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   Here is a raccoon up past his bedtime! This younster couldn't keep still, climbed all over everybody and was constantly "checking things out"!
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Rhea Anne -- 13 - 2008-02-16
When I was around 6 years old my family had found a baby raccoon drowning in a nearby bay were my dads friend fished. We decide to keep it for a while and let it live with us. I got so attached to it. At the time it was my best friend and the only one that could understand. He would lie in my bed with me and sleep by my side. When he was about 7 months old he began to actually go to the bathroom in the toilet and it was amazing (even though he couldn't flush it.) He was the best pet ever. We kept him for about a year.

Once we let him out while we went out to eat and when we came back my dad would call his name (Bandit) and he could come running down this big oak tree right down to me. He was so sweet.

But once we had to let him go for good. But he still came back to eat and to visit me. Then once he came back with a girlfriend and three babies, it was adorable.

Matt - 2007-12-09
Hi, I am a 12 yr old boy, I live way out in the country, and I'm a redneck. I live in TN and this is the state animal, so i lately have wanted a coon. I know all baby animals you find are adorable, but if you happen to find one leave it be, because animals usually don't desert there young. When you find a baby coon it's mom might have gone out for food or something, and i advise you not to take it unless you are 100% sure. Because when you waltz up to a wild animal it is dangerous, very. And they have sharp teeth and claws, so be advised.

Dave - 2007-11-18
I've been feeding raccoons, opossum, fox, and ferral cats for many years and by far, the raccoons are the friendliest and most trusting. One night when I was out in the dark changing the patio light I felt a light stroking on my bare leg and it was one of several raccoons waiting for their dinner. Some come by themselves, however, I have been treated to the observation of "families" of up to 6 at a time and they act like kids who fight over a favorite toy. They do a lot of butt blocking and growling even though I put the food into separate piles...they just like to quibble it seems.

Lori - 2007-11-17
I also have a pet raccoon. His name is buckwheat and he is so cool. I found him as a baby on the side of a busy road, the rest of his family was there and he was the only survivor. So i took him home and now he is bigger and fun to have. He is very much loved and spoiled. He has an awesome house he lives in and also comes in the house as often as he needs to see his mom (me). So far so good on his new life style. However he does get to go climb trees in our woods and he follows me every where. I love the boy with all my heart.

Daz - 2007-10-07
I have a small family of wild racoons that just happened to approach me a couple months ago when I was out in the backyard smoking a cigarette, watching the starts. The little one, (Rocky Jr.), scared the heck out of me when he almost walked right up to me. So, I ran in the house and got some raisins. Rocky Jr. loved that so I went in and got some of my cat's cat food, (not cheap stuff I might add), and went on from night to night now feeding them. There is RockyGrandPa, Rocky, Rockyetta, Rockyetta Jr, and Rocky Jr. Rocky Jr. almost eats grapes right out of my hand. I'm sure he would if let him. He put his paw on my leg tonight when I was feeding him the usuall nightly treat of red grapes. They don't eat the outside of a grape! I did go to Walmart and buy them a their own 50 pound bag of dog food but I think the cat food was easier for them to eat. They really make my night when I'm frustrated from studying for college. They ease my mind and I study better after taking a break to feed Rockyella and Rocky Jr. I can't wait to see them bring a baby here hopefully next spring. I thank God every night for the opportunity to be close to his wonderful creatures.

crystal - 2007-09-28
I can remember always wanting a racoon as a pet. One day my husband and i were driving down an old country road and came upon a baby racoon all alone. My husband got out of the truck, jerked off his t-shirt, scooped the little critter up, and to home we went. We have kept "scrappy" in a large bird cage, feeding her cat food and playing with her every chance we get. Our other pets love to play with scrappy unless it is dinner time, when no one wants to get to close to all the snorting and growling scrappy does when she is eating. scrappy has been a joyful pet, unless you ask grandma, who is still not so hip on the idea of a racoon as a house pet.

collie - 2007-09-26
I too was the "mother" to a raccoon baby this summer. "Coonie" lived in the house with us until he was about 3 months old then was moved outside. He was in a long run cage but was allowed out of the cage while we were outside. At 5 months I started letting him outside for the day by himself. I would go back in the woods and call him every night to go into his cage. Eventually I would call him back just to feed him and let him stay out all night. However for the last week he hasn't been back to eat. I set up my night camera to check and I seem to have 3 other raccoons coming to eat but no sign of Coonie. I will continue to feed until I'm sure he has totally left. I have enjoyed every minute of raising him but am left broken hearted and worried that something might have happened to him. I'm not sure if the other raccoons would chase him away or not. I'll keep calling and taking pictures as long as I can. They break your heart when they grow up!

Amanda - 2007-09-14
I've had my two sons for almost 5 months now. I've been keeping records of weight, when their teeth started to appear and when they came in, and how much they eat at each setting. They got the rabies and the 7way shot which I administered myself. For anyone who's keeping a raccoon I hightly suggest keeping a personal record book. Have your vet write down what's been done as well and sign and date it. They've taken over my bedroom and have found most of my hidden stashes of jewlery and chocolate. They are the most wonderful animals. They don't like to be separated from each other and are begining to show signs of sexual maturity. Soon they'll be getting snipped! *Throws back head and emits evil laughter*

Sandra Peyton - 2007-08-28
I have four ferral cats i take care of and they don't let me near them. But i have a female ringtail thats just as gentle as one of my pet cats. This is the second spring she came back to me with a bellyful of babies. Last year two, this year three, and these babies took to me as if they were my pets. I feed them everyday and also play with them. I can actually touch them. They all really like Kit And Kabodal cat food. I know they will be leaving soon for winter, but Im really going to miss these two girls and my little DENISE THE MENACE! Sandy,from Whitemarsh

chris - 2007-08-19
About four months ago I saved an orphaned male racoon while on a fishing trip. I brought the racoon home, and I fed him a mixture of eggs and milk and he fattened up quite nicely. I also cleaned out his ears which had over forty ticks inside. The racoon was probably only four months old at the time, but is now quite large. Raccoons seem to respond best to eggs and will switch to any food after they grow a bit larger. I have chosen not to keep the racoon inside my home. I have a child and a pregnant wife, both of whom I do not want to receive scratches or bites. I am close to the city but still in a rural area. My racoon lives in a tree in my back yard and every night he slips down for something to eat. I also chose to give him a rabies shot since he visits my back door quite often. Hopefully he will (as he becomes sexually mature) start looking for a female and revert back to the wild. I believe raccoons are wonderful animals but they should be allowed to exist in their own element (which is nature). There is nothing wrong with helping an orphaned animal, but if you don't think that you can deal with an animal like this please do seek out a rehabber to turn the animal over to. These are very instinctive animals as well as curious. They will do a lot of damage to your home and poop everywhere. My hat's off to you if you have one in your home.