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   Here is a raccoon up past his bedtime! This younster couldn't keep still, climbed all over everybody and was constantly "checking things out"!
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Shonda and John - 2005-05-18
The other day, my boyfriend and I went for a walk in the woods. Now, it is not completely uncommon for us to randomly bring home a pet whether from the pet store or from a camping trip, but this time, it was NOT intended. A mother and her babies were near us in the woods and we were just watching them when the babies came up to meet us. After a while we decided to leave, but I had a follower. One of the babies followed me home that night. Three days into it, s/he still hasn't left me, looks for me if I leave him alone: he seems to have adopted me and my boyfriend as his family now, even though we've tried to return him to his family. Oh well. He's so cute, we are just hoping we can handle a racoon along with our two dogs, a cat, rabbit, two birds, and a bunch of fish...

Shelby - 2005-05-02
My husband works for a critter control company, and he is always bringing home new friends. The best thing he ever brought home was Einstien. Our little racoon and his 4 brothers and sisters were found in a chimney, and the mother could not be found or trapped.
We found homes for the all of the tiny little babies, except for Einstein. He has crazy gray hair that sticks straight-up like Albert Einstein. Our 2 year old Bullmastiff thinks that he is her baby and tries to nurse and clean him. It is so funny to see such a huge dog coddlng a tiny little coon! He has been a very good baby, and he is so much fun to watch! He is like a tiny little monkey. He likes to climb in our pockets and take a nap. Having a racoon is not an easy job. You should only adopt one if you can spend a lot of time with them. Einstein has been by far the most interesting part of our family!

Anonymous - 2005-04-21
i just got a baby coon, his name is rosco. he is so adorable. his mom was shot because she made her home in a cottage chimey. my grandma took the other 4.

Erika and Vince - 2005-04-12
I have a male pet raccoon named Bandit (of course!) Me and my boyfriend bought him from a raccoon breeder when he was two weeks old. His eyes werent even opened yet! He is litter box trained and very tame. We even got him neutered, microchipped, and rabies vaccinated. He is the best pet I own (I have 8 other pets: 3 sugar gliders, one dog, two conure birds, and two mice) I live in Illinois and all we need to own him is a permit from the Department of Natural Resources. He is very sweet and loving and playful. He has him own room with a queen sized bed and he is very spoiled! I love him so much and cant imagine my life without him.

Britt - 2005-02-20
Raccons r cool. u guys rock with all the animals that I love.

Max Smelding - 2005-02-08
Growing up in the suburbs of Brooklyn New York, I never knew that wild racoons roamed the area at night. My first time I met a coon, came when I stumbled home a bit intoxicated from my neighborhood bar. To my surprise, going through my garbage was "Bandit," as he affectionately became known to me. What surpirsed me most, was Bandit seemed more curious than frightful of me. As a reward for this curiousity I went into my house and fed him some nachos and cheetos, which he really seemed to enjoy.

Bandit would come visit me on a very regular basis, usually waiting at my doorstep a few days a week. His intelligence and natural curiousity were remarkable, as was his calm and tame ways. Bandit and me would sit on the porch often and we would talk for hours. He seemed to have a deep understanding of me, and my inner-most thoughts. Bandit would perform the most humanlike behaviors and would copy me when I performed tricks such as spinning on my head and line dancing.

After a number of meetings, Bandit did move in with me and we had a wonderful relationship for a number of years. I was very dismayed, when I did come home one evening and found out that he had left.

I would highly recommend owning a coon to all. Bandits natural warmth and beauty are what faity tales are made of. I never did get over losing that coon.

Anonymous - 2005-02-05
we have a pet coon. after his mother was hit by a car by my barn, it took him three days to come out of his nest and find me. he was only two weeks old. i fed him from a baby bottle with 1 1/2 cups whole milk mixed with 1 raw egg and 2Tb sugar. i have had him for ten months and he is 22lbs.

A.K. - 2005-01-28
I have pet Raccoons, they are the best little friends you could ever have. I found them on the side of the road after a large rain. They still were brown when I found them.

Shelly - 2004-12-25
I also have a pet raccoon now. He is 14 months old.
Yes he is much more than i ever imagined!! Not necessarily "tearing" things up, yeah he could i guess, but he just likes to make a total mess of everything, i dont care what it is, he can make a mess of it!
alot of people get them and at about 5 months decide to get rid of them b/c of their coonie behavior.. either dumping them off in the wild, or hurting them!
I made a committment to my coonie and to myself no matter what happened i would always keep him and be good to him.
He is only playing and if anyone has ever seen a wild coon fight, they would know the difference!! A friend says I have the meanest coonie ever!!! He doesnt have a mean bone in his body!!!
Just because he darts off the bed and chases me around the table then jumps as high as he can to bite whatever he can bite..LOL
i just have to tell myself, hes only playing..

Lara - 2004-11-10
My best friend has a pet racoon, her mom found it at her work. It was very small when they took it home and would crawl and hide under piles of blankets. it liked to eat cheerios out of your hand and was very tame. now it is about a year old and very wild because the boys in the house taught it how to fight when they would mess around with it. it only goes to certain people and if you try to pet it he will bite or scratch you. It gets into everything, and is not house trained. It likes to crack open raw eggs and eat the yolk out of it. Even still, it is a great pet when treated right and taken great care of.