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   If you want a very nice but small pet bunny, the Polish Rabbit makes an excellent choice!
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Joanie - 2004-04-29
A good friend of ours just got a new polish dwarf bunny. He is so cute. Would love to have one ourselves.

Tasha - 2004-04-27
I love Holland Lop rabbits they are just so beautiful.

Laura - 2004-04-17
There cool looking. I wish I had one.

Andre Chua - 2004-04-15
Cool wish i had one

bill - 2004-03-11
I never knew there are so many rabbits

Joni Butts - 2004-03-09
I have owned one polish dwarf rabbit for five years. she is extremely interactive with me. I also own a male netherland dwarf rabbit, who is a little bit smaller, but they get along well. The only thing about the polish dwarf is that they seem to be just a bit more aggressive than the netherland dwarf, or that could just be my rabbit.

Jenn - 2004-02-07
I just got my polish dwarf "Phoebe Snowflake" three days ago and she is already my best friend. She has already learned to beg for raisins and was quick to adjust to her new home and people. It took her less than 5 min to get used to her new mesh harness. This is a great breed of rabbit. I have had A mini rex and an American Lop before and my little polish dwarf makes a far better pet than both put together.

Anonymous - 2003-11-07
I own a polish dwarf and they are rather hard to keep.mine just turned 1 years old HAPPY BIRTHDAY THUMPER!!!!and is now starting to get frisky which is rather weird.I have gone through alot of scratches and have the scars to prove it.I am hoping to become an animal scientist,and because for christmas I am studying my comment is that if you really want to keep a bunny remember that is not just the looks, the cute looks,it`s also the work I have to change his water and I have to change his cloth,as a matter of fact, my bunny IS toilet trained to go on a cloth.HAVE FUN BUNNY LOVER`S!!!