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   The Silver Marten rabbits, though often raised for showing, also make very loveable and charming pet bunnies!
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Jennifer Cook Weed - 2011-03-08
Our family adopted a buck last Apr. 2010 (8 wks old) and then a doe last August 2010 (6 wks old) and they are both Black/Silver Martens (I think). They had a litter of 4 between Feb. 2-14th. They have a large fenced in and covered shelter outside with a nice big, deep burrow our buck dug the moment we put them into the pen last Oct. They have the ability to free roam on our 1 acre. One baby has gone missing, possibly due to a fox. The other three are thriving! They have fat little tummies. Our buck is super friendly and litter trained. The doe has always been a little skittish. I suspect our doe has another litter on the way. Should I separate the three bunnies from her new litter when they arrive? I plan to separate our buck this week because two litters is all we want. We LOVE our smart, social rabbits!

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  • Charlie Roche - 2011-08-18
    Yes, you should separate them - just safer
janelle - 2009-11-03
I adopted a young female rabbit from a rescue. A week and a half later she had a litter of 6. The litter was a variety of colors from black to light cream, and the mother was a mixed breed. I kept one of the babies, a little black girl. I just saw a picture of a rabbit that looked EXACTLY like her, a silver marten! I could not believe that out of that litter I got a little bunny that matched the breed that perfectly!!

cr8034 - 2008-02-15
I have a black Silver Marten doe. Her name is Shadow. She is very pretty & she won me a blue ribbon at my county fair.

S. Lincoln - 2007-12-31
Silver Marten Rabbits are the best. My cute little Selma is about five months now. She is very shy. She is grayish (I don't know what the proper label is) but both of her parents are black and the only grayish relative she has is her great great grandmother. So pretty much any natural color is possible. So if you want to buy rabbits I suggest Silver Martens.

kayla - 2007-08-22
I just recently got Bandit, my black silver marten from the state fair. He was in a cage with some of the grays or whatever color label those are. He instantly caught my eye. He had such a pitiful terrified look in his eye. He was very shy and timid when we first came face to face but he warmed up to me very quickly. He has quite a few wounds from his previous home and is rather thin, but he's happy now and will receive great love and care from me.

Oneisha - 2007-06-22
We just got a new silver marten and her name is angel. I think she's about 7 weeks old. she's still a baby but she loves to run around......and sleep.

josh hodgson - 2007-05-23
i have a silver martin and his name jackson. he was a really nice bunny for the first few months we had him but now he seems to attack everything that gets near him unless it is above him.

L. Close - 2007-01-24
I have a Silver Marten, his name is Shadow. He is 8 yrs. old, Shadow's birthday is Thanksgiving Day. He is quite the character. Five years ago before I was disabled I drove long haul in an eighteen wheeler. I was going down I5 outside of Seattle, had the cruise on. A state trooper was passing me then suddenly I was passing him. Couldn't figure it out at first, looked down and there was Shadow sitting on the gas peddle, cleaning away, like nothing. Scooted him off the peddle exclaiming," You are going to get me a ticket! They will bring me a straight jacket, if I tell them you did it."

kristy beth - 2007-01-24
i have only had my little guy clyde for about four months. i originaly bought him for a school project. he is six months and soon we are expecting his first litter from the doe my friend bought. the doe has a blue mom but both the doe and buck are black. we are hoping for some blues. im so glad they are in my life.

Helen - 2007-01-03
i have had my silver martin since she was a baby and is now almost 8 yrs old. Roonest is the best little bunny that came into my life. she is all house and litter trained and follows me and my husband around like a child. when friends and family come over she is the life of the party. i would always suggest a rabbit as a first pet. the love you feel from them is so strong. here's hoping we have another 8 wonderful yrs with her.