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   Active and smart little animals, rats can make great pets especially for children!
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Anonymous - 2008-04-23
Hello, well I got a male albino rat and he's got sores on the lower part of the jaw (near the neck) but he seems fine. I'm planning on getting him a mate this weekend and I'm going to breed them. I love rats and I have taken care of them since I was seven. All I can say is that they get so many, so be careful... As this page said, just buy a pair if you want babies. Once I got 4 rats (1 male and 3 females), the next month they multiplied to about THIRTY... HEHE

Anonymous - 2008-04-01
OMG! I am getting a rat in 3 weeks and I wanna be prepared! They are CUTE!

connor - 2008-03-26
My step brother is getting a pet rat and he is getting a big cage, how cool is that!

Morgan - 2008-01-09
I have one rat named PJ. I would reccomend a pet rat to almost anyone! They are very smart. They learn to love you very quickly. My rat PJ is actually a feeder rat. I saved him from my aunt's python. I actually thought a feeder rat would be very mean or agressive. But nope! I had him in a bird cage until I got back home to indiana from georgia. He escaped out of the birdcage five times when he was a baby and we even had the cage in a bath tub. I was suprised he still managed to crawl up the slick sides of the bathtub. He was so scared when I first rescued him. They put the feeder rats in little tiny plastic containers. I was so sad they would do this, because when he looked up at me with his little scared face, I knew I had to rescue him! I took him out of the container and he just curled uo in my hands and shook for awhile, then he fell fast asleep. I love rats!

Nichole - 2008-01-07
I have 4 of my own rats and two that I gave to a friend and they are the best pets I have ever had. I can bring my rats out on a leash and one of them even stands by me without a leash when I walk on the street. Everyday they show me affection and learn something new! I strongly recommend pet rats to anyone. Even my little sister who is nine years old loves them.

Lyz - 2007-12-13
Initially, I was reluctant when my boyfriend came home with a pet rat five years ago. However, I like to think I'm an open-minded person, and I gave the situation some time. I came to love having rats around, and have been in ownership ever since that fateful day so long ago.
Like most owners already know, rats are incredibly affectionate, social, and intelligent beings. In addition to providing the best company, many of my rats were capable of learning a plethora of tricks. As a matter of fact, my very first rat would fetch, dance, bring home kill (most of which we permited him to indulge in on his own), and go for walks without a leash. He even ran away for three days and sought refuge with my neighbor two doors down. When we appeared at our neighbors' doorstep and called for our rat, Splinter, he came scampering toward us in delight.
Since then, we've had multiple additions (intended or otherwise) and of course, losses. However, no matter what each one brings us, we're still loyal fans. I'm so glad to see the popularity of rat-ownership is so strong and catching.

Rachel - 2007-10-26
I have 7 rats and they are so precious! I love them to pieces, and they make extremely good pets.

MACKENZIE - 2007-09-27
What really is cool about rats is that their personalities are so different. Some like to groom all day, some always fall over, some eat all the time and are chubby, and some are skinny and ignore food. Some like to fight, and so on...

Sally Kerr - 2007-09-20
I've always had rats, and they get on well with my cats - they even feed from the same bowl!

I have 3 males and 3 females living together, 2 of the girls are blind and the 3 males have all had the snip. They get on well and have established a fairly strong heirachy; but saying to get animals of the same sex is fine, if only to save the potential owner

Anonymous - 2007-09-17
I have four rats. Nibbles is a female Himalayan dumbo, Mittens is a black rex dumbo, Crystal is an albino fancy rat and Topaz is a black fancy rat. It is cute to see them all running around together and getting into trouble. They like to lick my face and annoy my bunny. Rats are one of the best rodents because they are very social and like humans, unlike hamsters. Rats also come in lots of different colours and breeds so you can pick which type you want.