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   Here is a raccoon up past his bedtime! This younster couldn't keep still, climbed all over everybody and was constantly "checking things out"!
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Helen Chavis - 2010-12-03
I have been raising a female raccoon for about 7 months now. I have had her since she was just a few days old. Keeping a raccoon is a 24/7 thing. I hand feed her but she refuses to eat meat. I've tried everything from bacon, tuna, chicken she won't eat any of it she eats dog food, some fruits, fruit snacks, cereal and french fries. I had a hard time getting info about certain problems I had with her so if you have any questions or comments email me

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  • Andrea - 2010-12-15
    Ive had a male raccoon since he was a day old and he recently started getting out, he would come back in the earlie morning and would get in my attic and sleep. He got out sunday night and never came back. Do raccoons hybernate, or u think he found a female and isnt coming back? Everyone in my neighborhood knows i have him and i dont think they set a trap and the pound come and took him. Being raised in doors and with dogs makes me worried. thanks Andrea
  • Jeanie - 2011-07-06
    Good morning ! Do you still have your raccoon ?
    I have been taking care of a female approx. 2.5 weeks old that was given to me to try and save. ( last weekend )
    She is drinking Similac off my finger and is certainly getting better than that first day !!
    Any advice ?
  • Jim - 2012-07-06
    House raised racoons don't hibernate but wild racoons have been know to 'sleep' for a month at a time in harsh winter weather.
  • kristy - 2012-08-20
    I have had my raccoonie for two and a half years now, he has been neutered and sleeps with us every night, a real sweetie! My husband loves ours so much, I no longer get the first kiss when he gets home. He uses the litter box great and has never made a mess on the floor, he does tend to make messes, but hasn't ruined much of anything in our house, and yes he has the run of the house for the most part. He weighs 35 lbs and gives us lots of kisses! Totally love the little guy to peices, I have had many animals including four sheltis that I have now also, ( and yes they get along) I have never had a greater pet!!!
saxon - 2004-03-05
I have a racoon we raised from when it was a baby. we let it go out side it climbs a tree and sleeps in our attic then comes down and we feed and play with it. it hasnt started getting mean yet and its a year and a half.

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  • Jim - 2012-07-06
    Racoons don't get 'mean' but they can become aggressive when they become sexually mature, during mating season (like all wild animals). Many racoons also become 'independent' as they age and don't like to be held and cuddled like they used to. This is typically squirming to get down, not any kind of attack.
Tina - 2010-06-06
Hi, I recently found a baby raccoon under my carport. We have lots of raccoons around our place. We see the tracts in the fields. I very carefully boxed this little fellow up and took him back into the woods behind us. The very next day, here he comes, heads directly into my chicken pen and goes straight for the waters in the chicken pen. I put him in an xlarge dog carrier pen. (wire type) I put a bowl of water, a hanging bottle of water, dog food and peanut butter, dried asst. fruit. I do not want to make a pet out of the little one. It was just so weak and very skinny. It has since really started eating good, becoming less aggressive towards us. I just want to make sure the items I am feeding the little guy won't hurt it. I just want it to get it's strength up and a little age. Then I am going to take it back on the 90 acres around us and let it go.
Is the food I am feeding the little one, ok?
How old should the little one be, before I let it go?
Thank you for your website, very,very helpful.

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  • Jim - 2012-07-06
    Everything you're feeding him sounds good. Raccoons eat just about anything. Don't feed them cow's milk. His age and size for release depend upon the climate in your area. In the north where I live you can usually release a healthy kit in the early fall (born in April or May) and put food/water out for him into the winter. If he's skinny or a runt he'll need help through to a release next Spring. Before releaseing your baby fatten him up to increase his chances of survival!
krisy - 2012-01-01
we have a male raccoon for a year now, we purchased him from a breeder and had him neutered and his have him up to date on all shots. he lives in our house with us, sleeps with us, goes to work in an office with me, and gets along with our shelties great! he is affectionate and loving, but does have his bad moments. he gets into things but mostly is nosey. i have known many people who have had raccoons for several years. this little guy is so fun and sweet. they require a lot of attention, but so him to peices

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  • Mary L. Damm - 2012-03-27
    I have a female raccoon which we have raised from an infant and she is now 2 years old. Where can I get her fixed? I am currently having a problem with her my 12 year old male pomeranian that weighs 17 lbs was like a surrogate parent to her. She currently is double my dogs size and she is now starting to attack him and I am quite concerned. Have you had any issues?
  • Charlie Roche - 2012-03-27
    I would be concerned about the racoon going after your pup. I would at a minimum separate them - completely. I don't know if neutering is the answer - possibly but not sure. I would speak to a rehabilitator.
  • penny strong - 2012-07-03
    Krissy, Your home sounds wonderful for Scarlett... Would you consider our baby raccoon. Penny
Rena - 2008-07-06
I live in Tampa Florida and just got my permit for a pet raccoon. Now I am looking for a rehab in my area that I can volunteer at. I want to volunteer to find out what it takes to care for a forever pet raccoon. I have read and did lots of research, however reading isn't all I need... I need hands on. I feel I have what it takes to bring a baby raccoon in as a new family member, but think I can and really doing it are 2 seperate things. So if you know of anyone that rehabs raccoons or are a rehabber, please contact me @ subject it "Raccoon Rehab" please.

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  • ALINA - 2012-05-18
Kendra - 2005-09-11
Love and nurture the baby you have found, and after giving life, give the greatest gift of all - the freedom to enjoy that life. The first time you watch your baby scamper up a tree you will feel the rightness of it, you will see its unbounded joy. You will profit from one additional aspect of freeing your baby and that is a feeling of participation in the natural world by giving back to Mother Earth one of her own. Squirrel Tales.

"You become responsible forever, for what you have tamed"-Antoine de Saint-Exup

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Sarah - 2008-07-31
WANT A RACCOON? I have a raccoon that has been bottle fed and is now around 3-4 mo old. I cannot keep her, if anyone is interested i am in AL. Please email me

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  • carla - 2012-01-25
    i will take your raccoon if you are still needing a home for her please contact me at this address thank you
tom wirt - 2011-11-22
I was 16 back in the late 40's and accompanied my dad and uncle on many coon hunts. One night, several of us and 4 dogs, treed a female in a large hollow oak. She had 2 young ones - about 6 weeks old -and I kept one naming him Clydus. Fed him a Pet Milk mix from a doll bottle and he thrived on it. I built a small wooden frame with chicken wire on the bottom. We would go to our pond nearly every day and catch crawdads which he loved. He grew to about 30 pounds and rode with me in the car, setting on the back of my seat enjoying the scenery. Took him to a field trial one day and was offered $30 for him which I refused (a weeks salary for my dad at the time). When he was about 2 years old he bit a neighbors young son who was teasing him and we had to return him to the woods. Great pet !

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  • Charlie Roche - 2011-11-22
    It was fun when you had him though so you got to enjoy. $30.00 was big money back then - a weeks salary.
Imogen - 2011-10-19
I never knew you could keep racoons as pets: I thought they were only wild! Shocked...

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  • Charlie Roche - 2011-10-20
    Yep, racoons ccan make excellent pets - as do squirrels and my cousin even had a pet skunk that was absolutely wonderful.
nancy - 2011-09-07
Need help finding a place for 5 month old small female coon is there anybody by Flint, Mich that can help?

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  • april - 2011-09-18
    I was just wondering if you would know about wild coons I had one come to my motel room door and it about came in but my husband hurried up and shut the door would you know why the coon did that? Thanks, your friend april.