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   Active and smart little animals, rats can make great pets especially for children!
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Sammy - 2005-03-26
I love my rat, Peanut, but he stinks. Ugh. We clean the cage once per week.

Sandra Beasley - 2005-03-24
Rats do not get colds as we know the definition of a cold to be, they get Mycoplasmosis which resembles a cold at first but is a deadly virus and needs immediate treatment for the rat to survive.

Anonymous - 2005-03-19
I have three fancy rats, and they get along very nicly.

Judita - 2005-03-13
rats are wonderful pets!

Brenda - 2005-03-13
My rats are the best pets ever. I have dogs, cats, snakes, lizards, and rats. I have been bitten by hamsters and gerbils but never a rat.

vicki coleman - 2005-03-10
My name is Vicki and I love my rats. They are very sweet and love to be held and kissed.

sulan - 2005-03-07
I bought my first rat at 13 years of age and named her Lace. when she died I waited 19 years to get another. Star came home on the 1 jan 2005. my kids love her so much that they fight to hold her! Then my husband become attached so I bought him a female named Princess. Its amazing how something with a such bad reputation can bring out so much love and protection.

from SU-LAN

Claire Fohun - 2005-02-23
I love rats!! They are so nice. There as soft as puppies.

Brooke - 2005-02-12
Hi! i m brooke and i m 13 years old. i have a rat named Doris and he is very active. i put him into his ball at least 3 times a week. Doris is very social and i recommend a rat to everyone! I also have two mice and a dwarf hamster. I learned not to put the cages of any of the animals right up next to each other. the rat and mice start making hissy noises so dont put them too close together.

Danielle - 2005-01-17
in my life so far ive known 15 rats. they are the best pets. u may think they are dirty animals, but they are not. they r so friendly. i let mine run around the house and when i tell them its time to get back in their cages they will come back to me. i love them. sincerly, RATGRLDANIELLE