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   Here is a raccoon up past his bedtime! This younster couldn't keep still, climbed all over everybody and was constantly "checking things out"!
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Pam - 2005-10-05
We have 4 boys and 1 female that we took in back in April 27 2004. They were just a few weeks old, when there mother was killed. I heard them up in the den tree crying after 1 day of no food. We went to the rescue. And have been a part of the family ever since. They are so precious to us. They have there own room with a wading pool and all the play things that they want, they are very spoiled. They have exceptional toilet habits, and are very clean. They have all been neutured and spayed. They love to play and cuddle with my husband and myself and watch tv.

Patrick Lowe - 2005-09-28
The real reason raccoons "wash" their food isn't to actually wash it, but the coolness of the water makes their paws more sensitive so as to feel the individual parts of their food, like if they were eating some smaller animal it would allow them to pick out the parts of the meat they want more.

Jordan - 2005-09-22
Hi my name is Jordan and one of our neighbors down the road had found an apparently pet racoon which came right up on her porch. She didn't know what to do with a racoon, so she gave me a call to come check it out. when I got there I was suprised to see this coon sprawled out across this chair like he owned it. I wasn't so sure about him at first until the elderly lady said, I'll pick him up, I've done it a few times already, and she did.
So I took him in and he was such an entertainer we all loved him. He played all the time even inside, he appeared to have been house trained. I named him Bandit and he was a rascal. He also adapted very well living with my 12 year old dog. he was always so sweet to her, he would go up to her and hug right around the neck. But one day tragedy happened for Bandit when I wasn't home. I had found out that a guy down the road had seen him and tried to scare him with a pole. Bandit thought the guy was wanting to play.
the guy came back outside with a pistol and shot twice only one bullet hit Bandit. I was in such pain over Bandit, and I serched for him for a few days and then gave up. Then one morning I was outside just enjoying the cool air when I was stunned to see bandit with this weak walk as he was busted up. I paniced and broke the door, I ran in so fast and yelled Bandit is alive. Heartbroken by the way he looked I floored the car to the grocery store to get a box to put him in. My mom and I rushed Bandit to the vet where he looked at him and said, "He'll probably make a good recovery because it must not be too bad since it had been five days since being shot." He told us that he would call after he cleans him up. Later that evening we were asked to meet with our vetenarian. what he had to say was very hard for me to take in. He told me that I had two options, and they were we put him to sleep, or we could try amputating his front leg which was severely damaged. but he said he really didn't think he would make it through the surgery. I turned around and there he was in a cage just sleeping. I broke down and started crying as I knew what I had to do for him.
I like to think that the reason he held on so long for his life was he had to tell me goodbye.

keith carter - 2005-09-08
Racoons are great too watch for hours each night. I had a mother, father and 4 children that would wait by a tree in my backyard on the VA intercoastal waterway every night. They would eat peanuts, (what a blast to watch them open these) marshmellows, grapes and I would go to the local bakery and but a small cart of bread for only $3.00. I had been living with these animals and entertaining the neighbors and children for a year and a half now.
But be careful. One ignorant neighbor decided it would be more fun to trap and shoot the racoons full of arrows while his children helped. Unfortenly, the VA dept. of game and Inland Fisheries can find no problem with this behavior.
So, please be careful making friends with these animals it can cause great heartbreak.

Racoon friend for life,

Keith Carter

Anonymous - 2005-09-04
i have had my racoon for about two weeks now most of my info came off the internet. his gender is unKnown at the present time so we just call him rac. we are going to build him a backyard house with a wading pool and water fall. we are also going to add trees and much more fun stuff that he can play and have fun in. i hope that he dosn't get mean, like the stories that i have been told over the last past two weeks from my friends and family. i just think that they are so cute, but coming from the wild you never now when the are going to turn out.

cody - 2005-08-16
My Coon Bandit is just a few weeks old. He followed me home one day without me even realizing it until I had got inside and he jump up in my lap. He is an awesome pet and likes everybody who seems to like him.

Shayne - 2005-08-15
My backyard leads right into a forest, so racoons are very common to see at dusk. I leave fruit scraps out for them by the porch, and found that they've made quite a habit of coming. Several trusting ones are already up in the roof, or the porch railing waiting for when I come out. Couple years back, I found a dead mother lying under a bush by the road. Probably hit by a car. There were three babies by her side. One was dead and the others emaciated. Well I raised the two and let them go. It's hard to tell, but those trusting racoons might be either of them. They are wonderful animals but do make horrible pets. I wouldn't recommend them as a pet to anyone.

Teresa Cunningham - 2005-08-11
I have three Dachshunds, two are five months old and I also have there mother. In late May 2005 I found a very small Raccoon in are driveway outside of our home. I took him in and have raised him with my dachshunds. He now thinks he is a dachshund. he sleeps, eats, and goes outside with the dogs to potty. he is the first one to car when you ask if they want to go bye bye. We do not keep him caged and I really think by letting him have his freedom to come and go as he wants has really made him very loving. his Name is Bandit and he got his name rightfully. he will take anything that is not tied down and hide it in his bed. He also loves the water, he will swim in the river with are Dogs. A week age he took on a much larger Raccoon and ran it off then went every place that the other Raccoon had been and urinated to mark his territory.

April - 2005-08-08
On July 1, I placed 2 male raccoons with a licensed rehabber. They were 3 months old and ready to live outside, but not on their own. I felt responsible for their care due to a series of unfortunate circumstances six weeks earlier. They hated taking KMR from a nipple, so weaning was accomplished over the first few days. My guys thrived on a mixture of KMR (Kitten Milk Replacement) baby rice cereal, applesauce, plain yogurt and finely ground puppy chow. After I had moved them into their own room, all I had to do is call out "chow time" to get them to come running and climb up into their cage. That cage was never closed after the first week we had it. Instead, it served as their personal dining room and napping place. I used old t-shirts to provide them with a hammock for naps. A small construction mixing tub from Home Depot was their wading pool where they could fish for raisins. Raccoons make no distinction between drinking and bathing water and both were disgusting by the end of every day. Climbing practice was provided for in a number of ways, some provided by me. Once they had practiced climbing trees outside, I gave them a long 3-4 inch wide branch to get up and down from their cage. By the week before they left, one had started climbing up brick walls on the outside of my house. Both had made it 8-10 feet high in some overgrown shrubs out back and were very good at staying hidden. They had also demonstrated some very fierce defensive behavior. They were usually very affectionate and did, when inside, understand and obey the word "no". They also came when called, most of the time. I still miss them. But as long as I have to work for a living, raccoon care is way too much to handle.

Kimberly - 2005-08-03
I have a male racoon "Baby Jerry". My neighbor found him while mowing, and as the baby needed bottle feeding he brought him to me. My goal was to keep him alive and let him go!
I can't imagine life without him, racoon's are so fascinating and very lovable. He is aproximatly 4 months old and he is starting to show a little aggression when he doesn't get his way. He loves our cats, and we even have 2 coon dogs on the property that we rent! They bark at him, but it doesn't phase him as he roams our yard. He lives inside the house and he sleeps with me every night! Having Baby Jerry is one the most wonderfull experiences I have had.