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   Active and smart little animals, rats can make great pets especially for children!
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Leslie - 2010-11-06
My pet rat of three years just recently broke her right hind foot, I've been watching her close and giving her vitamins, but just yesterday, when I picked her up, a brownish red liquid started coming out of her vaginal area in puddles when I set her down especially.
She's eating just a little and drinking fluids more than anything, but I can't find out what's wrong with her online and cannot afford to take her to a vet. Do you have any idea what may be wrong with her or if I can treat her? :(

Tommy - 2010-10-15
Hi, my biology class was doing an experiment to see how milk affects the growth of female albino rats, so our class got 2 rats, at the end of the experiment our teacher wanted to know if anyone wanted to adopt one of the two, I volunteered, I do not know much about rats but I do like them a lot. What I need to know is a couple of things, do I need more than 1 rat? If it is recommended to get a second rat what breed of rat is best for a female albino? I read in several places it is best to get a second because of loneliness, replies would be great. Also, which is better, an aquarium or a barred rat cage? I think for cleaning purposes a barred collapsible cage would be best but like I said I'm not sure. A third concern is I am not 100% sure what type of bedding to use, is shaved wood from a pet store best or shredded paper? One last thing I would need to know is what kinds of accessories do I need? Do I need to get a shaded hut (the cage will not be in direct sunlight) but as they sleep during the day I figured something shaded is best, I know their teeth grow continuously so I need at least to get some wood sticks etc. Thank you for any responses to any of my questions!

Buddy's Forever Dad - 2009-12-21
In response to Ashley Nagy about your little man Willard:

My rescued albino lab rat Buddy also fell ill to a respiratory infection when he was about two years old. The vet did not consider a rat to be a real or worthy pet, and she treated Buddy like he was still a lab rat whose life meant nothing. The typical antibiotics seemed to weaken Buddy, and his breathing worsened over a few months, causing his whole body to rock with each breath, until his little heart finally stopped beating. Buddy had a way of waking me up and I awoke suddenly to find him before he was all the way gone, and I am at least happy that I could hold him as he faded away. When I picked him up for the last time, Buddy opened his eyes and he did not close them again, ever. It then took about four hours for his body to grow cold, and I have been racked with grief ever since. I will forver regret not spending more time with Buddy while I had the chance, and I don't think I'll ever visit a vet again except for emergency surgery maybe. Buddy's little friend Shadow is one year younger and was brought into Buddy's life as a companion. However, Buddy began to fall ill almost immediately upon Shadow's arrival, and Shadow's sharp teeth and 'play biting' left Buddy with a gaping wound on the nape of his neck which never fully healed. Looking back I realize that Buddy did NOT need another rat friend, Buddy needed ME to spend more time with him. Now Shadow is my special man and he needs ME, not another rat. You see, these angels (rats) don't consider themselves to be that much different than us humans. I would recommend never separating rats who were cagemates from a very early age; but, for me, bringing a second rat into Buddy's world only hurt Buddy and made him very sad. By the way, I've had great success with using soft towels, cloth diapers, and even sleeping bags as rat bedding, making sure to use scent-free laundry detergent in small amounts when laundering the bedding. Hope this helps you and others.

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  • \"In my Buddy\'s memory\" - 2010-03-06
    To "Buddy's Forever Dad"
    About 15 years ago, I was given a 3 month old brown hooded rat also named "Buddy". He was given to me by a 9year old little boy suffering from luekemia, and with all his treatments, his family was no longer able to take care of his beloved pet. I had no previous knowledge of how to take care of a pet rat, but Buddy melted my heart from the moment he came to my house. His sweet little disposition would have melted anyone, and he quickly became the biggest reason my niece and nephew always wanted to spend the night. When Buddy was a little over a year, he began to develope what I thought was sinus problems. The air was getting dry, and I assumed that the lack of moisture was causing his occasional minor nose bleeds. It took hardly any time for his nose bleeds to get worse, and two weeks later I took him to the vet, and was told I should immediately put him to sleep.This vet also seemed to disregard my Buddy as any sort of pet of value. Buddy seemed to get his second wind right around that time, and I took him back home. Two days later, my poor Buddy passed away. I cherish the time that was spent with him. So did my niece and nephew, and he managed to convert many people into believing that rats do make good pets.
    All these years later, I have a 10 year old daughter who has a black hooded rat Nicky. He is coming up on 3 years old, and is the happiest, friendliest, and slightly chubby rat, who is so loved it is unbelievable. Rats make amazing little companions and friends, and they stay in your heart forever. P.S...Nicky was set to be given away to the first person that would take him. Thank goodness we got him.
  • Cory - 2010-09-16
    A word of advice from a long time rat owner (18 years), do not see main stream vets, as the majority of them only work with dogs and cats. You need to find an exotics/small animal vet. I recently had one of my girls fall ill, and all of the vets I took her to only offered to put her down, untill one of the vet's assistants told me of another animal hospital just a little ways away. I took my rat there, and St.Francis has become our new vet for all of our pets. They are affordable, knowledgeable, and are open 24/7/365. I have not been more pleased. I personaly have 3 rats right now (smokey, pop, and duece) and the family has 2 guinnea pigs and a cat, and the folks at St.Francis are now the primary vets for all our animals. PS DO NOT EVER GOTO DOVE LEWIS!
  • Kate - 2010-10-08
    It's terrible the way some vets see our pet rats! I'm so lucky, in my suburb we have the most amazing, loving and talented team of vets who care! As soon as we walk in, the staff are all over my rats, I feel truly blessed!
jessica - 2010-09-13

