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   Here is a raccoon up past his bedtime! This younster couldn't keep still, climbed all over everybody and was constantly "checking things out"!
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mandi - 2004-11-06
Hello. my name is Mandi. I have a barn and every night i put all my cats
away and the racoon that i call rocky is always in there to. he comes in
and sleeps and eats cat food. I see him eat out of the same cat dish as the cats they have a friendship. In the middle of the night some times he opens the door and gets in. he is usually in there at about nine oclock . Today when i got home from work i walked in the barn and he was sleeping on the pile of boxes. He is really beautiful and i wish i could pet him but, i dare not because he is wild. but i have seen how friendly he is to the cats and i kind of want one as a pet. My friends Mom had a racoon that used to sleep in bed with her like a dog and use the litter box and every thing.

Amanda Bandziukas - 2004-10-12
there are lots of racoons in my neighborhood and they are actually rather friendly because my friend and I will sit on the steps and they will approach us looking for food but some do show signs of aggression because my friend and I were going into the parking lot to watch the sunrise when one started growling at us. There are soo cute

Robert Davis - 2004-09-25
I have 3 wild raccoons that visit me every night. I give them bread and sometimes teddy grahams. My favorite is "Sweatheart". We have built a trust over several months of visits. I will place a piece of bread on my knee (while sitting) and she will reach up and take it with her paws. she then will sit next to me while I scratch her back and neck (She really enjoys this). When she is done she will go on top of my house for a rest. I know that they are wild and not pets, and I take several precautions when I have my visitations. However I would not change this for the world they are quite gentle and curious creatures.

Sean - 2004-08-30
Hi, i owned a raccoon, it was a male about 5 months old, i adopted, but not for very long. I love animals, but this little guy was a handfull!!!!!! Let me tell you, he destroyed his bed room that i gave him, holes in the walls, and everything. They are very loving, but like to do their own thing. i had to give him back, because he was just so curious, and got into EVERYTHING. there is a lot of care, more then you can expect. I loved the little guy, but the room was trashed.

Anita - 2004-08-21
I too have a racoon, named Robbie. He is about 1 year old now and is a fun little guy. I agree that if your not willing to spend the time, money and energy, dont adopt a racoon. I have been bitten,scratched and managed to survive. The only time he bites is when he is startled or in his "got to find a woman" mode. When he was small, he would climb up my pant leg as if I were a tree. This is alright during jean season, but the shorts, boy does that hurt! I would not suggest a racoon as a pet unless you are serious about their care. Because if they become use to people and approach them they might become frightened and report them, and then we know how it could end.

kevin r - 2004-08-10
hi my name is kevin and i have notised a strang lookin raccoon in my area. it is all white and has black stripes on its tail.

aidan blonk age 11 - 2004-08-09
thanks alot, your website helped me alot!!!one day i was at my grandmas house and she dropped me of at my house. i ran up to my room and i heard a chirping noise. i looked down and my (other)grandpa was holding a ferret looking animal. "did we get a ferret?", i asked. "no we got a racoon!" "wow! how old is he?". "five weeks". cool! "his name is mafia".

Phoenix - 2004-08-03
I run an animal sanctuary in England and have got 3 female racoons. They are about 4 months old now and delightful.
I keep them in an enclosure of 25 by 20 feet. And feed them 3 times daily on ferret and cat food.
They have had no medical problems yet fortunately but I take all my animals to the vet regularly for check ups.
They are great to keep as they are not aggressive and are not threatened by my cats or dogs. One of my dogs is quite fond of them.
They occasionally bite but only playfully like a cat would do.

Nicholle - 2004-08-01
I am new to this but i wanted to share my experience. I have a three month old raccoon that I just love..I got Coby when he was eight weeks old. I never would have thought that he could be sooo smart and cute at the same time. I have a three year old pitbull and they play as if they were born together. I had a hard time the first week because he would not eat anything the vet told me to feed him. I started to experiment and finally I came up with a recipe that he loves. (i prepare this at night so that it is ready for the next day). 2 cups of kibbles and chunks dog food, 2 cups of water and four scoops of JUST BORN kitten milk with colostrum ( made by Farnam) its hard to find but has great balance. I feed Coby four times a day, but he will let me know if he is hungry early. I finally have him trained to potty outside, I take him out when he wakes-up, he does his duty and then plays for a couple of hours. I also found a flea control product that is safe for raccoons..made also by Farnam called bio-spot, strip-on for cats and ferrets. I put it on Coby when he was 9 weeks and he had NO side effects. I hope that this will help other new raccoon parents.

Ray and Patty - 2004-07-04
Hey Guys, I thought I would share my experience as a caregiver of two raccoons. My first was a little female. One afternoon, after getting home from work. My wife and I found our Cocker Spaniel sitting at the front door waiting for us. As we approached the house we could hear the cries of a small animal. Nestled between his legs was a baby coon, her eyes were still closed. We took her in and checked her for injuries and found her to be healthy and strong. My wife and I have raised several animals from infancy and knew that raising her would require a lot of dedication. We already had feeding bottles and syringes and most everything needed to feed her. Time has taught us that mammals do very well on a mixture of warmed evaporated milk, natural honey and water. This needs to be given every two hours until its eyes have opened, or at about the age of five or six weeks. At that time strained baby fruits can be added for extra nutrients. Once the pup is strong enough you can add mixed baby cereal. I hear from other people that they wean their pup at about eight to ten weeks of age. But I have found that you can provide a bottle as long as it will suckle it. Believe me they will let you know when its not wanted. You will find that your pet will be truly bonded to you for the rest of its life. We bath our coons on a regular basis and found that they look forward to the cleanup. Our raccoons enjoy their time with the dog and cats but really look forward to spending time with us. They are very loving and love to cuddle. But given the opportunity to wrestle, they will play just as hard as we play back. Raccoons are very intelligent and can learn basic commands and words. Do not be afraid to say NO. Even though they use their hands with great dexterity they tend to lick and nibble. This is one of those times for the NO word. Also as soon as they start eating solid foods you need to help it get over aggressive eating habits. I have found that if you hand feed them and make a game out of carefully taking the morsels back, that you will be able to retrieve anything you do not want chewed up without any problems. Our female is about eight years old and the male is about four years of age. I am not sure that either one of them have an aggressive bone in them, but when in public we have to be careful. Both have worn a harness since they were about eight weeks old and have learned to walk on a leash. When in public or the vets they wear a mussel just to be safe. They are both registered and get their shots each year. Coons are not for everybody. They require a lot of care, patience, and attention. But the time invested is rewarding in itself.