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   Active and smart little animals, rats can make great pets especially for children!
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TJ - 2005-05-21
I have wanted a rescue rat for a while- had been looking for one. One morning I woke up and went to the washroom, and an agouti rat was sleeping in my laundry pile. I approached her, she made no attemp to run, I assumed she was a wild brown rat. I picked her up, and put her in a cage. She didn't fight me. Now I have named her Rapunzel, and it seems God dropped my rescue in my laundry pile..

Angelique - 2005-05-17
I have an Albino pet rat named Sally. I got Sally as a birthday present, at first I was like "Oh! A rat, umm ok" But I have learned that rats are truly great pets

Carly J - 2005-05-16
I have two rats, Angela and Jellybean. I love them so much! Unfortunatly, I have yet to find many people who share my love for rats. My parents especially, they won't let me take the rats out of my room! I am so glad to see other people who love rats as much as I do!

michele - 2005-05-10
I have a solid black rat named Princess. She is so cute. I also have had 2 black hooded rats and a tan hooded rat. I have also raised a litter of rats. I would get more rats but my mom does not want me to because of the lumps that they can get.

leigha knights - 2005-05-02
i love my rats doctor, mumbo, danny, and dougie. they get on really well with my dog and they fall asleep together

corrina - 2005-04-27
i have 1 berkshire, 1 blue and white, 1 red and white dumbo, 1 hairless dumbo, and 1 cream colored rat. they are so adorable. a few of them are soon to have babies.

Amanda - 2005-04-14
We have two fancy rats, Zoey and Roxy. They are very smart: they are potty-trained and they come when they are called. Zoe will even play a game of tug-o-war with you, like a dog would! My husband and I love them dearly! How can you not?

simon - 2005-04-12
i have two rats already. i have had 3 more before and they are great company. the more you have the more friendly they are

Nichole - 2005-04-04
I like having a rat. it is a good companion to have because they are friendly and fun just like a cat or a dog would be like!

ROSIE - 2005-04-04
rats are lovely. my pet rat likes people. he likes me and when my uncle dangled me upside down and i was screaming, the rat (called toffie) climbed up his leg and bit his bum. he put me down and toffie came to me and gave me a hug. a few weeks later his girl friend, called Rosie, had baby rats. they where so cute!