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   If you want a very nice but small pet bunny, the Polish Rabbit makes an excellent choice!
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Jerica - 2005-07-14
I have owned a polish dwarf for almost 6 years now. She is solid black and very pretty. She is named Satin because of her smooth fur. She is very intelligent and loves to play with toilet paper rolls. Satin loves to sit in my lap and be petted, she doesn't mind if I hold her on her back like a baby and if I push a toilet paper roll, or the soft little soccer ball I have, over to her nose, she will kick it back with her nose. Polish dwarves are great rabbits and so small and easy to handle. She does make a bit of a mess, but its not to hard to clean up and she is litter box trained which helps a lot. My chihuahua loves to try to play with her even though Satin tolerates it, Satin doesn't really play back.

alexandra - 2005-05-22
I sure love polish dwarf rabbits!

Brittni - 2005-04-16
I had a dwarf bunny this fall and it was killed by a dog as was my past one. I suggest keeping your bunny in the garage. However they are extremely cute and one that I had licked my family and me and even fell asleep in our arms. Dwarves are the best!!

Amy Chafin - 2005-04-09
I use to have a bunny like these, he was a real loveable ham. He was always wanted attention, and i always loved playing with him

Elizabeth - 2005-03-31
I have a beautiful polish dwarf. He is black and white, he looks like a baby dalamation. His name is Jazper, (the "z" sounds like an "s")Jazz or Jazzy for short. Whatever you do, when you get a male rabbit... or any rabbit, spay or neuter it. Unless you are a breeder. I suggest this because your rabbit(s) will want to bite. Jazper unfortunately, was a biter. Nobody wanted Jazper, "a biter", so we took him to our home. My family loves him, after neutering him. Jazper is the most playful rabbit in the world, you could mistake him for a playful puppy! He has not bitten since! We are so lucky to have Jazper!
And he is happy to have found a home!

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  • Yohanon - 2010-04-11
    Pity - Frankie, an American polish Dwarf, was **not** neutered and **never** bit or kicked anyone in his nearly 14 years with us. (The only time he was aggressive was when he was protecting my daughter who was rough-housing with her mother; and even then he only threatened.)
ali - 2005-03-26
our rabbit is cute and naghty at the same time

Joanne - 2005-03-23
Our family had a polish dwarf that was 7 years old. His name was Cottontail, he was white with blue eyes. He was litter boxed trained, and would come to his name called. Unfortunately, he died of a baterial infection, unbeknown to us. Our vet, who specializes in small animals said that our Cottontail was the oldest he ever took care of. We fed Cottontail only alfalfa pellets, fresh fruit: apples and carrots. He was a wonderful family pet! He is missed very much!!

semra - 2005-03-19
I think those bunneys are so cute and adorable.

Gabbie - 2005-02-28
I had the most beautiful rabbit in the whole world, her name was daisey and I loved her so so so much! she was a Netherland dwarf she was so tiny and adorable! She died after one year, please share my grief!

Jesse Hoffner - 2005-02-26
My name is Jesse and I have a Polish Dwarf. I have had him for two years now and he is the most personable rabbit I have ever met. I decided on the name Cadbury because I think it suits him best. This is the most pleasant animal in the world and if you ever consider getting a rabbit, I have to suggest a Polish Dwarf. They are great.