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   Here is a raccoon up past his bedtime! This younster couldn't keep still, climbed all over everybody and was constantly "checking things out"!
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Zoobie - 2006-12-18
We are just so fascinated by our nightly racoons. They are so fun to watch, they are histerical. We have had and at times still do have anywhere from 8 to 10 racoons visit us at a time, but for the most part 5 to 6. 3 of them are babies just a few months old or so: Snikers, Ollie and Coony. We have one we call Bobber, he has no tail, but one heck of a large tail end. He is a big racoon. We also have one we call Rocky. He is another big boy and Daisy the one we believe is the mama to the wee ones. We feed them dog food, they love it. We also give them healthy treats. Rocky has been coming around for a year now. He was the first of the coon brigade. We have a relationship, but not the kind that I can touch. Bobber and Daisy are the same. They started coming around 6 months ago. We get close to each other but they keep there distance somewhat. The babes have been hanging aroung since Oct. Now the babies are completely different. They walk all over me! They come around about the same time every night so we pretty much know when to except them. When we see them we open the back door and in they come. It's like the kids "mom! where's our dinner!" Did I mention we live in a rural area that kinda sorta backs up to a wooded area. They are so much like dogs. They just dominate the backyard for hours every night. There really is so much I can say about them, but I have stop sometime. I write like I talk. On and on and on. One thing we really are enjoying is watching the babies grow and change. We also have 2 possums that come and we have 3 cats. They are all one big happy family. They eat together, drink together and share their love, affection, and infatuation just as we do with them.

Yvonne - 2006-11-19
We have had the opportunity to be parents to three raccoons thus far. The first two were twin boys, Rick and Rock...Rick went off on his own, and Rock, well he stayed with us until he was about one and half years old. He ended up being tailess, as he came home one night with his tail injured. We have discovered, that since Rock went out on his own, he is currently living about 2 miles from our home, and is now a proud papa. He continues to have human friends, and behaves well while in their company.
Our last addition, Polly Wolly Doodle, our only female, has unfortunately passed away 2 months ago. It is assumed that she contracted feline distemper. However, our 'Hoodle Doodle' brought us extreme happiness, and will always be in our hearts. God Bless You, my baby girl!
Having a raccoon is like having 10 3-year olds in your house and each going in their own direction. Madness yet entertaining..let em make the mess, it is only what is expected. But if you get stressed at your stuff being shredded, trampled etc, a raccoon may not be the pet you want!

Kim - 2006-09-21
We received a baby coon from a friend who did not have the time to care for her as she needed. now i have had pet squirrels, a pet possum i have bottle raised, and field i guess a raccoon was the next in line. "boo" is now 5 mths old and she is a mess. she thinks she is one of my cats. I would have never thought she would be such a joy. she loves to give kisses, and really enjoys "defleaing" us. Im a sucker for different pets anyways, as we also have a timber wolf hybrid. I hope to enjoy many years with my pretty little boo baby

robbie - 2006-09-07
I have had my baby coon for 5 months now he is 10 lbs of pure fun and mischieviousness. he goes out in the back yard where we have built a waterfall and have gold fish in the pond. he loves it out there.
needless to say may garden flowers are taking the brunt of his playfulness but we will miss him when he goes.
if i had the chance to do it again, save a baby coon and see him grow, i would do it in a heart beat. he is my pride and joy his name is rocky.

Robbie of kansas

Barak - 2006-09-02
About March of this last year, I started getting a visitor. I was amazed, a racoon eating my roomates cat's catfood, and me hating the cat....I allowed her to eat.

I named her Mob Squad. I put out all sorts of food; chicken, hot dogs, marshmellows, grapes, carrots, pork chop bones, and even pasta.

Mob kept coming by, and I was using her. I thought it was a male, as a circus act I made her climb railing to get food etc. I liked her, but nothing I had to bother with.
I saw a few weeks later that Mob was a female, so she became Molly.
Nothing changed except it was evident she was going to have babies!

My roommate and I were thrilled, we kept talking about us being the food source, and Maybe, JUST maybe Molly would let us look at them.

Molly did not come around for a few days. I worried a little, my roommate, she comes home freaked out... dead coon on side of the road.
I appeased her, and went about 1/4 mile from our house to take a look. I knew it was Molly, but didn't know if she had given birth yet.

