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   Active and smart little animals, rats can make great pets especially for children!
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nora brug - 2005-10-15
rats really like yogurt, and sit on your shoulder well. Very curious, i got two females.

Cody Douglas - 2005-10-09
My pet rat (Sofie) is absolutely adorible. This web site has helped me be more prepared to handle and care for Sofie. You might ask your self if a rat is a good pet for you or a loved one, well it is. He/she will cuddle you when sad or derived. Also will let you just have fun. Sofie to me is valient, because I have three cats and one dog in the house and now she is one of the gang. If you have a pet rat good but if you don't, get one and see how fun and easy it is.

Sincerily, Cody and Sofie

sally - 2005-10-05
Rats are wonderful pets, but you should ALWAYS keep more than one as they are very sociable animals and love each others company!!!

They are very intelligent and interactive, they should not be kept on wood shavings, as it releases harmful phenols which can cause respiratory diseases and even cancer.

Most shop bought rat food is not very healthy, as often it has too much seed in it, which is too high in fat and protein for them, you can look on rat sites on the internet for homemade mixes, which are a lot healthier!

Rats are wonderful pets!!

Anonymous - 2005-10-03
my son got 2 1 yr old pet rats for his 13th birthday a couple of days ago and he is absolutely in love with the little guys. my son says he loves them more then our cat because they are more loving and the rats loved to be held. (dont worry about the cat....the rats scare the cat so our kitty stays far away.)

Brian - 2005-08-27
rats are cool pets. my rat had babies today on august 26 2005

Meaghan - 2005-08-26
I have 3 rats. I have had more in the past but they have died. Rats i find are the best pets anyone can have. One of my rats is a dumbo eared rex rat. And she russian blue. She's really cute if you think about it. But my other two are just as cute. I find that my rats are very healthy and are not very picky. They will eat anything thing. But i find that different seeds are their favourite. For their treats they enjoy either fruit, yogurt pieces and little pieces of dog treats. Rats pretty much eat anything. And if u think about it, rats in the wild eat anything and they live a healthy life. So even though store bought rats are not the same kind of rat from the wild. They are still pretty much the same. Except they don't bite like wild ones. So as long as u don't give them chocolate or candy. I find that my rats live a good healthy life.

Camie - 2005-08-15
Rats are dogs in a smaller package! If anyone out there has their kid wanting a dog, but it's too expensive or you don't have time or space for it, rats would be the perfect replacement! They are absolutly affordable(I spent $150 canadian for my three), they take up very little room, and they don't need very much attention as long as they have another rat to acompany them. They are incredibly intellegent and can even learn tricks! They can intertain children for hours! They make great first pets too, seeing as how they are easy to handle and take care of. They really are the perfect pet!

Breighann - 2005-08-09
I first got a rat for my birthday and I named her Zoey but I ended up having to take her back cuz she was agressive..... I got a new rat, her name is Aruba but we call her Rubi(Ruby). She is the best! every time I make a kissy noise she comes out of her house and comes to the cage door. she knows i am going to give her a treat and take her out. she is a white rat with a light brown hood and a light brown spot on her back. she is so cute! I love her so much! Even though rats have a bad reputation with many people, which is because they think of sewer rats, is not a good enough reason not to like them. when i bought Rubi I didn't know she was preagnent.... they didn't tell me and on sunday she had still babies... she is okay now.
I love you Rubi and I miss you Babee( my old pet hamster)

Deb - 2005-07-29
From experience, rats need no more than 15-20% protein in their diets or their skin will scab (called protein itch). Main foods should be lab blocks (pellets) and veggies, fruits, and some special treats like yogurt, crackers, and cereal. Mixed seed foods are not good, so stick to pellets. Dog and cat food/treats have too much salt for a rats' system, so sticking to rat food is better. Any table food you wouldn't eat shouldn't be fed to your rat. Also, rats have extremely sensitive respiratory tracts, so any ammonia buildup in the cage or extreme temperature changes may make them sick. Rats are very prone to tumors, and checking your rat regularly for unusual lumps is a must! Finding tumors early may save your rat from a lot of discomfort and even death. My rats are extremely healthy and happy because their diets are balanced, they have plenty of toys and wood chews, and they spend quality time out of their cages. Oh, and they LOVE bird toys and anything banana flavored!

Jenny Lewis - 2005-07-26
I have a pet rat named Big Bunny, and he is the sweetest thing! He knows his name and will readily come when I call him. He loves to play tag, and "Gotcha!" He is very cuddly and will tug on my pant leg when I am busy at my desk! Big Bunny is the BEST!!!