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   Active and smart little animals, rats can make great pets especially for children!
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Blender - 2005-06-15
I have a rescued albino Norwegian lab rat named Riddy who is exploring my lap as I write this. She has lived with me almost a year. To those who would own a rat, yes, they are relatively easy to keep and the experience is rewarding, but remember to freshen their cage regularly (she is now on the keyboard) and check to make sure what you can and can't feed your rat (you'll be surprised at what they can eat--if in small quantities, and NO chocolate isn't toxic to them, just don't go overboard). Yes, they can understand some voice commands, particularly their name--and a single rat is prone to become a tad neurotic and get "clingy" to one person and prefer them over all others. Probably whoever spends the most time with them.

Mariah Gillette - 2005-06-05
hi, mi name is mariah and i live in Naples, Italy.
I own one rat named Frederico and he is an albino rat.
I owned his mom and dad and bred them. I have since given away Freddy's parents but I kept him because he has no tail.
When he was born, his mother tried to eat him and when i stopped her she had already bitten his tail off.
Freddy is paralized in his back legs because he escaped from his cage and fell of his table but he is still loving his life... Freddy is 2 years old and when i say kiss, he licks my nose.

PS if you are looking for a good childs pet, a rat is the thing to get.

Chaos - 2005-06-02
I love rats as pets! They are really friendly! I have 2, Brownie and Praline!

tory23 - 2005-05-30
i love rats, they are a lot of fun, and sweet. i had fourteen and it was the best experence ever. some of my rats are even potty trained. i love rats!

torus - 2005-05-30
i love rats, and they are very friendly! go rats!

lily - 2005-05-29
I had a albino rat called ruby she was soooo cute, unfortunately she died a few days ago. if u want a small pet, get a rat. they are so loving and loyal!! i luv u rubs!

lynn dean - 2005-05-29
I started with 2 rats this March. within 3 days I got 2 more, their names are alli,tia,ben,and red eye. they are so adorable and friendly, I take them to school when I drop my son at school. They come when you call their names and they are house broken. I'm so happy having them as pets for my kids because they're gentle creatures and they like to be be touched just like dogs. they watch TV and like popcorn, strawberry, peanuts and most of all ice cream. they love to ride on my shoulder and also inside my clothing. Last week we ate at in and out with Alli and a lot of people are curious. some are scared but when they saw her sharing my burger they were fascinated in an odd way..This rat of mine is not scared of people as long as she's with me or on my shoulder. She knows when I tell her to kiss me, she comes to my shoulder when I call her. Most of all I'm so proud to be part of their lives and them as mine.

Torry - 2005-05-26
i all ways wanted a rat so i got 2 of them their names are cleo it's a she and bodaciouse it's a he. they are in 2 differint cages and they are nice

Brucifer - 2005-05-23
I have 2 rats, Robin and my brothers rat, Mary. They come when they are called, sit on my shoulder, and eat whatever treat I happen to have for them. If anyone needs a pet, a rat is certainly a #1 choice.

TJ - 2005-05-21
I have wanted a rescue rat for a while- had been looking for one. One morning I woke up and went to the washroom, and an agouti rat was sleeping in my laundry pile. I approached her, she made no attemp to run, I assumed she was a wild brown rat. I picked her up, and put her in a cage. She didn't fight me. Now I have named her Rapunzel, and it seems God dropped my rescue in my laundry pile..