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   Here is a raccoon up past his bedtime! This younster couldn't keep still, climbed all over everybody and was constantly "checking things out"!
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i love raccoons - 2006-03-20
Hi, I don't have a pet raccoon but i'm looking in to it, because who doesn't just love them. Also they are my favorite animal and i've had a close encounter with one. Once by a ferrydock i came a foot away from a grown female raccoon(across a fence) who had recently been swimming. We looked at each other for a couple of seconds, and then when we started walking down the fence and she followed us until the fence stopped then sat down. when we came back an hour later she wasn't there and it made me sad. Anyways, hope you guys have had a good raccoon experience too.

kayln - 2006-03-04
I have a 7 to 8 month old raccoon. He chashes cats and growls at dogs because he wants all the attention. He's very playfull and likes to bite hair. One of these days I know I have to let him free but it makes me so sad that I will probably cry my eyes out. I wouldn't pick any other raccoon in the whole world.

Charlie - 2006-02-23
wow, those too racoons remind me so much of my pet, rascal. We found him when he couldnt have been more than a week old. We bottle fed him on a kitten formula, then switched to cat food. the problem we had was that he gained too much weight, so we would bring him to the creek behind our house 2 times a day and started letting him hunt on his own. then we would feed him grapes and slightly cooked deer meat. he did very well and was the best pet we had ever had until about 2 years old, then he decided he didnt want to live with us anymore, and he ran away... we still see his foot prints outside our house in the dirt.

Anonymous - 2006-02-13
This is my third year to rehab raccoons and can't wait to get more. They are the best pets as such there is. I had Ruby and she was member of the family and would go to the woods and when you called her she would come to the house. She would walk to the mailbox with me and just loved to play inside or out. I found a site that I can get raccoon articles. To have one is to know what love is with a animal. I have pictures of her around here. I let someone give her medical care and she passed. I hope that I get two this year so wish me luck.

Tim Miller - 2006-02-03
Hi, I have had two raccoons before and i am on my third one. I'm 14 now and when i had my first raccoon a was around 10 years old. The first raccoon was named Rascal and we found him as a 5 day old baby right beside a river. When we picked him up he turned out to be extremely friendly to everyone and he had a special relationship with me and my big black lab. When we let him wander out in the wilderness he left. About half a year later we picked up Merlin whom fell out of a tree and broke his nose. Merlin was a week old when we found him and he turned out to be very territorial and he onl liked me because, out of my 2 brothers, my mom and dad and I, I spent a lot of time with him and fed him by hand. One night he went outside and returned with over 30 raccoons that were messing around in our garage. When I went out there all the raccoon just stared and ran away exept for Merlin and another that was less than 2 feet away from me. Me and this curoisly familar raccoon had a stare-down and then he scurried away. Later a thought that that was Rascal. Now a have a raccoon named Gabriel who is extremely friendly but gets into everything and just loves to play. Right now he is about 8 months old but isn't very big and just wants to hang around with me and my dog (but my dog is old and doesn't want to be bothered):). I love my raccoons and would never let them go, they're the best friends ever.

Lisa Gross - 2005-12-28
I have a 3-year old racoon, and I named her Ringa! When I got her I
thought she was a male. Ringa is a very curious animal, and sometimes a real pain in the butt. She gets into everything and loves to climb on anything. I also have 2 dogs and she loves them! Ringa will even
sleep, eat and play with both of the dogs. Shes even so smart she can open doors the washer and even windows! She is my best friend!

Faye - 2005-12-26
My husband and I rescued 4 baby racoons approx. 5 weeks old. With the help of Brenda and John Baughman of Odessa, FL who have been rehabing for about 20 years we kept all 4(2 boys and 2 girls) until they were 10 months old. Due to health problems Moe, (one of the boys)will not be able to be released so we are keeping him. What a joy he is. The other three are with Wildlife Haven becoming wild again so they can be released in the wild someday. I miss them very much, but they deserve to live out their life in freedom. Now that Moe is a year old, plan to have him "fixed" hoping he will stay as sweet as he is now.

jerald - 2005-11-23
i have young male and he is the best pet ever

Cheryl Wilson - 2005-10-12
I clean house for a lady who has a Racoon. She also has 3 little dogs. I went to her house 1 morning and she had him out of the cage and when I entered the house he ran under her bed. I was standing there petting the dogs and out from under the bed the racoon came and he attacked me! The next time I went she left him out of his cage and she stayed in front of him until he saw me and then he wrapped himself around my leg and started sniffing me and the owner grabbed him and at first he wouldn't let go and she left her grip off of him a little and then he let go. The thing that I really worry about is she leaves him outside all day and then he comes in at night. I'm afraid he will come in contact with rabies while he is outside and then he can attack me again and then I will really be in trouble. I think Racoons are best left to live in the wild. I'm scared to death of this animal!

Julie - 2005-10-07
My husband works in clearing land. While knocking down a tree a 3wk old baby flew out of it. Before touching it he searched the entire area to see if the mother was around. No luck! Well it's been 6 weeks and she is thriving. She is a joy to both of us and our 5 dogs who are fascinated with her. I am hoping to give her a long and happy life in our family. Besides the dogs we have 5 cats a rabbit, fish and birds. She should not lack alot of excitement and play. As well as our undivided attention. Her name is Sniffles.