About 2 weeks later, we hear this crying under our deck. NON-STOP... CRYING! I think the babies were looking for Molly.

I look under deck, and 2 little racoons. Very small, but we put food out and hoped.
At least Molly had given birth, and they are alive we thought.

They didn't come close at first, but as of today, Adrian and Rocky are thriving. I spoil them. Rocky is female and smaller and less dominant. she is cautious. she is not a big meat eater, she likes her cat food and grapes.

Adrian scratches at the door, and as a male, he takes a peak in the fridge. LOL! He opens and looks.

I let him come into living room and I hand feed him.
He is a hoot.

I have orphan Racoons and they are very smart.
Perhaps smarter than me, as I pet Adrian and such.

Anyways, thanks for letting me share...

Walk in peace,


Janet - 2006-07-24
I've had Ranger for about 2 month's. He only had his eye's opened for a day when I got him. There was a tree that was cut down on a construction site and him and 2 other came out, but no mother. He was bottled feed for about 1 1/2 months. Know he like's to suck on my finger to go to sleep at night. He's so spoiled. He climb's on every thing and is a little theft. He hasn't sleeped in a cage for a long time and sleep's with his mommy, right by my chest or above my head. Ranger has his own little collar I found at the pet store, for ferret's, and He wear's a bandana. The bandana was on a bog toy I bought for my other baby, but it fit's him perfect. I love my Little Ranger so much. He's so playful. I'm the next best thing since he couldn't be raised by his own mother. Actually the way I see it it's better for him this way because of coon hunter's, I think that's so mean. Know he'll never have to deal with that trama.

KATHERINE - 2006-07-13
About 1 month ago racoons started showing up at the stray cats food bowl. After that the the racoons took over, 13 of them showed up in one night! Last night a special coon came, a mom. At first i saw only one baby then 2,&3! They were so cute! Now this is the 2nd night & the mom is already letting me touch her adorable kits! I asume she has been around humans before! My dad said we MIGHT get 1 of her babys, but i'd kinda feel like....well i was turnin my back on her! I'd love to have a kit though!

Patsy Jo - 2006-06-26
My Little brother brings home alot of animals and then expects me to watch them. Well yesterday he brought me home a baby raccoon. Im not sure how old he is and he has bonded to me and screams everytime i leave him. I feed him puppy formula and he likes corn but im not sure what else i can do with him. He's a wonderful and amzing little creature but i dont think he or any racoon should be considered a pet. I plan on bringing him to a wildlife center next week where hopefully he can be eventually returned to the wild.

kathy - 2006-06-16
A month ago, a large raccoon began appearing during the daylight to eat birdfood spilled from the feeder. At first I thought she must be rabid since she was out in the daylight, but then discovered that she was hanging to the ground full of milk. She was STARVING nursing her babies. So I began to feed her dry catfood and about a week later she brought her five babies with her. So I've been feeding a family of 6. I've been researching rabies and raccoons and don't have a sense that it's a problem, but I have been cautioned none the less. The mother allows me to play with the babies contrary to all I have read. The five babies remind me of the 7 dwarfs: there's a shy one, a grumpy one, the most curious one (who has bonded the most and lets me pet her), the most playful one... When I was growing up, some neighbors of ours had a raccoon shed and kept pet raccoons. I started buying grapes; they love those. Grapes and catfood. One evening the mother nursed all 5 in my presence. I've read that overly friendly behavior can be a sign of rabies. But I've only found one reference that mentioned rabies in association with raccoons...... Well it's entertaining and I'm alone...Oh, one last thing - since there are no adult males, no issue with cats. Raccoons have come to eat off and on for years here and I've never had an issue with them and the cats.

Monika - 2006-06-14
Recently i bought a raccon from a breeder. His name is Rusty. He is cinnamon color. Very beautiful. We love him very much. He is 10 weeks old. Full of fun. And he's part of our family. It was very hard to find a vet. But we finally found one, very close to us. We been bottle feeding for 6 weeks now and find it hard for him to eat on his own. I just think he likes to be bottle fed. The way he looks at me when i feed him, i know he loves me.