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   Active and smart little animals, rats can make great pets especially for children!
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K.T. - 2007-03-18
Hi there! I'm gonna name my rat Mo. I hear that it is better to get a young rat, so I'll check it out. This site as some really good information.

kelsey - 2007-02-27
My friend and I just bought two rats from the Humane society. Their names are Chile and Pepper and I love them.

Brandie - 2007-02-17
I would have never considered ever getting a rat, I always thought they were dirty and carried diseases. My fiance talked me into getting one, since we were having so much trouble with hyper hamsters, who were loud and annoying! I absolutely love my rat WALKER..he is the sweetest pet I have ever had. He is friendly and comes when he is called. He also knows when we put our hands in the cage to climb right into our hands. We made him a 2 story "apartment" and he absolutely loves it. He has various tubes and climbing things also. He loves to play and loves being held. I love rats and I am so glad we have one!

roz - 2007-01-30
i think my rat is amazing and i love her and i would never give her up for the world. i named her frisky because she soo fiesty and stuff

Clair - 2007-01-17
good company and inquistive

Nads - 2007-01-04
what a great site dedicated to our friends and family .. mine is called Sadie, a big healthy male black hooded rat, and the love of my life. he's the best companion i've ever had on the couch when watching TV and never argues about the channel! living on my own i enjoy cooking for 2 and being able to share what i eat with him, he's my best food critic .. ha ha.. his silly antics keep me laughing for hours. sometimes he has free run of my bachelor flat and i have on occasion woken up with him curled up in my bed. as a student we share the same hours, sleep all day, party all night so it's always a joy coming home and he's up wanting to get some love and a run around. only prob is he keeps stealing my smokes, especially when it's the last one. he's crossed borders with me and is now joining me in embarking on the next stage of my life .. leaving the student life behind and starting to work. in about a month we'll be moving into the vast and lonely African Bush together. i can't think of anyone else i'd want with me ..

Winnie - 2006-12-15
rats are great. they have to be the funnest animals to have and you do really get attached. one of my rats died from phenmonia and i cried for ages and ages. now we have 2 new ones, roxy and tia. i still miss my old rat but love these ones too. i recommend rats to anyone, they are great.

lisa marsden - 2006-11-20
shavings are never good for rats, carefresh, yesterdays news of the cardboard squares are the best.
also it is never ok to keep rats on their own ever, unless they have severe behaviour problems.

rats make fantastic pets providing all adaquate measures are taken to keep them as happy as possible. also tanks arent suitable, large tall cages, preferably aviarys, or the critter 3 (pain to clean) are the best, critter cages are inexpensive too

melanie - 2006-11-13
Pet rats rock! I grew up with serveral hamsters and one mouse, because my parents would not let me get a rat. Now I am married and have my own place, and 6 rats. They are a lot more friendly than hamsters and mice! They like to be picked up, and they love spending time playing and cuddling with you!

Maggie Crooks - 2006-10-10
My fave of all pets! I made the mistake of getting a male & a female, and eventually I was raising them for pets. I had every color variation of hooded rat there was. A wild rat got into my house once, and my tame rats Big Daddy and Aristotle killed it! No joke. They are great!