now. This website helped so much!!!

Colleen - 2009-04-14
My son and I went to the pet store a few weeks ago, he loves to go and visit all the different animals. I happened to notice the rats, and asked about them. We ended up bringing one home. We named her Beatrice, or "B" for short. She is hilarious! She will take popcorn and pumpkin seeds right out of my hand to snack on... We love her and are taking excellent care of her. I would recmmend getting a fancy rat to anyone who knows they can trust children with them (not to squeeze them etc.) as they are very domesticated, and not what you imagine a "rat" to be like. Very loving.

chris - 2009-03-08
I have a question regarding different species of rats co-habitating with each other. I already have two female rats and was wanting to know if placing a third, but hairless variety (also to be female). Would this be okay?

Samantha - 2009-03-02
I am a proud owner of 18 pet rats. I have one Russian blue male who is 1 year old. I have 2 of his babies (1 male, 1 female) who are blue berkshires. I have one blak hooded female and I have one agouti vari female who just gave birth to 13 babies. I have owned rats for about a year and I can't imagine life without them. My Russian blue male (T.C) is the sweetest little guy. He loves to give kisses to everyone. He accompanies me everywhere and people are always amazed that a rat can be so sweet. There are a lot of misconceptions about rats. I hope that websites like this raise awareness of the BEST PETS IN THE WORLD...

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  • karl - 2010-04-23
    My rat seems to want to kiss people all the time is this love or is she looking for to steal food from people mouths?
Scott Stevenson - 2009-03-02
I got a rat for my little girls as a bargain with my wife. The first one I bought was Lloyd. Lloyd is a beautiful little silver and white rat and is very calm and loves to be rubbed behind the ears. After doing a little research, I found out they like to have cagemates so I went to pick out another one, but my 5 year old liked a little black and white one "Floyd" and I liked a solid brownish grey one "Boyd", so I bought both of them. They immediately fell in love with each other (literally). I found out soon after I got Floyd and Boyd home that Boyd was the only male (they were all supposed to be females. Now I'm trying to figure out what to do because Boyd is very amorous! I love all three of them already but I don't think I have enough room for all the offspring that I'm likely to have. Got to hand it to Boyd...he's tireless!
After a few days I can tell you that Boyd seems to really love attention (as if he doesn't get enough). It seems to be true that the males are much more social. If I keep all three looks like I'm going to have to get anther aquarium (or 10). The girls love them, and the wiener dog "Zeigler Frank", is absolutley amazed at them. Now I've got to get my wife on board. Maybe she will empathise with them when they go into labor.
One more thing...does anyone know of a "girl" version of the names Lloyd and Floyd?

Sarah - 2009-02-27
Hi There...
I Have A Pet Rat Called Crackers.. He Is 2 And A Half And I Got Him As A Christmas Present From A Friend Who Breeds Rats..In The Past Few Weeks I Have Been Noticing A Change In Crackers Breatning Almost Like He Is Wheezing.. Also As I Clean Him Out Once A Week And Play With Him Eveyday His Fur Has Little Brown Bug Like Creatures in it i am not sure if they are lice fleas or ticks.. and can i catch them:S I Am Booking An Appointment For The Vet.. But I Really dont want too lose ihim as he is a great friend and is very well trained.. if somebody noes what im talking about then can you please give me advice.. thank you..

Jessica B - 2009-02-16
I've had numerous pet rats over the last four years and each has their own personality and quirks. I've had cuddlers, adventurers, and diva's - each a close friend. Loki would wait for me to get home from work and greet me at the door when he heard my car pull in to the drive. He'd climb up my leg, onto my shoulder and lick my bottom lip when I'd say "give mommy kisses". Tony Montana loved to be slid across the floor like a bowling ball and would play fetch with toys and balls. Zoey was a mother 3 times to a total of 36 darling babies. All of our friends used to shy away from the idea of a rodent in the home, but my blue dumbo Skillet melted all of their hearts with his huge ears and tiny body. He's got the silkiest dark silver fur and is cage mates with a fluffy siamese rat. The fur by his ears, tail, face and feet turned dark just like a siamese cats. I read that the color change is temperature related - colder zones turn darker brown, the warmer zones stay a creamy off-white. My boyfriend was indifferent to rats when he met me. He got along well with the 3 rats I brought into his home, but got the full effect of special bonding when we picked out baby Hash-Bones and Skillet from a breeder friend. Now he treats them as if they were our children. Loving and caring for these fuzzy buddies have brought us a little closer to each other, and turned all of our skeptical friends into rat enthusiests.

Dani - 2009-01-26
I love rats as pets. Recently my 3 I had passed away so I am looking for a new young rat companion. If you know any stores in upstate NY please comment. :)