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   The Silver Marten rabbits, though often raised for showing, also make very loveable and charming pet bunnies!
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Anonymous - 2005-10-01
My blue Silver marten doe Sylvie, is the most friendly rabbit in my rabbitry. Always has her nose at the cage door, so you can't even open it, because she wants to be petted. She trys to crawl up on you the minute you open her cage.

Brittany B. - 2005-09-11
I have my 2 black Silver Martin rabbits for about 2 wks, and all i have to say is how wonderful they are to me and how nice and clean they keep themselves. They are both females and their names are Abby and Gabi. They 5 mo. in age right now!!

jesse - 2005-08-05
I have owned a Chocolate female Silver Marten for a year now. I got her from a pet store when she was two months old, and showed her when she was about 4 1/2 months old at the local fair. She won Best in Class and first place. Now she is a year and 5 months old and i'm showing her again this September. She is so beautiful! She keeps herself so clean and she is the most eager rabbit. I love her to death. Everyone is always admiring her and saying she is the most beautiful rabbit they've ever seen. I'm very proud of her.

Anonymous - 2005-06-25
I have seven rabbits. Two of which are chocolate colored silver martens. One is an adult male. The other is a 3 month old baby girl. They are great. Beautiful, and have a great personality. I luv them tons

Anonymous - 2005-06-09
I have one Silver Marten right now and he is brown. He's got the best looking fur I've ever seen out of all rabbits. It's so shinny. Plus he's got a little spunk and yet such sweetness in him. Silver Martens are great!!

Jennifer - 2005-05-13
I have one silver marten, the father of 5 little bunnies, and he's the sweetest bunny ever. He's calm, funny, curious and friendly. These types of rabbits are great pets for anyone.

morgan robles - 2005-02-15
silver martin rabbits are the best breed out of 45

koko - 2005-01-18
i have a rabbit like this and it is so cute. i luv it so much. i got it when i was 12 and it was 1. i got it at a petstore called caca mart

Gina - 2004-12-31
My Silver Martin is the best pet. i have had mine for about a year now, got her when she was just a little baby. it is the cutest thing especially when she roams around and becomes very curious. Her name is Sushie and trails behind where ever I go around the house. its really funny. Great pets for kids. nice small size.

Scott - 2004-08-28
Those are not Silver Martens! They are solid black, please go to this website to see a REAL silver marten.