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   Active and smart little animals, rats can make great pets especially for children!
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d - 2006-10-05
Hi Everyone,
I've only had my little ratty for a few weeks, but she is already a far better companion than the man I thought I was going to marry ever was. She's just like a mini dog, and heaps easier to look after. I'm hoping to get her a playmate soon too, because I feel bad leaving her alone all day.
Keep enjoying your rats everyone, and let the human 'dirty rats' of the world look after themselves.
Del in OZ

laura lee mills - 2006-08-24
my pet rat's name is wendsday. it is gray. it is the cuteist little thing, i love wendsday.

sarah huntley - 2006-08-22
My name is Sarah I am 13 years old & this is my story and advice. In 2003 I got my first rat, he was beautiful. he was a friendly soul and I trained him to collect treats from my hand. he would have left over's from our dinner's. He liked sultana bran and fruit loop cereals, also chocolate but I couldn

Alex Huff - 2006-08-12
Rats are wonderful pets and are very loveable. I originally bought two rats: Midnight and Coco(both albino),whom the guy at the pet store assured me were both female. But three weeks later, it turned out he was wrong. Coco had two babies, one was stillborn. The surviving pup was named Fufu and he is now a very lively and inquisitive six-month-old. I love all of them and they are very rewarding pets but they are by no means a responsibility that should be taken lightly. I would definately encourage any potential rat owners to buy from a reputable breeder if at all posible. And research diligently PRIOR to puchase, by book and by web in order to make a clear decision as to whether or not rats are right for you and to be well informed so that your new friend can have the best possible life.

Suaznne - 2006-07-29
We have 10 rats. They are WONDERFUL pets, we call them our appartment dogs and they really are like little dogs. Each of them knows their name and will come when you call, or when you shake their treat bag! one is a hairless variety, hes the best! I Love Them!

ratboy - 2006-07-27
I think rats are the most amazing pets they are intelligent and are generally clean and easy to look after. I have very special rats because they are adult and they are still hairless! they are bald. my friend got them from holland and they are really cool. i think you make them by breeding two rex rats together but im not sure. they are very rare even on the internet

Heather - 2006-07-25
I have four small kids and we had a pet rat and he was great. He was so cute and friendly and if my husband would let me get one more I would. We have a hamster and two rabbits.

Robert - 2006-06-25
Brown rats and black rats are not breeds of rats. The most common breeds of rats are the norweigan rat and the roof rat. The norweigion rat is the type of rats that are sold in petstores. They prefer a mild climate. The roof rats are not normally sold as pets and prefer more tropical climates. The roof rats were the rats responsible for spreading the bubonic plague. Not the norweigion. But the plague was not even the rats fault, it was the flea that lived on rats. I thought I would clear this up for you. because i believe people should be informed with correct information.

Heather - 2006-06-23
I have 4 rats who are all very sweet. There names are Fuzz, Pogo, Cysco, and Flat. All of them were rescued/abandoned and are all now happily living with us now. When we got our first rat, Fuzz, we would've never thought that we'd end up having 3 more later on. They're just so sweet and are in some sorts better than a dog could ever be. We're so happy to have all of them now and we will always have at least one in our home!

Morgan - 2006-06-15
Wow. Rats are one of the best pets you can have. I have two, Abby and Alice. They love each other to death. My boyfriend has fallen in love with them as well. I advise to anyone and everyone, rats are the pefect pet for all sorts of people.