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   Active and smart little animals, rats can make great pets especially for children!
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Anonymous - 2006-03-15
thank you, this information helped me alot!

anthony - 2006-03-01
I have owned a couple of rats over the past few years and I will admit that they both have proven more inteligent than my yellow lab. If you spend a couple hours with them everyday out of the cage, they can be trained to be free in a room or even a house (with consideration to hazards,) to roam free. I had much more time with my first, I let him roam free on my desk at work, and he would try to wrestle my fingers and pencil when I was doing my homework. Very personable, very playful.

VLADA - 2006-02-22
I love my raties. most people think that they bring diseasess and they think of sewer rats. If you are a person looking for a pet, it is perfect pet. Rats are dogs in a mini package!

V P - 2006-02-20
hi, i had a comment earlier, just wanna say this is the best site for animal info i have EVER heard of. i tell other friends in need of info about this site. thanks, and keep it up!

Lydia - 2006-02-07
Awwwwww! Snowflake looks just like my little Moonlight.
She's a albino rat too! My sister looked up on the
internet what was the best pet and the rat came up!
part of Moonlight's tail came off and she was crying
but she never bit me! She chatters all day long and
loves to sleep on my lap. :) and I agree with Laura,
Moonlight is the best rat I've ever had and I highly
recommend getting 1! their the best! (Moonlight was
the first pet I've ever had that lived over a week...
isn't that sad? Poor Whitey, Joy, Scribles & Nickels.) :(

Michelley - 2006-02-04
Baby rats can be so cute, can't they! Well, I think both adults and babies are precious animals to own.

Misha - 2006-02-01
Rats are wonderful pets, but I don't agree with them being good pets for children- as their bite is very painful and they squirm quite a bit.
But rats are NOT cage pets, they need attention every day. I also think that rats get sick easily. Even the most cared for rats will probably contract cancer or myco later in their lives, and natural deaths are rare. However, they do have great personalities (much better than mice or hamsters) and are inexpensive. I very miss my two rats, which were like dogs and even came when their names were called.

to8ro - 2006-01-21
Woo-hoo! I'm almost positive I'm going to get 2 rats soon and I absolutely can't wait! My friend has rats and she says they're freindly and adventerous! They're so easy to hold!

Laura - 2006-01-20
i have a pet rat named Trixy and she has been the best small animal pet that i have ever had! i love her so much and she is so smart! i highly recommend getting a rat as a pet...they are great!

allie - 2006-01-09
Hey guys! I have a rat named gilda and she is soo cool! I am at this site to get lots of info on rats and you guys have lots. thanks for the info! and i think vanilla is a little too plump!