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   Active and smart little animals, rats can make great pets especially for children!
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thatmonk - 2010-04-16
I've got a pair of gray Dumbo rats, they each were the last of the batch, all alone, at the local pet store. Now 3.5 years later, they are still going. Mousie is a tottery old man now and is sick with respiratory illness after his belly cleared an 1" infection. We thought it was cancer, but it opened up and with the usual care and a visit to the vet, he got better! Scooter is still strong and climbs and runs and his eyes bug out he is so interested. Pretty amazing for 3.5 years old! Watching rats get old is like watching people age in high speed. A rat day is one human month. A lot can change in a day. Over a few days Mousie can't hold his food anymore but eats it between his forearms. But he is still very interested in it! Especially in the cashew treats. Rats are wonderful pets, and I'll get another set.

prachi - 2010-04-02
I have a pet rat called sheru. He has been with me for just over an year. He has an interesting personality. In fact he is very much like a human child with his mood swings and tantrums. Even though he loves to be cuddled, at times he gets very offended. H is a healthy male rat who love watermelon, tea and cucumbers. H also has the experience of traveling by train, autorickshaw and bus with me. Dring summers, he loves to venture into the bathroom and loves walking on the wet floor. H is very scared of heights and thinks a lot before jumping from even a small height. He loves shredding paper and roams free in my room. I pray he continues to live a healthy and happy life.

Jeff - 2010-03-21
Hello, I recently got 1 fancy Rat(Molly) and 1 dumbo rat(Anne). Ive had the fancy rat for about 5 months and decided to go by it a friend. Once I got to the pet store (Pets Mart) I seen they only had Dumbo Rats, so I bought one. Anne (Dumbo) she is finally starting to get use to us handling her now after 2 weeks. They are very funny to watch and they do make great pets. A lady that works with my daughter at Pets Mart ask my daughter if she wanted two more Fancy rats Aurora and Ariel (sister) 1yr old in August. So now we have 4 pet rats. My wife was terified of rats before we got our 4 new pets, now she adores them and see's the misconception of rats.

SALOANI NAGPAL - 2010-03-03
Whenever I hold my rats they scratch me as they have big nails. Will I get plague or any other disease. They are white in colour and very adorable. They even lick my hand I always make a point to wash my hands. Pls reply what to be done. I have got big big marks on my hands b'coz of their nails. I am really afraid now as my friends are telling me I should check with a dctr. Pls reply soon.

Sara - 2010-02-18
This is actually a question, but my baby got bit by a rat with tumors can my baby get sick by that? Or just a rat that is sick?

PariahPoet - 2010-01-29
Regarding baths, I find my girls do best when I run about an inch of water in the tub and stand in there with them(bending down to wash them). The water should be very warm so they don't get chilled. A good thing about most tubs is that they are angled so the water is deeper by the drain, and shallow on the other end. That way your rats can get out of the water if they want, so it isn't so scary for them.
I used to try and put them in the tub while I kneeled outside of it and reached over to wash them, but it was a nightmare. They flipped out and kept climbing up my arms and sitting wet on my shoulder. Then one day I discovered that all they wanted was for me to be in there with them! :)
Once they're clean, have a big soft towel that they can burrow in until they're dry. One of my girls actually liked me to dry her off with the blowdryer (set on low power, and warm, not hot!). But it may scare your rats, so just figure out what they prefer. ^^

Gitali - 2010-01-10
Hi, I have a pair of white rats - Cheenu and Meenu. Now Meenu has given birth to her babies. I want to know what type of care she needs. Please help coz these r the cold winter days and I don't want any of the babies to suffer due to this..

Cady - 2009-12-07
I was so begging & begging & begging my dad for this rat, and it finally worked! Thank goodness. No training needed because she's perfectly tame already, eats popcorn out of my hand, and lays on my shoulder. Hooded rats are the best! btw, her name is Tinsle. She's Great! Anybody who wants a pet, look no further than the Rat!

Sara Henricksen - 2009-10-04
Well, my first litter dropped today. I didn't realize that Juniper (my little fancy hooded rat) was even pregnant until the day before yesterday. What a surprise! We have 13 little babies- they're so CUTE! We had one pass away though, and I'm heart-broken about that. But still, I'm super excited!

Amanda - 2009-09-19
I have a white albino rat called Percy. I got him for my son 2 years ago and I fell in love with him. He's still going strong and has never bitten me.He's only just starting to like a cuddle, where as before he was to busy exploring :) The day he goes will be a very sad day indeed. I am now a rat fan cause they are just amazing pets <3