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   If you want a very nice but small pet bunny, the Polish Rabbit makes an excellent choice!
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CYNTHIA REYES - 2005-02-02

linda gilmore - 2004-08-23
we have a beautiful, fat, butterscotch, fuzzy lop named angus who is 10 years old and spoiled rotten. the other day my husband and daughter went biking down the local community college where everyone dumps their rabbits. they brought home a sickly, hurt polish dwarf. we went to our local rabbit lady to try to bring him back to life and hopefully get adopted. the rabbit lady is stretched very thin, financially, emotionally and physically trying to help these poor animals. she gets no support from the city, community college or animal control when she tries to keep these rabbits from reproducing or being maimed and killed out in the streets . she loves rabbits and probably knows more than a vet does. (sorry to the vets but she does) what happens to these animals is horrible. they are attacked by dogs,ferral cats,vultures,other rabbits or run over. people are better off taking their pets to the animals shelters to be put to sleep than dumping them somewhere to fend for themselves. i wish there was more we could do to help the rabbit lady. after one visit to the rabbit lady, he is doing much better and we are going to be foster parents to this new rabbit until someone adopts him and takes good care of him.

Brandi - 2004-08-01
I just recently got a polish dwarf rabbit. Her name is Mandie. I love her so much. She brings alot of happiness into my life. She is only 4 weeks old. I am going to keep her inside. I want to litter train her but I think she is to young because when I put her corner box in her cage she tries to eat the litter and her waste :(. I am going to wait till she is a little older to try and train her. Polish dwarfs can be very sweet and loving and I recomend them to anyone who is willing to take time every day to make sure they have enough love, attention, and care that they need.

debbie - 2004-07-26
I have a Dwarf Rabbi, I only had him for about a month and a half . He is so cute cuz he is white and that is why I called him Snowy.His eyes are red and his ears are very long! I am still quite young and my parence baught the rabbit for me because I passed from the school Exams !!I love my rabbit very much and I hope he is going to live for long cuz I did not have a lot of luck with annimals before when I got two guiney pigs, but if I take good care of it , hopefully, it will not die soon!

chandra - 2004-07-21
there so cute

Corrie - 2004-07-14
I have a dwarf bunny named Baby who I just adore every single day.We have had him since he was 4 weeks old.We have had no problems with him except for the fact that he is a picky bunny! He doesnt even like carrots! He has a very funny personality and I think he thinks he is a cat! He has his own toys that he loves to throw around. Even though I love my bunny,it is a lot of work every day. Its like a marriage,if your not commited, then dont get one, they are not for everyone!

Emily - 2004-07-08
It makes me sad to here that these rabbits are often given as Easter presents. I was given a Polish Dwarf when I was eight years old, and little Oliver was not even weaned yet! He was very weak and very sick, but no one told me how to take care of a rabbit. Polish Dwarves are very small, very good little escape artists, and one night Oliver managed to get out of the bin he was in and under the bedroom door. The cat bit him (luckily, my mom heard the commotion), but the stress and subsequent infection killed Oliver in less than 12 hours. I was devestated. Please, DO NOT EVER give anyone a rabbit (even if it is your own child) unless you know they will be going to a good forever home. (

Dedra Craig - 2004-06-01
I do love the dawrf breeds, but they can get a bit wild. Because they are so little they can do alot without getting to tired, much like a litte child, so if you are thinking of getting a rabbit for your kid or if this is your 1st rabbit I would highly suggest getting a larger breed. Also , this is the breed of rabbit that many people get for gifts as Easter presents, a rabbit is a good gift as long as: 1. you know that the person receving it really wants one and will care for it 2. the person comes with you to get it 3. the person understands that a rabbit can live up to 8-10 years and will need to be cared for EVERY SINGLE DAY and that you cannot let a house rabbit out in the wild and expect it to live very long. If you do, THEY WILL BE TERRIFIED AND DIE. Do not get me wrong I LOVE the breed I just think that this is a rabbit for experienced bunny people and that too many kids are getting rabbits as Easter presents and the parents just do not realise that they are making an expensive LONG TERM COMMITMENT!!!

viv - 2004-05-15
i love rabbits, in fact, im thinking about having my own rabbitry when i have my own place

Heather - 2004-04-30
i love rabbits i think that they are so cute and my sister got one and the first one she got died of a disease in the ear we were on our way t o take it to the vet and when my dad went to get it and he was already dead we waited too long