Anonymous - 2005-02-19
I originally bought two rats, and i loved them so much i went out and got a third one about three months later! theyre great pets because they dont live long enough for you to get bored with them, and they arent afraid of you like other small rodents. theyre affectionate and intelligent pets and are the tiny equivelent of a puppy. my personal advice is to ALWAYS get more then one lone rat, this makes them very depressed to live alone.

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  • Lynn - 2010-08-08
    How could you call such wonderful creatures great friends and then embrace their short life spans so you don't get too bored with them. You should never own any animal if that is how you view things. Would your mother have said that about you if you bored her? Darn this kid will be around way too long and I'm so bored of it.
  • cara eats poop - 2010-08-11
    You got that right girl!
  • Shannah - 2010-08-28
    That is awful to use their precious lifespan to your advantage if you get bored with them..
Valerie - 2010-02-11
Hello I have three pretty little girls and am looking for a mile rat now. So that can have some babies. I am looking for a cinnamon or orange . If anyone can help point me to the right place. Thank you.

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  • jean thornley - 2010-08-22
    Hi, my name is Jean.
    Reading your messages about your pet rats has had me in tears.
    I like yourselves have had my heart completely taken over by my first rat since I rescued some from the school lab many years ago.
    Rolo was bought from our local pet shop as a replacement after loosing my beloved great dane bruce.
    Now rolo is just as important to me, I have added another 14 to my rat family, it takes me a good few hours to let them out to play, but worth every minute, good luck with yours,they are worth it....jean
Samantha D - 2010-08-12
I have a question for some of you people out there I own 5 fancy rats right this second but one of my rats is super protective over the cage and I had to separate him from the rest of the the boys before they killed him or he killed one of them. He chases them up and down the cage mercilessly when they are caged together and just won't let up, the two new ones are his brothers so I don't understand his attitude change no one gets more attention then any of the others plus he gets added attention from us so what could it be?

tamara - 2007-08-01
I used to have a wonderful blond rat named jean-bob. he was a great companion and lived in my home for several years. his favorite place was on my shoulder and he loved to crawl into my hair. he had a cage that he stayed in when i was not at home. ferret cages seemed to work wonderfully for all the rats I have owned over the years. They tend to find a way out of the lids on aquariums. Jean-bob is the only rat I ever owned that liked hot tea. He would go crazy over dried cranberries. When I would go to bed, he would bang his toys against the cage, run around, and make every noise he could until I would bring him to bed. He would then curl up in my hair and go to sleep with me. In my opinion, rats are the best companions. For adults and children. This article was very informative, but everyone should know that as long as you care for your rat and love them, they can be the best companion you ever get.

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  • Katie - 2010-02-22
    Wow, my mom said I could get a pet rat if I get all A's this year. I'm halfway through the year and all A's =D. My cat Elliot died and my dad will NEVER get a cat or dog! My mom is actually going for a rat! Amazing. I have a little Russian Winter White Dwarf Hamster and he is the sweetest thing! I never knew a rat can be so much like a cat or dog. I can't wait to get one!
  • Jada - 2010-07-23
    That is sooo sweet I used to have a pet rat her name was skittles and she loved to eat brie cheese and would play hide and go seek with me on the couch and of course I would look for her and she would always be under one of the pillows. She was like having a puppy she acted like one too! She was white with red eyes like an albino, well she was an albino!
Zoe - 2010-07-02
Okay I need some help, I keep reading everywhere that rats are social animals and cuddly and friendly, so my partner and I acquired a little guy (Manky) from a pet shop two weeks back. In retrospect I should have gone to a breeder, but I didn't know then what I do now.

So my problem is Manky keeps biting me. He has nipped my partner once, but he has bitten me four times, two nips leaving scabs and two on my hand that are very severe and deep bites, spilling blood everywhere.

How do I make Manky like me? I play with him every day but now with gloves as I am scared of being bitten, last night he was running around happily exploring the room, then ran over to me and bit my foot.

Please help me!

Liz K - 2010-05-13
I just got my rat Reggie a couple weeks ago. He's very timid and I thought after a while he would get used to his surrounding but he still hasn't. Whenever I take him out, he starts sneezing in fright. Unfourtunately, he's gotten kind of fat from lack of excercise. I got him a wheel and a ball to run in, but he's too scared to use them. Does anyone have any ideas on how I can help him adjust?