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   Active and smart little animals, rats can make great pets especially for children!
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kathy - 2007-08-17
I've had several rats over the years and females seem to be slightly friendlier than the males. However the last 3 female rats that I have had have developed mammary tumors which can grow rapidly. It cost $200 to have them removed (if you can find a small animal vet in your area willing to do so) and unforuntately, they almost always come back. 1 was a black rat, 1 was a blue dancing rat and the one I currently have is an albino so it does not appear to be limited to a particular breed. Snowball is 2 1/2 years old and had a very large tumor removed last year and it is now coming back. It is an unfortunate side to selecting a female but rats do most certainly make wonderful pets.

kyla - 2007-08-05
Rats are the number one greatest pet in america! I have had rats since I was 5 y/o! I've never seen a rat bite. My 4 y/o sister loves to play a little rough with my rats and still they never bit her. My rats loves to play with my aunts puppy and my dog. I have 2 females in one cage and 2 males in another. Rats need another rat to socialize with. 2 rats are just as easy to take care of then 1. Rats will often die sooner or get depressed if alone. Rats are the cleanest of all rodents! They are the nicest in my opinion. They love to be held, Some will even lick you. All my rats love sitting on my shoulder while I do homework or play my nintendo DS. Rats are great pets. I recommend rats for everyone. My rats even play with the 2 y/o boy that I babysit. Rats are the perfect pet. The only thing is that rats do need a big cage. I have a ferret cage(3 stories) for my girls and a big like 5 story cage for my boys. Rats need at least 2 stories. The bigger the better. My rats all love their hammocks. Do not use pine bedding because all the dust gives them respiratory problems. My rats use rat blocks for food(from petco). My rats favorite snacks are peas, corn, cheese, crackers, strawberries and sometimes I give them left over meats like chicken because it is good protein for them. Rats are great pets!

ERYN - 2007-08-04
rats are really fun pets to have and they are easy to train. they need alot of love and hugs and a partener to keep them company while your not around.

Pinkrattie - 2007-07-22
Please do not use glass aquariums. Rats need a cage that allows for air circulation - cross ventilation. Rats eaily get respiratory infections if they do not have air circulation - cross ventilation - in their cage.

Abby J. - 2007-07-15
I have two rats the first one Napoleon Dynamite (blue hooded rat) the second one (a hairless dumbo rat) doesnt have a name because i got him a couple of days ago and still hasnt really been sutable for any names. Napoleon is about four months old and the hairless rat is 2 and a half months old. i didnt really know anything about rats when i got Napoleon and the Petsmart lady didnt really tell me much either, in fact she had never even picked up the rats and was very frantic about me deciding. but i love my little boys and will cherish them forever:):):):):)

Elaine M. - 2007-07-03
Our lives were enriched with a a very special female (hooded doe) rat. My daughter named her Fiona. In the beginning, she was housed in an adequate cage with toys. But as time went on, we caved in and gave her free range in an unused room. We set up a bedding area with old blankets and two bowls (food and fresh water) accesible. She relished rat treats and occasionally human treats too.

We interacted daily with Fiona. She thrived with our companionship. Everyday was special. She lived her life with us and for us. We gave her love and in return she loved us unconditionally.

Unfortunately, at age 2 years and 4 months, she had succumbed to cancerous tumors and was put to rest on June 8, 2007. Our sadness still remains and there will never be in our lives a more magnificent pet.

jared - 2007-06-09
I have about a six month old male fancy rat, and his name is Mickey. He is very curious, playful, and social. He loves to curl up in between my neck and chest. But beware, their claws are sharp, so you might want to wear something their claws cannot puncture.
I didn't know much about rats when I first got him, and the Petsmart people weren't very helpful either. But this website pretty much gave me the heads-up on what little I did know about rats. On a scale of 1 to 10, this website gets a 10.

lover of all animals - 2007-05-30
premixed foods are not necessarily "balanced" many of them include fillers like corn which can carry mold, alfalfa which rats dont digest very easily, lots of seeds not ideal for rats, etc etc. check out Mazuri brand lab blocks made for rats, not rats, mice, and hamsters. they are all very different. breeding because "you want babies" for a few weeks is not a good reason to breed an animal. i doubt most people know how healthy the blood line of there pet is or have housing and $ enough to properly care for a litter as they get older (of any animal). otherwise its just another litter added to the millions of animals that needs homes, its just selfish. help a needy animal and adopt/rescue

Bessy - 2007-05-29
My boyfriend and I own two lovely lady rats called Meg (albino with beige hood) and Maddy (albino).
Always have more than one rat. Aside from the fact that they will be happier and healthier, it's fun to watch them playing and wrestling and building nests with their bedding together.
I wanted to mention that healthy rats can make noise other than the distinct "eep" sound. But it's most likely something an owner wouldn't notice until they spend quite some time with their rat because it's a very soft noise.
Rats sometimes grind their teeth together to wear them down, making a sound referred to as "bruxing". They do it when they're stressed or relaxed. You may also notice their eyes "boggling" at the same time when they're really happy.
Although sometimes I think they do it for attention too. One day my boyfriend was sitting at his computer. The girls were leaning so far off the bookshelf we keep their cage on they were almost falling off (we always keep their cage open when we're home and awake) and they were bruxing so loudly because they wanted to sit with him that he could hear it through his headphones. He, of course, picked them up and they snuggled together between his shoulderblades.
That's another thing. Ratties can be pretty spikey, it's best to wear layers as they like to hide.

Amy - 2007-05-24
i have 2 adult dumbos, templeton a female, and george a male; and they just had a litter saturday.