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   Active and smart little animals, rats can make great pets especially for children!
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Darryl - 2006-06-11
I have two rats a black one and a tan one.

rat lover!!! - 2006-06-11
rats are the best pets ever and they each have their own little personalities. they are great for little kids. they are so freindly its like having a super tiny dog. its also a perfect first pet! if you are thinking of getting a rat becareful where you get it, i would recommend a breeder. have fun with your RAT!

Paige - 2006-05-27
I have 3 rats, JT, Nanook and Knuckles. I got them when they were babies as it's easier to have them get used to you easier. I feed my rats lab rocks because it's basically all they need for the real food and I also give them some pet store food. The lab rocks I order because I think they are the best, Harlan Teklad since I started mine with store food and 2 of them got fat. LOL.

I call one kissy, kissy because he loves to and another is the clown. He loves to play and when you throw a cat ball with the bell in where he is, he will come out with it and put it in your hand.

The third one I have is the bully of them. When rats get to involved with each other and fighting I just spray them with water and they will stop.

I am hoping soon to get a couple of Dumbo rats. They are so cute. My other rats are albino's. I carry one on my shoulder when I go to the bank or other places as the last one I had a while back used to walk by my side on the sidewalk with no leash at all. We had fun.

I think the reason why my rats got so big is because the dog food I was also giving them is high in protein. They love their peas though.

They are great to have. I have them over a friends house who owns one of them. I have 10 cats at home so it wouldn't be a good idea to bring them here. :)

Lydia wainwright - 2006-05-07
my rat is called Toffie and she has a big nose but she is cute. i luv her, she is so cute.

heva - 2006-05-07
my rats sandi, toffie, and angel are the best pets ever. they need lots of attention because they get fussy and hyper if they dont get out. they are so cute. they are also cake addicts.

Lydia - 2006-05-05
A better MINIMUM cage size for two rats would be 24X18X24. I say for two because rats are highly social creatures and keeping one rat alone is like solitary confinement for a deathrow inmate. They need the company of their own species no matter how much time you spend with them. Two or three rats make for much happier and healthier rats than one lone poor baby. So, bigger is better when it comes to cages as rats are highly intelligent and very active. Don't forget to put all kinds of fun stuff and toys in the cage for them. Also, commercial pre-packaged rat food is not nutritionally sound for rats. They are mostly low quality junk food full of fillers like alfalfa that rats can't even digest. Ideally they should be fed a homemade diet of lowfat, low protein dog food, as well as grains, and fresh foods like fruit and vegetables. There are many rat diet recipes available on the web. I use one called SueBee's mix (google it) that I adapted my to my rats tastes and the nutrition info I researched on the web. There lots of info out there on how to make a healthy varied diet for rats. Initially it may seem overwhelming to make up your own diet, at least it was to me, but it will be worth it in the end since your rats will love it more and be happier and healthier. If a homemade diet is out of the question, a high quality rodent lab block supplemented by fruits and veggies is the next best thing. Above all, rats are fabulous smart and adorable little creatures. I'd describe their personalities as a mix between a cat and a dog. Every day I'm amazed at these precious little creatures. I have five boys and wouldn't trade them for anything.

Kel - 2006-05-03
For anyone who is a bit warey of having a rat as a pet, like i was a first. Don't be put off by what people say about them, they are one of the most loving pets you could have. I had a rat named Max. He was gorgeous, i took him everywhere with me in my hood on my coat. He would just crawl upon my shoulder and into my hood and sit there looking out whilst i went shopping or anywhere. He was the most well behaved and easiest pet i have ever had. Sadly when he was 5 he died. But I will definitely have another oneday. They are great!

ashley - 2006-04-28
Commercial rat food that you can buy in pet stores is not an appropiate diet for any rat, lab block excluded. I have had almost all of my rats live past the age of 4 not using commercial diets.

Blythe - 2006-04-22
rats are probably the best pets living. they are so sweet! my rats are very very nice. I love rats!

Kelly - 2006-04-06
i work at a pet store and i was not quite sure about the rats. but now i love them. i have 2 hooded one is blk and white the other is tan and white. they are so cute my kids just love them. my 5yr old daughter's daycare class named the one shamrock because i brought it home on st patricks day. and the other is named estes after the company my husband works for. i think rats are great pets and i recommend anyone to get one.